Life Is Strange and Here Are the Weird Photos to Prove It

By Jay Moon - December 11, 2016
Credits: If you're going to pull an ATM heist, you might want to put on some gloves first. Image: Reddit / Drunk Frodo

Beer Dog

Credits: Chances are good that somewhere are there someone has come up with a microbrew called the Yeasty Dog. Image: Reddit / ray_anonymous

How tipsy do you have to be to think that your faithful hound is sitting beside you at the pub scarfing down peanuts while you both down shots of Jägermeister?

Perhaps this view would be the foreshadowing to that potential phenomena, except that in this particular case anyone can see the dog amongst the suds. It’s like a sign from a higher power to at least remind you that the family dog hasn’t been out in about twelve hours.

The Screw Slicer

Credits: If anyone tells you they meant to do something like this, just nod and smile. Image: Reddit

Over 400,000 people in America are injured by power tools every year. That’s the equivalent of everyone in Tulsa, Oklahoma, getting really sloppy while they work on the back deck or try to frame in their basement with help from their weird neighbor, Franky No Thumbs.

Unfortunately, 200 of those people end up dying from their injuries. What happened to the individual who was able to split a screw right down the centre, as seen here? Anything less than a parade would be an injustice in our minds.

Source: Hand And Power Tool Safety Training Solutions

Mother Nature's Wrath Against Cyclists Trying to Save Her

Credits: This bike had on snow tires, if that counts for anything. Image: Reddit / lukejohnson555

Sometimes, pure laziness can lead to something that could be seen as art in the eyes of the right person. On the flip side of that, the same scenario might be viewed as $500 tossed away as the only source of transportation a person owns gets obliterated by nature.

The real question here is how long exactly did it take for this bicycle to get iced? Was it a slow-motion occurrence, or the result of a sudden storm? Only the owner of this future rust heap knows for certain.

Is This the New Walmart Greeter Strategy?

Credits: Hand someone in a uniform a megaphone and tell them to get perched. Image: Reddit / LucasLeArtist

When there’s bargains galore to be had at a major retail outlet that’s made its name selling everything so cheap you end up buying 20 of something you don’t need just because you can’t believe the low price, mischief can be expected.

Whether or not stationing a security guard — in a tower, no less — to keep a watchful eye over a Walmart parking lot is the way to keep shoppers in line is debatable.

Cash Doesn't Care About the Weather

Credits: This might be a pay it forward concept that never caught on. Image: Reddit / somethrowaway1977

Finding money is the kind of scenario that some people will take as a sign that things are changing for the better, that life is finally cutting them a bit of break, that “everything’s coming up Milhouse.”

Is ten bucks under the ice such a sign for someone? The fresh start that the doctor ordered? Or is it the realization that a much needed planet re-alignment is being thwarted by not having anything to smash the ice to get at their just rewards?

Zest This

Credits: Surely tracking down the culprit couldn't be that difficult, considering not many people ever need this many lemons. Image: Reddit / Lumberlumberlumber

“Fury be cast upon those that zest for the sake of zesting, for they know not the tangy waste they create.”

Wise words, indeed, and even more so considering this scripture was written on a crookedly hung sign in a dive bar showing a serious-looking drink slinger getting their nightly garnish supply ready.

We’re not sure why the need to dump these lemons in such quantity in what appears to be the middle of nowhere, or why there are no footprints.

The Apartment Horse

Credits: All this horse really wants is to be able to open the window for some fresh air. Image: Instagram / @will_ent

Finally, proof that landowners are adhering to new construction codes declaring that all new buildings must have elevators and be horse accessible.

Therapy animals are not a new thing, so maybe this is a horse who is serving the dual purposes of calming someone down while at the same time being able to trot them around town.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that a plan has been put in place for any and all equine bathroom needs.

