Bizarre Stuff You’d Never Expect to See on the Subway

By Robin Mei - January 15, 2017

The Legal Way to Get Your Hound on the Subway

When a dog owner is running errands with his beloved four-legged friend and needs to use public transportation in a city where dogs aren’t allowed on the subway without a carrier, a scene like this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

No matter how odd this image may seem, the truth is New York City’s subway system doesn’t leave many options for dog owners but to get creative when trying to get things done around town with their pets in tow.

Lettuce Hats Are the Next Big Thing

We could probably come up with dozens of (fictional) reasons why this fine lady is wearing a piece of lettuce on top of her head, but to be honest we don’t have the slightest idea.

Maybe she just decided to “turn over a new leaf” and joined the Lettuce Ladies movement for going vegan, or she was simply promoting a new fashion style. Whatever the reason is it looks absolutely hilarious!

Source: Lettuce Ladies

Passed Out Pizza Lover

The chances are we’ve all been so awfully frustrated and exhausted from work that we might have dozed off the very moment we touched a seat on the subway. Frankly, that can happen to anyone.

Still, we can’t help but wonder how tired a person has to be to drop  whole pizza down on the floor without even noticing? Extremely worn down or maybe a bit tipsy — any other option doesn’t seem to fit.

The Commuting Crow

“And the Raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting… on the fair goth maiden’s knee.”

If we didn’t know better, this line might pass as a verse from The Raven, but it’s not — at least not the second half referencing a goth girl.

Yet, the photo is real, and we are more than certain the young girl in it was inspired by this poem and the macabre lore about death and mortality behind it .

Meetings on the Move

You know what they say: time is money, so you better try not to waste any. Still, is it really necessary to go as far as holding a meeting on the subway, surrounded by all of your fellow commuters?

It seems that the gentleman and two of his colleagues in this photo took the saying mentioned above way too seriously when they decided to set up a portable office on the train and have a business meeting right there.

Dinner on the Fly

It looks like these little handy portable tables have become quite popular among people who are using the subway on a regular basis but hate wasting time while traveling from point A to point B. So, why not have dinner on the train, just like you see here?

He has everything you need: his favourite to-go meal and a bottle of water. The only thing he’s missing is a television and it would be just like grabbing a bite in his living room.

Doggy Stylin'

Some say that sooner or later all dog owners start resembling their dogs, but judging by the photo we have here this process can be reversed.

Perhaps not entirely willingly, this cute little pup looks like their lady owner with their blonde hair and matching outfits. The only detail missing is the tattoos, but we’re sure a couple of fake tattoo sleeves will do the trick. We’re just wondering if they make them in small enough sizes to fit a chihuahua?

Advice For Sale

Why pay a shrink hundreds, if not thousands of dollars when you can get emotional advice for only two bucks in the subway? (If you live in New York City, that is.)

This charming young boy has come up with a brilliant idea to earn some extra money by selling not lemonade or home-made cookies, but his advice to NYC commuters. It’s dirt cheap compared to advice from a pro and we’re quite sure his opinion would be an honest one.

The Underground Grassman

If you’ve ever thought that you have to travel far into the wilderness to meet (literal) bush people, this photo might prove you wrong. As is evident in this subway snap, you might run into one underground.

Even though there is no reasonable explanation for what we see going on here, we have to admit it looks like a whole lot of fun to experience something like this. The big question now is whether or not this heap of human grass can talk.

Passed-Out Partier

Looks like someone had quite a night! It must have been a pretty wild party somewhere in the city, or how else would you explain this guy sleeping on a bench on a subway platform in this position?

We’re quite sure that it takes more than a few beers to get yourself in such a state, and equal amounts of water to recover after. But first, a few hours of a sound sleep, preferably not in the subway.

Knitted Face Mask

All Alien fans, behold — a new trend is on the verge of becoming popular! This knit-face is a must have if you consider yourself a true devotee of the epic sci-fi franchise. And even if you’re not, a full face cover like this one may be useful if you’re ever stuck in the middle of a hard winter.

