The Weird World of Walmart You Don’t Get to See Everyday

By Robin Mei - December 06, 2016

Some Goats Apparently Love the Place

Credits: Technically, baby goats are called kids...

Knowing that approximately 270 million customers visit Walmart stores across America and the world every week, the odds are something entirely bizarre and unexpected might pop up every now and then in some locations. Like a shopper with a piggybacking goat.

Since pets aren’t allowed in Walmart, this woman figured that if she put her lovely goat in a baby carrier she might get her shopping done without having to pay a goat-sitter.

Source: 45 Amazing Walmart Statistics and Facts (September 2018)

Foiled Again

Credits: The question is this: was this particular 'hat' purchased at a Walmart?

Some say that Walmart is not just a place to go shopping, but it might also be one of the best sources of free entertainment almost anywhere.

Just think about it — where else could you expect to see a lady with such an extravagant foil hat but in a Walmart?

Thanks to all those flamboyant people who love to stop by Walmart wearing their wildest creations, the shopping experience often turns out to be an incredibly fun time too.

Ho Ho Ho?

Credits: Don't even ask if the underwear matches the overall theme of the outfit.

Hardly anything can beat the holiday season at Walmart, especially if you’re into extremely crammed quarters with deal-thirsty shoppers foaming at the mouth looking for price-slashed econo packs of ramen noodles.

As seen with this short-shorts attired Saint Nick, Walmart stores are some of the best places you can go to witness the peak of holiday madness.

Look, even Jean Paul Gaultier’s Santa Claus does last minute shopping. At least we’re assuming that’s what is going on here. For, you know, the fun of it.

Fitting Rooms Are Overrated

Credits: The key is to find the spandex pants that won't steal from the accompanying shirt's fashion thunder.

Who needs fitting rooms when you can try out the garment of your choice right between the aisles? For as long as customers have their stylin’ underwear (or in some cases, adult underoos) on, they can change wherever they want at Walmart.

A colorful gentleman in this image seems to be doing exactly that and doesn’t mind it at all.

Less room for the changing rooms means more room for selling goods. It’s that simple, isn’t it?

Iguana Head

Credits: We're told if it's a seeing-eye iguana it's cool to have one in the store.

Having an iguana as a pet doesn’t really sound that exciting. They sleep most of the day and they hardly move. You cannot play fetch with them or tease them with a laser pointer or whatever pet people do with their cats and dogs.

But you can take it to Walmart, at least judging by this photo. All you need to do is to make your lizard looks more like a headpiece than a pet, and you’re good to go.

Party On, Walmart

Credits: We really, really want to see if this fellow has a 'worst mom in the world' undershirt on.

Who doesn’t like to party? Drinking and dancing all night long sounds like a whole lot of fun for lots of people, and that’s absolutely fine.

The only piece of advice someone should offer them is this: try to go home first after a crazy night out before you go grocery shopping or you might end up becoming…this guy.

The added icing on the cake of it appearing as though he’s stuffed his top with merch is a nice touch.

Walmart Gives Some Folks the Creeps

Credits: If there's anyone in a store that deserves to get flagged by security, it's this guy.

It seems like not all of Walmart’s “wonders” are cute, stylish or priced to clear. There are some creepy ones too.

If this photo was taken for Halloween (and the backpack “content” isn’t living and breathing), this image would probably be ok, but if not… well, it is kind of scary.

At first glance, it’s really hard to say if this man is wearing a real baby or a baby doll on his back, but either way, the scene is a bit alarming.

Get a Room, Please

Credits: The assumption is being made here these two people know one another intimately.

One might say that there are lots of wacky (and tacky) things going on in Walmarts all over the country, but this one here really doesn’t leave a lot of room for added commentary. The only thing we might add here is to get a room before getting your weekly supplies. 

Joking aside, seeing a guy who walks around any store with his hand down his girlfriend’s shorts is really too much, even for Walmart.

That Time of the Month

Credits: Somewhere this made sense, to someone.

