Things You Never Knew How Big They Really Are

By Robin Mei - November 26, 2016

Wombats Aren't the Down Under Version of Bunny Rabbits

Wombats are one of those animals who look so incredibly cute and fluffy when you see them in pictures cheerfully running abound or nibbling on grass. They look as sweet as bunnies! But do you really know how big these creatures are?

Wombats usually grow up to about one meter (40 inches) long and can easily weigh 35 kilograms (77 pounds), but the one in this photo is even bigger than that. His name is Patrick, and he is the largest and oldest wombat in the world.

Source: Women Cuddling A MASSIVE Wombat Are The Luckiest Women In The World.

The African Land Snail is Definitely a Giant

Most people would probably agree that snails are not exactly the most exciting creatures and that keeping one as a pet is more extravagance than fun. Well, that depends what kind of snail one chooses to have.

This huge fellow here looks interesting, to say the least. Meet the giant African land snail, one of the biggest terrestrial gastropods in the world with its weight of 250 to 450 grams (8.8 – 15.9 oz), with a length of 15 to 30 centimeters (6 -11.8 inches).

Source: Giant African Land Snail

The Huge Heart of a Blue Whale

If you’ve ever found yourself in a debate of what is the largest animal on Earth, the answer is the blue whale. This incredible creature is known as the largest mammal ever to have lived on our planet and the undisputed ruler of the ocean.

An adult blue whale can reach a length of 30 meters (100 feet), with a weight of up to 200 tons. Its heart is 181 kilograms (400 pounds), and 1.5 meters (five feet) tall.

Source: Blue Whale

Road Signs Have to Be Massive to Be Seen

Huge highways require huge traffic signs, but do you know how big those directional signs actually are? They can be enormous — way bigger than you ever imagined.

Take a look at this photo and see for yourself. It shows a detail from a traffic sign factory, with a single road sign lying on a table while a man is still working on it. Compare the two sizes and you’ll get an idea what we’re talking about.

Source: 32 Things That Are Surprisingly Bigger Than You Probably Thought

Eye-Popping Inflated Horse Lungs

It has always been said that a dog is a man’s best friend, but the same could go for horses. This fantastic animal has been loyal to humankind for about 4,000 years and at least deserves the title of bosom buddy.

A racehorse can move 38 liters (10 gallons) of air through its massive lungs when it’s in action, and it does all this while never breathing through its mouth.

Source: The Airways and Lungs

Your Kid's School Bus Compared to a Mining Dump Truck

You don’t have to be a kid to think that school buses are really big, not only in comparison with a child but also with an average adult.

If you put a school bus next to a dump truck, it looks more like a toy than a vehicle that transports dozens of those who still like to play with their toys.

This image shows the real ratio of their sizes and it’s totally mind-blowing.

Some Traffic Lights Are as Tall as a Person

Traffic lights, as well as traffic signs, are actually huge in size, even though they often look much smaller when we see them from our cars. It’s all a matter of perspective, and the human eye can be easily fooled when it comes to heights and distance.

Still, who would have ever guessed that a traffic light is nearly the height of a person? You’d think they’d be impossible to miss, or at least the red lights on them.

The Car You Drive and the Moose You Don't Want to Hit

There’s no doubt mouse are huge, but do you know just how huge they can really be?

As the biggest members of the deer family, moose can weigh up to 550 kilograms (1200 pounds) and reach almost two meters (6.5 feet) in height the from hooves to their shoulders, antlers excluded.

If we put the antlers into this picture and place the moose next to a car, this is what we get; a striking image indeed.

Source:  Moose

A Salt Water Crocodile Next to a Human

Saltwater crocodiles are the largest living crocodilian species on Earth. Its average size is about five meters (17 feet) in length and 450 kilograms (1,000 pounds) in weight, but there are some records of saltwater crocs that were over seven meters (23 feet) long and almost double the weight of the average.

If that isn’t huge, we don’t know what is. But for those of you who prefer a visual representation, this photo might help you realize how enormous they can get.

Source:Saltwater Crocodile

The Biggest of the Giant Sequoia

Sometimes the size of a plant can overcome all our expectations. As most of us know, trees are technically plants and the biggest ones, the Sequoia, can reach between 50 to 85 meters (150-280 feet) in height.

The giant sequoia in this photo is the largest tree in the world. Known as General Sherman, it grows in California’s Sequoia National Park, and is 2,000 years old, 84 meters (275 feet) tall and about 1,500 cubic meters (52,500 cubic feet) in volume.

Source: What Is the World’s Largest Tree?