The Beastliest Blunders in the World of Beauty Pageants

By Robin Mei - December 05, 2016
Credits: He took full responsibility, but there was still nothing funny about the comedian's mistake on live television.

Miss California Invents Opposite Marriage

Credits: Carrie Prejean latched onto the 'opposites attract' theory and took it to the extreme.

Carrie Prejean was the California representative in Miss America 2009 who made one of the best-remembered blunders in pageant history while attempting to articulate her opinion on same-sex marriage.

Prejean was asked by Perez Hilton, one of the jury members, to state her views about same-sex marriage. She went on to explain that people in the U.S.A. could all choose between two types of marriage, followed by ‘same-sex or opposite marriage.’

She went onto say she personally did not agree with same-sex marriage, but sadly she failed to explain what “opposite marriage” is.

Source: 10 Dumbest Beauty Pageant Interview Answers

Miss Teen South Carolina Takes Everyone on a World Tour

Credits: Cate Upton was only trying to show off how many countries she could name in two minutes when she explained why some kids couldn't find America on a map.

When a young girl who wants to be Miss Teen USA appears onstage, everyone expects that she can at least locate America on a world map.

We are sure that Miss Teen South Carolina 2007, Cate Upton, was able to do that, but when she was asked to give her thoughts on why a fifth of Americans can’t do the same, for some reason her incoherent answer took us all the way to South Africa, Iraq and “the Asian countries.”

Miss World New Zealand's Disaster Dance

Credits: Lambie's performance was deemed "disgraceful" by some.

Deborah Lambie, Miss World New Zealand, will always be remembered as the woman who did the haka dance at the Miss World competition in China, in 2015.

After Lambie “performed her heart out,” and “gave it her very best” as her haka tutor said in her defense, the Internet world turned on her. The social networks were full of negative criticism against her dance, but if nothing else she deserved a thumbs up for courage and originality.

Source: Miss World NZ Deborah Lambie’s tutor defends her haka performance

Miss Puerto Rico Preaches From the Twitter Pulpit

Credits: Destiny Valez went on a social media tirade after seeing a picture of filmmaker Michael Moore on Twitter holding a sign saying, "We are all Muslim."

Miss Puerto Rico 2015, Destiny Valez, went too far in expressing her views regarding Islam and Muslims on Twitter, after which she tried to apologize to the people she had offended.

The original messages echoed much louder than her subsequent apology. Her initial series of tweets stated that “Islamic god is NOT the same God of the Christians & the Jews,” and later added that “there’s NO comparison between Jews, Christians & Muslims. Jews nor Christians have terrorizing agendas in their sacred books.”

Source: Miss Puerto Rico suspended after anti-Muslim tweets

Miss Hawaii Really Loves Her Home State

Credits: Who doesn't love Hawaii? Nadine Tanega definitely does.

Who would have ever guessed that geography issues would become such a big deal at beauty pageants all over the world?

This lovely young lady here, Nadine Tanega, was competing in Miss America for Hawaii. Explaining why she is proud to be an American, she explained, “We are truly the land of the great. From the rocky shores of … Hawaii…to the beautiful sandy beaches of … Hawaii … America is our home.”

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Miss Minnesota is Positive About Affirmative Action

Credits: To be fair to de Maison, at least she wasn't being negative about anything.

Angelique de Maison was Miss Minnesota 1995. Although it has been more than two decades since her appearance, her stand on affirmative action is still remembered.

Dr. Joyce Brothers wanted to hear Miss Minnesota’s thoughts on the subject and how it might affect her career.

Miss de Maison declared that affirmative action was very important in her career and that she used it every day. Well, that was beautifully said, but it remained unclear if she meant affirmative action or positive affirmation.

Miss Panama Confuses the World

Credits: The second Giosue Cozzarelli opened her mouth to answer the question she was in trouble.

It seems like answering all those various non-beauty related questions can be very confusing for some pageant contestants, especially when referring to ancient or less familiar cultures.

When Miss Panama 2009, Giosue Cozzarelli, was asked to comment on a profound quote from Chinese philosopher Confucius, she explained, “Confucius was one of the ones who invented confusion, and for that reason …. he’s one of the ancient Chinese, one of the Japanese of the ancient times.”

Miss Universe Host Steve Harvey Makes the Wrong Call

Credits: He took full responsibility, but there was still nothing funny about the comedian's mistake on live television.

Contestants are not the only ones who make mistakes in beauty pageants and other “Miss” competitions. In December 2015, popular American comic Steve Harvey hosted the Miss Universe pageant and got things all mixed up.

Mistakenly, he announced Ariadna Gutiérrez from Colombia as Miss Universe instead of the real winner, Pia Wurtzbach from the Philippines.

As the crowd loudly booed and everyone on stage stood dumbfounded, the awkward moment of de-crowning Miss Philippines had to occur.

Miss California and the Euthanasia Vaccine

Credits: If only someone had told Leah Cecil that you should answer a question with another question, especially when it comes to assisted suicide.

Miss California 2012 Leah Cecil was confronted with a difficult and obviously unexpected question about euthanasia.

She was asked by the judges to express her thoughts and feelings about assisted suicide issues and its possible legalization.

Cecil wasn’t familiar with this rather controversial issue, but she gave an honest answer and said that euthanasia is “one thing” she is not very educated on.
Fair enough, many would say, if only she didn’t add “it’s a vaccine, correct?”

The Beauty Pageant From Hell

Credits: Not all the drama is onstage during these pageants...

Not all of the beauty pageant blunders are verbal ones. From time to time another type of gaff happens, but the one from the Miss Pancontinental 2015 pageant in the Philippines is absolutely unique.

It stars Nicole Harding, a contestant from New Zealand, left the country due to the unfulfilled promises of the organizers about her accommodations and other promised basic necessities.

Harding exited the Philippines the night before the pageant finale after spending $7,000 on expenses “upon the advice of an unnamed government official.”

Source: Why New Zealand beauty queen fled from PH pageant