We get it — things can get hot in the summer, especially when your vehicle is stuck in the middle of a shadeless parking lot. Seriously, though — is this the way to try and keep the car cool while you shop?

It’s really challenging to understand why anyone would chose to use sanitary napkins as car sun shades, or perhaps this is simply someone playing a practical joke. Regardless, it happened in a Walmart lot, so it only adds to the chain’s lore.

The Hospital Supply Run

Credits: The 'MADNESS' sign to this patient/patron's right sums this scene up nicely.

If you really think about it, there have to be some legit reasons why a person would really, really want to escape from a hospital, but we are pretty sure that shopping at Walmart wouldn’t be one of them.

Yet, here is a photo from a Walmart with a man in a hospital gown rolling an infusion stand with one hand and carrying shopping bags in the other. Just when we thought we had already seen it all.

The Parking Lot Zoo

Credits: Let's give credit where credit is due here — at least if anyone did find poop in this parking lot it probably didn't come from this lamb.

Walmart is definitely not the only chain where it is frowned upon taking your pets. That may not seem to be fair for the people who hate leaving their beloved (four-legged) ones alone at home, but rules are there to be followed. Or is “broken” the right word?

On the other hand, no major retail outlet would ban babies from their stores, so if someone put a diaper on a pet as if it were a baby, what rule applies to that?

Faked Social Media on Wheels

Credits: The irony of it being illegal to use the social media platform plastered on your car while driving said car.

If you’ve ever wondered whether celebrities or ridiculously rich people ever shop at Walmart, this photo may offer you the answer, at first glance at least.

If there’s a Facebook company car in sight, Zuckerberg might be around, right? Well, not really — not in that particular car with that crazy Facebook logo on it.

This must be the vehicle of somebody who thought that Facebook branding might help them find a parking spot faster than usual. (‘Like’ if you agree.)

Obama Did the 'Walmart Stroll'

Credits: He was surrounded by blue, which is definitely his color of choice.

All those people who refuse to believe that presidents are just ordinary people with slightly more power and wealth, and yes, a little more responsibility too, should take a look at this photo and reconsider their convictions.

The proof in the Jello pudding is Barack Obama himself hanging out at Walmart during his presidency.

Technically, Obama was there on official White House business, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t take the opportunity to grab some snacks for the trip home.

The Mobility Scooter Shuffle

Credits: It looks really cramped on there, but whatever works for you.

Offering a ride to someone can take on a whole new meaning at a Walmart, or so it seems according to the scene unfolding here.

It is pretty hard to guess what these two had in mind when they both hopped onto this mobility shopping scooter, but the sight they offered to the rest of the customers was quite a provocative one.

It’s unknown if there are rules that regulating lap dancing in the store, but maybe corporate headquarters should consider addressing that issue after this “event.”

The Walmart Redneck

Credits: The first step in recovery is admitting to the problem.

This image is probably the best illustration of how not to convert your car into a truck. There are many fantastic examples of “upgraded” vehicles all over great countries like the good ol’ US of A, but the one we have here is definitely not one of them.

It is understandable that after weekly or even monthly shopping for supplies in a Walmart extra space might be needed a car, but this is really too much, even for a redneck.

The Mayor of Walmart

Credits: He's smiling, so chances are good he's happy to be there.

Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford had a bit of a reputation for living a life that many might describe as controlled chaos. He had very public drug issues throughout his political career, until his death from cancer in 2016.

He also liked to hang out in Walmarts on occasion, as seen here and possibly one other instance that took on Bigfoot status when blurry pics of an individual resembling Ford wearing their pajamas in a Walmart made the rounds in Toronto publications.

Handcuffed to the Bargains

Credits: At least this kid doesn't have to wear ankle shackles.

The theory has been put forth that some guys feel going grocery shopping is more of a punishment than anything else. But a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, and sometimes you have to bite the bullet and put some food in the cupboard.

The same line of thinking may go for youngsters although, in the case of the lad in this photo, the punishment concept has a rather literal meaning. Yes, those are handcuffs keeping this kid cart-side.