Tiny Pants That Make a Big Fashion Statement

Credits: If these showed up at your front door, would you turn them away? Image: Twitter / @lilveggiez

We challenge anyone here to stand up and declare that they have never ordered teensy, tiny gold lamé doll pants on purpose.

Wait — no one?

Rumor has it that the individual who had these fashionable leggings delivered to them was under the impression something else was coming their way. On the bright side, there could be some use for shiny miniature pants in any household, but last we checked Smurfs only wear white and Barbie isn’t planning on disco making a comeback.

Lunch Is for Suckers

Credits: C'mon, these are calories no one really needs. Image: Imgur

Murphy and his pesky law. It’s like a cruel explanation for fate stepping in when all you really want is to get some lunch so you don’t spend the afternoon at your desk getting hunger rage while all your co-workers make a point of telling you how great their meals are.

In instances such as this, it is socially acceptable to ram the vending machine as hard as you can in an effort to get what is rightfully yours. Decide beforehand if it’s worth the dislocated shoulder.

The Freaky Feline Selfie

Credits: What makes this shot even creepier is knowing this cat's name is Damien. Image: Reddit / taylorayo

There are reasons to fear cats, and not just because they’ve convinced the majority of the Western world that it is somehow okay for a pet to go to the bathroom in the house and then bury the evidence when they’re done.

No, cats are mastering the very technology people use to communicate to the general public about how great cats are. Every now and again proof is discovered of how conniving these creatures truly are, and that they’re actually laughing at our ignorance.

Anything Is Possible in the World of Illusion

Credits: The look of disappointment on this consumer's face when they realized they had been duped was...kinda hilarious. Image: jafooly

False advertising is a trap millions of consumers fall prey to every year, but it always seems to hurt a little more when it happens during any holiday season.

When a coffee cup is promised to have its appearance change through the art of science and a warm liquid being dumped in it, it’s understandable to be a little miffed when said mug arrives with the advert itself printed on it and no transformation in site.

Think Twice Before Using a Strange ATM

Credits: If you're going to pull an ATM heist, you might want to put on some gloves first. Image: Reddit / Drunk Frodo

There’s a price to be paid when using a third party bank machine, and sometimes it’s not always the $3 service charge you get stuck with as the market cost of convenience.

There is always the chance of being scared to death when you stumble upon a set of gold chain-adorned hands inside the machine itself attempting to lift some bank card numbers and make off with a little bit of cash in the process

The Pawn That Would Be Queen

Credits: It's entirely possible to read too much into this picture, so knock yourself out. Image: Reddit / WantedOnAVoyage

Since when did it become okay to start stuffing pawns inside of queens, and why does that question sound so unintentionally dirty?

There are different ways of approaching the scenario we see captured here. One is that it was completely unintentional a chess queen broke to reveal another, perhaps a little more sheepish piece, stuck inside.

Or, it’s a major pawn smuggling ring that’s been uncovered thanks to nose-to-the-grind detective work. Either way, the entire thing is fantastically weird and slightly twisted a few different levels.

Even a Rock Can Be Eye Candy

Credits: A gem amongst rocks? Or just a rock that happens to be a different color? Image: Reddit / fancygoldfishfrog

Standing out in a crowd is not a feat everyone can do. How often have we been told that in order to get noticed on a professional level you need to catch the eye of the right people? Want to make a good first impression? Give all parties involved something to be impressed about.

It might sound easier said than done, but take this into consideration:

This rock doesn’t seem to have any issues pulling it off, and it’s a bloody rock.

Technology Amongst the Slow Cookers

Credits: Tricks, hacks and fixes can be applied to cooking as well, you know. Image: Reddit / fiftycentcarwash

Raspberry pi sounds delicious, and if you add an ‘e’ onto the end of’pi’ then chances are it probably would be. In this particular case, what we have here is a classic case of someone re-stocking a magazine rack having no clue what it is they’re holding onto.

Raspberry Pi, according to its website, is “a low cost, credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV.”

Technology-based or not, it still has us getting hungry.