With just a few Google clicks you may easily find a knitting tutorial how to make this Alien face cover yourself.

Bow, Commuters — Bow!

If, for any reason, you got the impression that only the New York subway is a prime spot to see transit oddities firsthand, here is a mind-blowing picture from Korea that will have you second guessing that judgment.

Ladies and gents, please bow to the emperor, even if it’s a wannabe one! The amount of effort invested in both creating and (publicly) wearing this outfit truly deserves our most profound respect and sincere admiration.

Public Transit Doppelgangers

There are some theories floating around out there that every person in this world has a doppelganger. True or not, this photo shows a situation in which two people might be able to sway the non-believers over to the ‘yes’ side.

The similarity between these two women is pretty incredible. Not only do they both have blonde hair and almost the same hairstyle but their body posture and fashion style are nearly identical. Or is there just a mirror on this train?

Segway Cops

We don’t know that there are many people out there who want to stick out like a sore thumb when they’re taking the subway. Lay low, stay off the radar and mind your own business.

And then there’s the police, whose job is making sure people know they’re there. Back in 2007, the NYPD was issued 10 Segway scooters specifically for taller officers on foot patrol to help keep the peace around the city.

Source: NYPD Rolls Out Segways

Best Buddies

There is nothing strange in having an imaginary friend when you’re just a kid. When a person hits adulthood, hanging out in public and talking out loud to someone who doesn’t really exist can seem a little troubling.

But, what if a person tries to give his/her imaginary friend some kind of a body, or at least a visible shape? Well, judging by this photo, that doesn’t help much. It still looks kinda creepy.

Birds of a Feather Commute Together

Since when has a peacock become such a familiar sight in a major urban area that no one pays attention to it? The only reasonable answer would be never, unless you’re on the NYC subway.

In this case, the peacock in question is stuffed, but it’s still not something you’d be expecting to see amongst people with their eyes glued to their cell phones. It’s also the mascot for a New York bar called Weather Up, and the image caused quite a stir on Twitter when it first went public.

Source: Guy carrying a peacock on the subway and no one paying attention is peak NYC

The Peanut Dropper

If someone wanted to make a list of all of the annoying things people do on a subway, we bet it would be a long one. From slobbering melting ice cream all over the place to taking off their shoes to share their bare feet, it’s something that would always be a work in progress.

We’d like to nominate this guy to start the list off. He’s eating peanuts and has no problem with throwing the shells on the floor. ‘Cause, you know, peanut shells are too heavy to carry over to a garbage can.

The Violinist With a Heart of Gold

It would be unfair to say that only weird things occur in the subway. Every now and then something unusual and extraordinary happens there too — like this fantastic violinist putting on a free show, for example.

According to viral posts on social media, this kind man spent most of his subway ride playing his violin for a lovely baby girl in a stroller simply because she was crying before this shot was taken. She obviously loved it.

Peeing Dog Leaves Its Mark

Who would have ever imagined that a subway ride could be so exciting for a puppy that it makes it literally pee with joy? We all know that’s theoretically possible, but we’ve never been in a situation to witness such a scene. Until now.

It’s really impossible to say if this ride was the first one for this cute little dog, but judging by the wet stains on its owner’s jeans, it was a very overwhelming one.

Coolness Runs in the Family

When KaAn’s Designs came up with the idea to create this super cool and utterly fun T-shirt collection featuring The Original, The REmix, and The ENcore, we bet they didn’t really have in mind ending up in any kind of “strangest people” lists, but here they are (not in a bad way, though).

This nearly-identically dressed father-son team definitely do the shirts justice, wouldn’t you say? What we’d like to know now is where this tag team was headed when this photo was taken.

Shampoo at Bargain-Basement Prices

Is this some kind of under-the-counter shampoo sale on the subway, or a person suffering from OCD coming back from shopping?

Even if we’d like to put some heavy reasoning into this image, the limited theories we’ve come up with are wilder than wild guesses. Why would anyone be commuting with 19 shampoo bottles placed like that if not to sell them? The even bigger question is this: why would anyone buy shampoo on a train?