You Couldn't Afford This Many Decorations Anywhere Else

Credits: Introvert or extrovert driver for this one?

People usually pimp their cars or their trucks to give them a bit more ‘oomph’ or at least some extra character, but the owner of this one really went for it.

This truck found at a parking lot in front of a Walmart store is probably one of the most ridiculously “upgraded” trucks we’ve seen in a while. It looks more like a warehouse on wheels than a vehicle, but if the person driving it likes it, who are we to judge.

Are Animals Okay if They Walk Upright?

Credits: Just a couple of polar bears out on a supply run.

One of the golden rules of stress-free shopping is always wear comfy shoes and cozy clothes.

It seems that the couple in this photo took this bit of advice way too seriously when they decided to show up in a Walmart sporting polar bear costumes.

What exactly do polar bears shop for when they finally make it out of the den? We’d bet they’d be buying whatever they wanted, thank you very much.

At Least People Know Where to Kick This Driver

Credits: Is it okay if we paint cross-eyes on these?

Parking any vehicle in a parking spot reserved for people with disabilities doesn’t really require having balls. It is more a reflection of rudeness and insensitivity of the person who decided to add a little parking lot insult to potential injury.

Now, maybe the driver of this particular testicle-adorned wheeled behemoth might be disabled themselves, but if they can safely enter and exit a truck like that adorned with trailer mirrors they might be calling their impairment in.

Holiday Shopping to the Extreme

Credits: If you're going to survive the holidays in Walmart, get organized.

Lots of people love everything about Black Fridays; the thrill of bargains, the special offers, all of those amazing discounts, even the hustle and bustle. For many, it feels like shopping on steroids.

Some of the most resolute worshipers of this consumer experience are ready to go as far as to organize a whole team of shoppers, all dressed in their custom-made uniforms, just to make sure they get everything on their Black Friday lists before other, teamless shoppers.

What Won't Walmart Stock?

Credits: They're on clearance, so at least you're not out a small fortune if you do decide to take the plunge on these.

Are the products found on the shelves of a particular establishment a reflection of the people who shop there?

Let’s look on the bright side for a moment here: if you’re out at Walmart needing to purchase something like fake zits, perhaps it’s because you have beautifully clear skin and need to blemish yourself up a bit.

Or maybe you’re just a jerk who gets a kick out of making a little fun with people cursed with forever-teenaged skin.

Walmart Cowboys and their Hairy Cowpokes

Credits: When your cart is overflowing the dog has to assume the carry position.

Some people say that they know lots of dog owners who resemble their beloved four-legged buddies, but this image proves just the opposite.

The gentleman pictured here looks nothing like his cute little dog. We’d dare say that this pup is beginning to take on both the style and shape of his owner, but we truly doubt it was by its own free will. A dog would never choose a hat like that, that’s for sure.

Dinosaurs Love Deal-o-Saurs

Credits: It's a freedom of expression, and quite frankly it looks better than a Walmart vest anyway.

The inflatable dinosaur suit — it’s become a staple of ridiculous and absurd online content around the globe.

It is a refreshing change to see someone wearing one of these things still standing upright since the general rule seems to be the only visuals of these can be of people in the midst of falling flat on their face.

What we want to know is how do you get your wallet out?

Giddy-Up on Aisle Nine

Credits: It's okay — it's a service horse. Maybe.

Scenes like this would not happen at your friendly neighborhood Walmart if the stores would simply put troughs out front of the stores for horses.

It’s looking as though this unfortunate horse made it through the sliding door test, but the store floors aren’t really designed to give hooded animals much traction.

What the world really needs to know is how much further into the store did this tandem make it, and whether or not the gentleman here was arrested for intoxicated horseback riding.

The Walmart Drag

Credits: "Honey? He's doing it again."

Going shopping with the kids can go two ways – either they will love it and get super excited about it, or they will hate it so much that you will literally need to drag them around the store.

It only takes a glance at this photo to figure out what kind of situation a dad in this photo has to deal with, but still, the way out that he chose here is totally weird.