The Most Adorable Misbehaving Dogs Caught in the Act

By Robin Mei - March 14, 2019

Finley, the Destroyer of Flip Flops

Have you ever wondered why dogs love to chew on things so much? Some might say it’s because puppies also like to annoy their owners every now and then, but that’s far from the truth. 

Dogs use their mouth the same way we use our hands — as a tool for exploring the world around them, and that’s precisely what this lovely pup named Finley did. The flip-flops were just collateral damage, and we’re sure he’ll know better next time.

Molly Is a Little Too Frisky

Molly truly looks like a lovely girl with impeccable manners, so we all wonder what might be the reason she did something so “un-ladylike.” Well, it must be her nature!

Humping is something all dogs do! While most love to save the exhibition for other dogs when none are around some use a sofa or little cushion for their instinctual “game” of self-expression. Unfortunately, sometimes humans get caught in the crossfire. Just ask Molly.

Pies Aren't for Puppies

Maybe dogs don’t have a sweet tooth like humans do, but they have an incredible sense of smell. Experts think that a canine’s ability to detect a scent is between 10,000 and 100,000 times better than ours.

When the fantastic aroma of a freshly baked pie comes from the kitchen, the chances are they are going to know about it. This beautiful pup simply could not resist it, but who could really blame him?

Source: Understanding a Dog’s Sense of Smell

Lu Loves Blankets

This beautiful girl named Lu does look like someone who knows how to get exactly what she wants no matter what. If that means she has to stand next to her owner’s bed and bark out loud for hours just to get the blanket she wants, we bet she would do it.

That’s why Lu’s smart mama decided to take the blanket off and hand it over because if she didn’t some of the neighbors would probably come and donate their own.

Couches Are Made for Shredding

If you’ve seen “The Secret Life of Pets” and thought that the story is fun but exaggerated, take a good look at this image and you’ll see it’s not!

When a pup stays home alone for too long, the chances are it might get pretty bored playing on its own, just like this cutie here. After all of the other options were gone, playing with (instead of on) mom’s couch must have seemed like a great idea at a time.

Vinnie, the Lover of Cat Food

When Vinnie goes to visit his owner’s grandparents and their elderly cat, he definitely knows that the easiest way to get her to play is to tease her by messing with her food.

This is how we see this cute dog’s plan — the moment he gets near the place where she usually enjoys her meals, the silly cat would go mad and try to chase him away. Then, if he strikes back and she runs away, there starts all the fun!

The Toy Smuggler

Who would have ever guessed that this beautiful pup is actually a thief in disguise when he looks so cute and completely innocent of any crime? Well, according to his “boss” he’s anything but…

Apparently, this gorgeous canine has a nasty habit of stealing his friends’ toys. Every time he goes to their homes to play, he can’t help himself but bring one home. Find the toy. Ingest the toy. Throw up the toy. Repeat.

The Leash Chewer

This is a dog who apparently can’t be left alone for longer than 30 seconds without making a mess. This time the little fellow has chewed off his leash, but we bet there are many other playful misdeeds on his list of infractions.

Having a cheerful pup who can’t stay put sounds like a whole lot of fun if you are not the one who needs to clean up their mess each and every time.

I Have No Shame

Every time a dog stays home alone, there’s a good chance that something “unexpected” will happen. Maybe something will get broken or chewed on, but chaos like this is not really something one necessarily prepares for in advance.

The funniest thing is it looks like this lovely pup expected that the aftermath of his game would be such a colossal mess. That’s probably why he doesn’t mind wearing this “I have no shame” sign.

I Chewed It Because It Was There

Wouldn’t be great if our pets could really speak just like us and explain why they do things we kindly ask them not to, like chewing on all sorts of stuff we love so much?

We bet the clever ones would come up with a whole list of reasons, but the honest ones (like this beautiful German shepherd) would say precisely what his owner wrote on this shaming note: No reason. Just fun!

Dogs Don't Care if You're on the Phone

If you ever thought that setting up a home office would help end all of your problems with a perky dog who can’t be trusted when left home alone, take a good look at this photo. You’ll see that things may not be as easy as they seem in theory.

In reality, trying to do your job the best you can while your puppy runs around and barks all the time is no fun at all.

It's a Bed, Not a Bathroom

There are more than a few reasons why some dogs pee inside the house or in other places where they know they shouldn’t. If that happens while you’re out, chances are your puppy simply misses you and gets nervous when you’re not around.

This cutie was left with a sitter while his mommy was out but apparently got so anxious while waiting for her to get back that he peed on the bed his sitter was sleeping in it.

Socks Are Made for Tugging

If you have ever tried to play tug of war with a dog, then you know it’s a never-ending game for them. For some reason, all of our beloved four-legged friends simply love to pull all sorts of things with their teeth and try to drag them around all day long.

The little one in this photo is no different. He plays tug of war even with “the little human’s socks” while someone was clearly still wearing them.

