Fantastic and Loving Dog Breeds Perfect for Seniors

Dogs are everyone’s best friend, but not every breed is a great match for some lifestyles. Want to know the ideal pooch for someone enjoying their golden years? We’ve got all the tail-wagging information you’ll need right here. More

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Beagles are incredibly bright, curious and active dogs. They love spending plenty of time outside which makes them a perfect breed for all senior citizens who still enjoy taking walks and don’t mind playing lots of fetch with their beloved four-legged friends.

But before choosing a beagle for a pet, you should know that they are loud dogs who tend to howl a lot. If you’re looking for a quieter breed, this next one might be perfect for you.

Source: Here Are 2019’s Top Dog Breeds For Seniors


Greyhounds are best known for their unbelievable speed. These canines can run faster than any other breed in the world, reaching speeds of over 70 kilometers (up to 45 miles) per hour.

That doesn’t mean they’ll be chasing you around the house all day long. On the contrary, when inside greyhounds are napping champions. They love to spend their time lying on the sofa pretending to be a cushion ready for cuddling whenever their human friends are in the mood for it.

Source: Dog Breed Center


Chihuahuas might be small in size, but when it comes to their personality, this breed can seem to be bigger than most. Even though they rarely weigh over 2.5 kilograms (less than 6 pounds), they tend to behave like true watchdogs to the point of becoming hostile towards anyone people but their owners.

If we put aside the chihuahua’s vivacious character, these dogs are not too demanding to maintain — they are relatively easy to groom, don’t require much space to exercise and they eat very little food.

Yorkshire Terrier

Image: Eric Chan

Who doesn’t like Yorkies? They are one of the most popular breeds in America, not only because they are quite small in size and thus perfect for apartment living, but also because the Yorkshire terriers’ affectionate nature makes it an excellent life companion, especially for the elderly.

When properly trained and socialized, Yorkies are incredibly loving, loyal pets that are easy to take care of. But, they are not the only one — the next one in line is a real comedian!

Welsh Terrier

Whoever decides to have a Welshie for a pet can rest assured that there will be no more dull days in their life. The Welsh terriers’ cheerful character and dynamic nature help keep their owners in both a good mood and good shape.

Like most other hunting breeds, these terriers are very energetic and playful dogs. These pups do need a lot of exercise, but once they get their daily dose of running they can be amazingly cuddly indoor dogs too.


Pomeranians make wonderful family dogs; they are incredibly loyal to their owners but friendly to other people too. They usually remain somewhat cautious and a little bit suspicious of strangers, so they can also make fantastic watchdogs.

Pomeranians could be a perfect choice for the elderly as well, particularly those who live alone. These lovely, affectionate pups will always alert their owner if someone is at the door, plus they will make sure that their owner is always getting some fresh air.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Image: Mário Simoes

Every Cavalier King Charles spaniel is born to be someone’s companion. They simply love to be around people all the time and should never be left alone for more than a few hours since they don’t enjoy a solitary lifestyle.

Many people love to call them toy dogs, but they are actually just a little too large for that label. After all, they are spaniels both at heart and in genes, so if you want more of a fluffy toy breed this next hound will steal your heart.

Shih Tzu

Despite their Shih Tzu name, which translated means “little lion,” nothing about these dogs is frightening, not even their bark. Moreover, the entire breed was “invented” thousands of years ago to be lovingly held in a person’s arms and cuddled all day long with no complaint. That’s how affectionate Shih Tzus are.

These pups are the happiest when surrounded by their human family, even if that means having only one person to follow around from room to room.

Cairn Terrier

Image: Ronald Müller-Hagen

Like other terrier breeds, the Cairn loves to run around, chase small animals, bark and dig. With proper training, most Cairn terriers can be taught to behave, but with their energy level they will never be happy as an all-day lap dog.

Cairn terriers can be a bit stubborn and independent on occasion. At the same time they are incredibly sensitive dogs whose feelings can be easily hurt, so if one really wants to befriend this breed they must be resolute but kind, and always in command.


Having a Maltese around is a sure promise of fun. These dogs have such a friendly nature and love being with people, which makes them perfect companions for seniors. They are playful, intelligent and very active pups who require a bit of attention but definitely know how to give all the love back.

However, before you make up your mind which dog breed would work best for you, make sure to check out this next one too.