Source: What is a Raspberry Pi?

Copy That, Ant Leader

Credits: Did this ant live to see another day? To be honest, no one really cares. Image: Reddit / pgraves03

There is no glory in the life of a worker ant whose buddies decided setting up shop in the corner of an office next to the snack machine full of five-year-old Fruit Roll-Ups was a grand idea.

Exactly why this particular scavenger decided to head for the photocopy machine we’ll never know. We’ll at least give it a high score for making it appear like its’s tightroping across the line.

Taking a Swing at Laundry

Credits: We're not sure if these punching bags came out of the factory like this. Image: Reddit / bananaknuckle

If you ever wanted to double up on tasks and get a workout in while at the same time punch the snot out of the clothes that don’t fit you anymore because you went up a couple of pant sizes over your birthday month, here’s what you do.

This part of the equation is vital: make sure the offending garments are clean first. Basement gyms can stink enough already without the added odor of a punching bag’s worth of dirty shirts acting as the room freshener.

Stop, in the Name of Style

Credits: Who wouldn't want to stop just to take a picture of this? Image: Reddit / aetlil

In a world that can be unforgivably harsh and overbearingly cruel at times, this sign is like the softer, teddy-bearish version of the glaringly red posted command we’ve all become accustomed to.

A bright red stop sign, with word ‘STOP’ capitalized for good reason, does serve its purpose. But it is nice to come across the occasional version that can’t be seen in the dark and is written in cursive. It’s like an elegant recipe for disaster waiting to be served to motorists everywhere.

Let's Call a Spade a Spade

Credits: This sign would be hilarious if it weren't for the fact the stock boy who made it was immediately fired. Image: Instagram / @aimeerae23

So glad this store took the time to give a visual description of this particular product since we’ve heard of people nearly coming to blows arguing over whether or not bananas are yellow or aureolin.

Considering this is an establishment that brags about having prices you can trust and I think we can all give a collective ‘thank you’ to them for finally clarifying, in good faith, the color of our favorite peelable fruit.

Ads From Below to Tempt Those Up Above

Credits: Is anyone else hungry looking at this truck? Image: Reddit / CGNYC

Somewhere out there is an intern who came up with the most brilliant advertising strategy for big city consumers in decades and is now stuck in the company mail room simply because he asked for a little credit and a desk that didn’t have its drawer sealed shut by chewed gum scraps.

Ads are everywhere this day and age, so it makes perfect sense to stick them on the one part of a vehicle no one had really considered before, and that’s the roof.

Zucchinis, Nature's Battery

Credits: Can you say, "Whew!" Image: Reddit / Moofisilla

First off, can we please ask you to get your mind out of the gutter. Surely this is just a case of someone mischievously swapping out signs in a store and then grabbing a quick photo to show off at their bridge club (we’re making some assumptions here).

On the bright side of this, think of all the people who came into this grocery store and were reminded they needed batteries for their back massager. Thanks, zucchini sign!

The Loopy Bulk Store

Credits: Never buy the Fruit Loops on top — they're as stale as the day is long. Image: Reddit / drdoubleyou

There might be a legitimate reason why there is a barrel of Fruit Loops stuck in the middle of the spice section in a bulk retail operation. For some people, children especially, Fruit Loops are a spice, albeit one that consists entirely of sugar and can stain your tongue.

But here’s the thing — Fruit Loops, despite the different colours, are all one flavor. And that flavor is sweet. They are the reason dentists get to take a cruise every three months.

Time for Repairs

Credits: This clock had one job to do, and it couldn't even do that. Image: Reddit / i_was_a_lemur_once

Time is a weird concept. It can drag. It can fly by. It can stand still. Apparently, it can also level a wall despite the fact the clock that’s in charge of telling it has no hands or discernible weight issue.

What we’re looking at here wouldn’t be that big of deal if in the process of the unwanted wall renovations the clock in question didn’t block some it’s own numbers.