The Dreaded Box of Shame

We can’t say for sure what made this cute little pug go through the trouble of getting onto a kitchen counter on his own, but our (wild) guess would be to scavenge for food.

If his mommy left something delicious on it, like a box of cookies or a sandwich, it’s no wonder why she caught him standing there. The penalty was time out in the box of shame, plus the photo she shared online.

Thunder and Lightning, Very Very Frightening

Lots of dogs are afraid of the sound of thunder merely because they are not sure what that is, but it definitely sounds threatening to them.

Most will look for shelter under a table or in some other corner of the house where they feel safe, but this lovely pup was so terrified of a thunderstorm that he kept his entire family awake all night long.  Judging by the look on his face, even the sunny morning didn’t bring much relief.  

The Sneaky Food Thief

Some people say that having a dog is like having a child; it brings lots of joy, but it also demands commitment and dedication. If that is true, we wonder then if having two or more dogs at the same time is as challenging as having lots of kids?

According to this photo, one might assume that it is, at least when it comes to being the judge and jury in their shenanigans and deciding who is to blame when things get a little out of control.

New Dog, New Couch

If you are anxious about leaving your new dog home alone for the first time, you might have good reason to worry — one can never know for sure how a dog is going to react to a few hours of unsupervised freedom.

Seems like this beautiful pup did exactly what most new dogs’ owners are afraid of: He made a whole lot of mess and ate the couch! We bet he had a lot of fun ripping that thing apart.

The Cookie Gang

These three partners in crime were caught eating cookies that were not meant for them and now they all have to pay the price for their actions.

The punishment was a harsh one: Online public shaming by wearing signs that read: “I pushed the plate of baked cookies on the floor,” “I ate the cookies,” “and I helped.” Somehow we’re not really convinced that this punishment will be a deterrent to this happening again.

I Like Snoring, Okay?

Maybe dogs don’t like thunderstorms and other loud noises, but this little guy obviously enjoys listening to the sounds of his daddy snoring all night long. Why else would he destroy his anti-snoring mouthpiece that helps everyone else in the house have a few hours of peaceful sleep?

Mommy guessed he thought that dad’s anti-snoring mouthpiece made him sound even worse and the pup decided to fix it for him, but we think he actually appreciated the snoring.

Barking in Sick

This cute little fellow has learned the best dog trick ever — he knows how to pretend that he’s not feeling well to get the attention of the entire family. And look, it worked for him!

His shaming sign says that he likes to make everyone think that he’s dying by howling and squealing at 7 am, but really he’s just trying to wake up his family so that someone comes down and plays with him.

Prison Break

If curiosity did kill the cat, this nosy dog should be genuinely grateful it just got him into jail.  According to this shaming sign, this cutie was exploring the backyard and broke in under the deck, obviously unaware that he would not be able to come out by himself.

This one-way expedition went very wrong for him, and now he’s stuck in this unintended prison he cannot leave until someone decides to help him out.

The Doggy Deer Hunter

It seems that Elsa is not only this pup’s name but also her favorite character. Just like the princess in Frozen, this cutie is also courageous, brave and always in search of a new adventure.

Her shaming sign reads that she was chasing a deer around her neighborhood and almost got kicked in the face as a result. She probably pretended that it was Sven she was running after, but it could be her owner hasn’t watched Frozen yet.

Bite Me

Different dogs have different ways of showing they are happy. Some just like to bark really loud and wave their tails when their family finally gets back home in the evening. Others love to jump and lick the faces of their human friends. Apparently, this pup likes to bite.

According to this sign, this sweety gets so excited when she sees her mommy that she can’t help herself but bite her in the tush every single day.

Sophia the Shoe Pooper

This beautiful chihuahua dog named Sophia obviously hates being left alone. Unlike Gidget, Duke or Max and the rest of her animated friends in “The Secret Life of Pets” who love adventure when they are not under the watchful eye of their owners, she rebels against it.

Every time her mom leaves home without her, Sophia gets her ultimate revenge — she pulls out one of mama’s shoes from the closet and poops in it!

Miller, the Gutter-Ripper-Offer

This lovely boy named Miller looks like a true watchdog who knows how to protect his family’s property and keep any unwanted “guests” out of their yard. Apparently (unlike other guard dogs) he also loves pretending to be a repairman too.

We find out here that he likes to tear the gutters off the house so dad has to fix them every weekend. Or maybe that’s his way of making daddy spend more time outside with him?

What a Little Stinker

Having a blast while reading “Walter the Farting Dog” picture book to a kid is one thing, but having to put up with a real farting dog is a whole other story.  

It seems that the dog’s mom who posted this shaming photo didn’t have much choice but to live with a constant storm of stench, all for the love of her dog who obviously likes to sleep under her desk chair and farts every 30 seconds.

The Dog Park Pantser

It’s hard to say which game dogs like to play more —  fetch or tug of war. Actually, we’re pretty sure most of them wouldn’t know the answer themselves even if someone could ask them.

