This Smart Octopus and Diver Became the Best of Friends

By Robin Mei - December 13, 2016
Credits: Image: @elora.explora / Instagram


Egbert and Elora Make First Contact

Credits: Image: @elora.explora / Instagram

Elora, an enthusiastic diver who describes herself as “just a girl with a tank on her back and a camera” loves to explore marine life and share her amazing adventures and thrilling discoveries with the 19,000  followers on her Instagram profile, Elora Explora.

Several months ago, Elora was diving in Glover’s Reef, a beautiful location off the southern coast of Belize, when she met her new friend a cheerful octopus now known by the name of Egbert.

Source: Woman And Octopus Are Best Friends

Then Egbert Creeps Up Her Arm to Investigate...

Credits: Image: @elora.explora / Instagram

When the two of them met for the first time, this adorable little octopus was relaxing in front of the shell he was living in. Elora held a fish in her hand and offered it to her new acquaintance.

The curious octopus stretched out  tentacle and grabbed the fish from her hand, but instead of fleeing away from Elora with this unexpected “prey,” the little octopus reached back to her and touched Elora’s arm again.

And He Tries to Bring Elora's Hand Into His Tiny Home

Credits: Image: @elora.explora / Instagram

Both Elora and the octopus were quite surprised by this unusual, but entertaining encounter. After this initial touch, both of them pulled back a bit, but only momentarily.

Their mutual curiosity was stronger tha the “dread of the unknown,” so the next time they met this sweet little creature didn’t hesitate a moment before he took a new gift from Elora. This time, however, he also invited her into his home. He grabbed her finger and tried to pull it inside his shell.

Then Elora Gives Egbert a Peace Offering

Credits: Image: @elora.explora / Instagram

Elora, of course, had to decline his invitation. His home was too tiny for her, but that didn’t mean the end of their friendship. On the contrary, this was only the beginning.

Elora was very intrigued by her new buddy and wondered if and how this funny little guy learned to do stuff. The next time she went to visit him she brought a jar with her, just to see how he would react.

Egbert Wastes No Time Opening His Gift

Credits: Image: @elora.explora / Instagram

Just like every thoughtful guest, Elora didn’t come back to Egbert empty-handed. She put a piece of fish in the jar and placed it in front of his shell. As soon as he spotted his friend with this kind (and very tempting) present, he didn’t waste a second and rushed out of his shell straight towards the jar.

To Elora’s surprise, Egbert managed to twist the lid off and opened the jar with very little effort.

Egbert is Eager to See What's Inside the Jar

Credits: Image: @elora.explora / Instagram

Oh, what a lovely surprise that was for little Egbert — a yummy piece of fish just for him. He was so happy about it that he left more than enough time for Elora to make a series of exciting videos of him playing with the jar which she later posted on her Instagram account, Elora Explora.

You can imagine why a video with a cute, perky octopus having fun with a jar and opening its lid like it was nothing instantly became an online hit.

Egbert Discovers a Morsel of Fish

Credits: Image: @elora.explora / Instagram

Once again Elora took a piece of fish in her hand and offered it to Egbert. This time, the octopus didn’t just take the fish and stash it inside his home. nstead, he stuffed it under his tentacles and sat on the top of the shell.

Maybe he would crawl back inside his tiny home with this lovely treat he just got from his friend if only he could fit in with this generous portion of fish.

But Back Home, Egbert Can't Eat His Fish in Peace!

Credits: Image: @elora.explora / Instagram

While Egbert was sitting on the top of his shell with this big piece of dinner tucked in under his tentacles, a yummy bite he was trying to hide didn’t go unnoticed by his curious neighbors.

It didn’t take long before some damselfish and other citizens of Egbertville showed up to check out what he was up to and what exactly that thing he was hiding between him and his shell homestead w.

An Annoyed Egbert Tries to Punch a Hungry Fish

Credits: Image: @elora.explora / Instagram

As soon as they figured out that Egbert was sitting on a snack they somehow felt invited to join in, but Egbert disagreed. He had no such plan of sharing his meal with anyone. In Egbert’s mind, this was a one-octopus dinner and not a party where everyone is welcome.

He got so annoyed by his neighbors that he tried to scare them off by waving his tentacles around and even slapped one fish away.

Egbert Has Had Enough of His Hungry Neighbors and Marches Off...

Credits: Image: @elora.explora / Instagram

The whole story of Egbert and his delivered dinner was recorded by Elora who said that the octopus trying to punch away a little fish with his tentacles was the funniest thing she has ever seen, and added that she was literally laughing in her snorkel while watching him. Actually, it was then when she decided to name him Egbert.