The Subway Drive-Thru

This might look like someone has gone a little overboard in their need to take the subway. After all, if you have a car already… But we digress. And as it turns out, there’s more to this scene than meets the eye.

People with mobility issues do have means to get out and about, but in some cases you need a little extra support and protection from the elements. Chances are this is an electric car designed for people in a wheelchair, although it does look slightly out of place under these circumstances.

Source: Wha..?! Tiny Electric Car Takes the Subway

The Invisible Commuter

We probably wouldn’t be too off the mark by saying anything is possible on the subway. You name it and chances are, sooner or later, it will occur at some point in some big city’s underground transit system.

However, who would have ever thought that an invisible commuter would ever be ‘seen’ on a train? No one really knows who he (or she) is, but we know he (or she) loves to wear rubber clogs.

Underground Fashion

What kind of crazy emergency has made this poor man run down to a subway platform wearing nothing but his underwear? That’s weird enough, but with no shoes, either?

Perhaps this gentleman lost a bet. Maybe we should consider ourselves lucky that we’re not witnessing the last article of clothing being removed. Or it could be he’s a really confused swimmer who missed his stop. Chances are whatever the reason for the outfit, we’ll all still be shaking our heads.

Someone Loves Video Games

If the World Health Organization and the American Psychiatric Association are now saying that video game addiction is a thing, it might be something to take a little more seriously than it has been in the past.

It’s a theory that’s been around for a decade, but if you want some visual proof, this might be all the evidence you need. Who amongst us doesn’t love a nice break from reality, but taking your Xbox rig on the subway might be a little extreme.

Source: Video game addiction is real, rare, and poorly understood

Getting Inked By Accident

We are quite sure that this amateur neck inking has happened purely by chance. A girl has used her pen to make a bun and totally forgot about it, so each time she would move her head she’d get a new scribbl on her skin. What’s the big deal?.

But what if this image illustrates a new alternative art experiment of the unconscious focusing on uncontrolled auto body painting? That sounds way better, doesn’t it?

Drinking Buddies

It’s never too early nor too late to celebrate an important personal event or achievement. Even on a train with a stranger.

The image of these two guys toasting, one with a bottle of champagne and the other with a hip flask of his favorite spirit, is really amusing and even kind of heartwarming. The issue is we are not sure how legal it is to drink in public like that. Are subways licensed for booze service?

Riding the Rails at the Crack of Dawn

The morning commute is generally not a fun one for most people. It’s all about keeping your head down, avoiding eye contact, and crossing your fingers in the hope that the tablet you forgot to recharge the night before doesn’t konk out before you get to your stop.

Sometimes there’s just no way to avoid the unpleasantness of your surroundings. Is there a polite way to ask a fellow commuter to please not put their bum in your face? You tell us.

Ikea — Home of the Blue Bag Canine Transporter

If you’re an animal lover and you need to take your best four-legged friend on an underground ride with you, it can be a challenge. A simple leash doesn’t usually cut the mustard for most rail systems in America, so why wouldn’t you look to a retail giant like Ikea to help you out?

Make sure to keep the bag your ‘assembly required’ 25-piece bedside table came in because that bag is perfect for getting Rover around town.

The Subway Swinger

We all need to sleep. Some of us more than others, as apparently is the case here. Let’s give credit where credit is due here — if you’re able to sleep soundly while on a subway, congratulations for being one of the more relaxed and trusting people on the planet.

Bring your own hammock with you and curling up on it takes that basic idea to a completely new level. If it works for you, why not. Just try not to snore.

Presidential Alert

Former U.S. president Barack Obama is so rich now he gets look-alikes to ride the subway for him (cue the rimshot). The odds are good that if this man had a penny for every time someone told him he looked the 44th Commander-in-Chief he’d have at least two hundred extra bucks tucked away somewhere.

Judging by this photo, being an Obama doppelganger still won’t get you a decent seat on the ride home for work, so our advice to this gentleman is to keep saving those pennies.

Slicing and Dicing

There’s an old saying that cranky supervisors like to bark at their subordinates in the restaurant business that goes something like, “If you got time to lean, you got time to clean.” Maybe that’s the general line of thinking in this particular photo.