Looks like the big fellow in this photo couldn’t decide, either. According to his shaming sigh, he pantsed an unknown person while playing at a dog park instead of running and fetching a stick like the rest of his friends.

A Green Marker, You Say?

Lovers of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character Sherlock Holmes and the thrilling mysteries he somehow solves every day probably know the story of The Hound of the Baskervilles, one of Holmes’ most famous adventures set in the misty wastelands of Dartmoor in the south of England.

It looks like this lovely pup adores the same story too, or why else would he want to disguise himself as a glowing green hound?

Small Dog, Large Price Tag

This sweet pup can’t stand being left alone, not even for a couple of minutes. The moment she lets her grandmommy out of her sight, this lovely hound gets worried and chews whatever she can find around her to relax.

This time, as the sign explains, she went for her grandma’s dentures while she was in the bathroom for five minutes. Apparently, it cost her $1,000 to replace them, but love is priceless, isn`t it?

The Terrible Twosome

For some funny reason, lots of puppies seem to be crazy about stealing socks, but these two “professionals” bring the game to a whole new level. They work as a pair.

Judging by their sign, the little one is in charge of locating unattended socks and lifting them up when no one is watching, and the big one specializes in chewing them. Too bad it doesn’t say who is responsible for hiding the remains.

Dressing up Is Fun

We’ve heard of many silly things dogs like to do to entertain themselves when they think that no one is watching, but we have to admit this one is entirely new to us.

According to the sign placed in front of this little guy, he has a very unusual habit for a dog: He likes to cross-dress. This time he was caught in a rather embarrassing situation, wearing nothing but his mom’s bra.

A Little Too Frisky?

Taking care of a cheerful and perky pup who loves to run around and knock things over can be quite challenging, but trying to look after one who does that to the neighbor children can be a little bit stressful.

This little fellow (or felon?) has a nasty habit of running over the kids from his neighborhood, but what makes things even worse is he doesn’t stop there. Once his little human friends are knocked on the ground, he sometimes humps them.

You Can't Really Blame Them

Just like the kids who have no patience at all to wait for Christmas morning to open presents with the rest of their family, these two furry four-legged boys couldn’t wait for their mom to come back home to open their BarkBox for them.

Instead, they did it by themselves as if they knew it was truly meant for them. They just tore the packaging and took the toys but left the evidence behind which gave them away.

The Underwear-Eating Jerk

No matter what they do (or did), no dog deserves to be called out like this. That being said, we do admit that this little guy misbehaved badly when he went for his dad’s underwear and tore them apart.

Yes, he did deserve a little bit of “no-no, bad boy” lecturing, maybe even a shaming photo, but not the “jerk” label. Plus, by the look of his face, we can all see that he is really, really sorry and he’ll never do it again. Right?

Digging the Day Away

Looking at this from the perspective of a little pup who lives in an apartment with a balcony, a large pot full of soil is nothing but their own private playground! Of course they are going to dig a hole in it every time they get a chance. It’s rather impulsive.

On the other hand, we can understand that his owner might see things a bit differently since they are the one who has to clean up after.

May the Pee-Pee Be With You

Anything can happen in the heat of a game, even those embarrassing accidents no one likes to talk about, like passing wind or bladder leakage (to put it nicely).

The little pup and his buddy standing behind him were probably having so much fun with their Yoda puppet that one of them simply forgot to run outside to do its business. Instead, he did it on Yoda, yet Yoda minded it not (but their mommy did).

Pungent Beyond Belief

This lovely ball of fluff named Peppy had a little accident at the vet’s office, and now she is being scolded for misbehaving with this shaming photo.

According to the sign her mommy wrote, she passed wind around the vet so badly that the doctor had to check to see if she also launched number two at her. Luckily for both, she didn’t! We can only imagine how truly embarrassing her shaming sign would be if that were the case.

Maybe He Just Likes Sharing?

Wouldn’t it be exciting to know how dogs really see cat Are they annoying little devils who love to mess around with them or are they potential friends with whom they are eager to play, but just don’t know how?

Judging by this image, this beautiful dog is still trying to connect with his feline siblings. Their mom thinks he just watches them eat all of his food because he’s too scared to shoo them away, but maybe he just enjoys sharing.

It's a Toilet Paper Massacre!

If you wonder why so many dogs (and cats, to be fair) love to play with toilet paper, this image may not offer you a definite answer to that question. It might help paint a picture of how strong the bond between our beloved canines and snow-white TP really is.

According to the shaming sign this pup’s mom wrote, it has been zero days since the last toilet paper massacre in their household.

Look Before You Slide, Kids

This handsome little guy looks like a pup who loves to play with children, and we bet all of the kids from his neighborhood love to play with him too. Yet, if this news breaks out in the ‘hood, some of these playmates might start avoiding him.

The shaming sign reads that he pooped at the bottom of the kids’ slide, but still we’d like to think that it wasn’t him. Not a puppy with such lovely eyes.