While Elora was having lots of fun watching Egbert defending himself and his treat from his annoying visitor, the quirky octopus got so fed up with everything that at one point that he simply marched off.

Egbert Is 'Over It' and Tosses Away His Fish

Credits: Image: @elora.explora / Instagram

Little Egbert got so angry at the damselfish that he was ready to do anything just to make them go away. But no matter how hard he tried, they simply kept coming back. He had no other choice but to get rid of his treat.

Annoyed and desperate, Egbert got off his shell. He scurried across the seafloor still hiding his food under his tentacles and tossed it away in protest before swimming back and crawling into his home.

Good Riddance!

Credits: Image: @elora.explora / Instagram

Finally, the irritating party crashers were gone, along with Egbert’s dinner. Maybe he lost the food, but at least he gained his peace and quiet back.

Egbert was now able to be back home and keep having fun with his new friend without being distracted by some unwelcome guests.

Elora was so amused by this little guy and the show he put on for her that she couldn’t resist but to make him the feature star of her Instagram account.

Nowadays, Egbert and Elora Are Best Friends...

Credits: Image: @elora.explora / Instagram

The friendly affection between the two was obviously mutual. Egbert and Elora soon became the best of pals.

Every time she came back to visit him, Egbert would happily hop out from his shell to play with her. Elora never missed a chance to take another amazing snap of her cheerful buddy or to make him the hero of a new exciting video for her Instagram page.

They even got to the point of taking selfies together.

They Play Together

Credits: Image: @elora.explora / Instagram

Their playtime was the most exciting part of the day for both of them. Elora would often bring him the jar filled with fish for him to open and have a feast, but she also started to experiment with new ideas.

She was curious to see how Egbert would react to different objects like a conch shell or a mirror, and every time he would surprise her with his response. It turned out that the most interesting “things” for Egbert were Elora’s hands.

They Watch Sharks Together

Credits: Image: @elora.explora / Instagram

As Egbert’s trust in Elora grew from day to day, their exploits became more and more thrilling. Besides playing with the jar (Egbert’s favorite) or any other object she would bring him, the two of them were often exploring the sea bottom together in search of a yummy snack for Egbert or another great photo opportunity for Elora.

They went so far with their adventures that watching sharks together seemed like the next logical step.

They Even Hunt Together

Credits: Image: @elora.explora / Instagram

Sometimes the two of them would go hunting together too. The funniest thing is their joint hunting enterprises actually began even before Elora realized it.

It turned out that little Egbert was not just an amusing guy, but also a very smart one. He came up with a new fantastic strategy: he would take his big friend with him and show her exactly what he wanted her to do, which was to help him get his prey.

Egbert Goes in for the Kill

Credits: Image: @elora.explora / Instagram

When they reached the perfect spot, usually a log or a rock, Egbert would take Elora’s finger with his tentacles and pull her hand toward it. Then, he would swim to the object, touch it and swim back to her, grab her finger again and repeat the whole process.

The inexhaustible octopus was ready to do the same thing over and over again until Elora agreed to help him move any obstacles impeding his way so he could crawl under it to snatch his food.

Egbert Shows Elora All His Secret Spots for Hunting Crabs

Credits: Image: @elora.explora / Instagram

Egbert’s trust in Elora was so strong that he was willing to show her all of his favorite hunting places, even the secret ones, where the yummiest crabs like to hide.

Now, with the help of his best friend and an extra pair of human “tentacles,” no crab (or any other delicious creature from the seafloor menu) was able to flee from the hungry octopus.

The two of them, Egbert and Elora, were an unbeatable pairing.

Egbert Stumbles Across Plastic Garbage While He Hunts

Credits: Image: @elora.explora / Instagram

Apart from crabs, Egbert was also a huge fan of shrimp. Unfortunately, one of the places where he would take Elora in a search for them was a pile of plastic garbage lying on the bottom of the sea.

Happily unaware of the fact that this plastic waste should never be there in the first place, Egbert was digging through it looking for a meal. We all know better — plastic waste does not belong anywhere in the ocean.

Finally, Egbert Finds Some Food Under a Log

Credits: Image: @elora.explora / Instagram

After digging through the waste and the resulting unsuccessful search for food, Egbert took his best friend back to the log for another hunt attempt.

This time, fortune smiled upon them both. Egbert finally caught his precious prey and Elora snapped another great picture of her eight-limbed friend to post it to Elora Explora, much to the delight of her followers. All of them have become Egbert’s fans — just like everyone else who has stumbled across this fantastic story of two unlikely underwater pals.