Deciding to make onions your choice of veggie to cut up on your commute is a bold choice, what with tears and all. Bringing a knife onto a subway and showing it off in public? That’s probably a little crazy.

Commuting Is a Hoot

Seeing one owl on a subway would be a little bizarre. Seeing two might be cause for alarm. Having both of them surrounded by what appears to be their very own posse catapults it to the level of things you are guaranteed to never see again in your lifetime.

We have no idea if these particular owls are toilet trained, or if they need to be fed a mouse during their ride to keep them from flying away.

Pikachu Fanboys Rejoice!

Looks like being a big deal at Nintendo still doesn’t get you out of having to use public transportation. Perhaps Pikachu here is off to battle one of his buddies from the popular Pokémon games and animated series, or maybe he (or is Pikachu a she?) is just trying to mess with people addicted to Pokémon Go.

Finding a character on your phone and stumbling across one in real life are two very different things, however, so this scenario has all the ingredients for making someone’s day.

Bag 'Em Up

This pitbull does not look impressed. Why should it be? Its owner is completely ignoring him, plus he’s been dumped into a bag that probably doubles as a dirty laundry hamper when he’s not being hauled around town.

Whether or not this gentleman is texting his friends to let them know he and his bagged buddy are on their way is uncertain, but the chances are good he’ll be getting the stink-eye from his pooch for the rest of theday.

Whadda You Lookin' At?

There’s no guideline for how much space you need to give a rhino when you’re on a subway. We’d suggest to be safe and give it at least 10 meters, or about 33 feet if metric isn’t your thing.

As far as the buffer you’ll need for someone dressed up in this outfit, you might want to consider giving him/her the entire car. Take a snapshot for your Twitter feed, then run for higher ground. And remember — rhinos can’t do stairs.

"Ride Here Often?"

It’s great that this gentleman is reading up on how to come out of his subway shell when it comes to meeting other people, but judging by the look on the woman sitting next to him his technique might need some refining.

We’d be interested to know if there’s an audio version of this out there, and just how creepy the voice is of the person reading it might be. At least this isn’t a coloring book.

What Happens When Gandalf Shaves

It’s always a nice surprise when you happen to be sharing a lift with someone from the silver screen, especially if that someone happens to be known for their turn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

It can be a little odd not seeing actor Ian McKellen sporting the full white beard, flowing cloak and crazy hat of Gandalf, but he’s still pretty dapper out of character. Too bad he’s also missing the staff — nobody messes with anyone carrying lumber like that.

Catching the Red Eye

Nothing beats hanging out in public spaces trying to freak people out. Okay, lots of things beat that, but you have to wonder what the motive is for folks who insist on hopping on the subway in full costume.

To go along with all of those scenarios of intentional dress-up weirdness you have the passengers who don’t seem to be fazed in the least by what’s going on around them. That takes a lot of practice.

So This Is Where the Wild Things Are...

In Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are, young Max sees his bedroom transformed into a jungle full of, you guessed it, Wild Things. Subways are a different kind of jungle (a little more steel and bench seating), but a jungle nonetheless.

Note how everyone here is still holding onto the safety tubing, because even imaginary and mystical creatures need to make sure they’re not going to get tossed around in case of any sudden stops.

What a Drag

If there’s anything that might help make your subway commute a little more exciting, it’s the stars aligning and you being able to grab a seat next to a somewhat over-the-top drag queen. Fashion choices are one of the boldest personal statements someone can make, so why not follow the “go big or stay home” motto?

It’s unclear whether this orange-wigged character is texting, tweeting or updating their Facebook profile, but regardless of what they’re doing we’d love to see their social media feeds.

Minotaurs Gotta Get Places Too

Society can be extremely cruel to some people, especially the zebra Minotaurs who need to get a lift across town. Uber drivers won’t take them because they don’t allow hooves in their cars and the subway has pesky turnstiles they can’t get through.

You would think this individual could just gallop to where they need to go. Maybe it wants to see what the big deal is about being able to travel surrounded by people who could care less about who you are.