The Freak Side of Disneyland From the People Who Have Lived It

By Leah Berners - January 23, 2017


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I had a lady get physically sick on my cruiser while on our way from the Campgrounds to the Magic Kingdom. Thank god I got taken off my shift (no clean up). On my way out this lady is at our assignment station.

Turns out she was not staying at a Disney Resort. So I am assigned to the van to drive her to her resort off-site. I spent the next 20 minutes getting directions fed to me…while this lady is periodically puking into the bag.

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Saw (smelled) on more than one occasion people smoking weed.

Heard about a woman who shoved her baby under her shirt to try and go on Space Mountain.

A lot of people die at Disney too…it’s weird.

I worked in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Orlando. Disney had a lot of odd secrets.

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Shout It to the Mountaintops

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I was on register chatting with some of my coworkers when in storms this man in a rage. He starts screaming at us that it’s too crowded, he can’t see the castle very well, he doesn’t have a good spot for the fireworks, etc. Just really letting it go at us.

He ends his rant with, “ME AND MY FAMILY ARE RELIGIOUS AND THIS IS UNFAIR.” He then turns around and storms right back out, leaving a totally silent, stunned ice cream parlor in his wake.

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Someone Slap This Man

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Not Disney World, but I worked at Universal Studios Orlando for a few years.

At the Dr. Doom ride, they have these troughs next to where you get strapped in, where you’re supposed to put your cell phone and wallet and jewelry and shit like that. It’s maybe about four inches deep and three feet long.

Anyway, some guy got off and immediately puked into that trough. And filled it. Sux for whoever had their phones in there, huh?

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Terror From Above

So, at the Alien scene, there’s a point where the alien comes down from the ceiling and strikes at the guests. It’s about six feet above their heads, strikes two or three times, then creeps back into the darkness above.

So one day, the alien comes OFF of its track and flies directly into the lap of one of the guests. He gets a good smack on the face, and everyone around him is suitably terrified.

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Pluto Gets the Shaft

A family attacked a Pluto. Pushed her into the fountain. I didn’t actually see the attack, just got to deal with the aftermath backstage. I got to dry all of pluto’s costume and clean the head.

Later Pluto told me the family was mad that she had to take her break after they had waited to get a picture. I think Pluto either broke her arm or her leg. I can’t remember. The family was arrested.

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A Real Kick in the Ashes

Not an employee, but while riding Pirates of the Caribbean a few years ago, a lady in our boat pulled out a bag and dumped the contents into the water. She was crying and sort of laughing at the same time.

Come to find out she had dumped her husband’s ashes in the water as his final resting place. She was caught on camera and got in trouble, but it couldn’t be undone. Both creepy and cool at the same time.

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Long...Live...the King

While I was working on Dumbo, these drunk people removed their infant from the seat belt and held the baby like Simba outside of the carriage while the ride was up 18 feet in the air so their other drunk friends could take pictures of them doing it, we had to emergency stop the ride; they were escorted away and I heard arrested once outside the park gates.

It was very scary to witness.

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Daddy Issues

I worked at the front desk of one of the hotels. A lady, followed by another lady with an 11-year-old kid, walks up and asks if there is a place that people leave messages for their family if they are separated.

The lady and her kid were in line for Indiana Jones when the father said he was going to the restroom, but never returned. They later went to the car, and the car was gone. Me and the lady while talking realized he left them, probably for good. Ultimate douchebaggery.

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Nature Calls

A mom and her kid come running up to Splash looking for the restrooms. We tell the woman the restrooms are closed and direct her to the Tangled restrooms.

She freaks. She starts screaming that her kid isn’t going to make it that far and that we need to open the Splash restrooms for her. As the restrooms are currently gutted, this was not happening. She then screams, “Well he’s just gonna piss HERE,” and leads her kid behind a sign in front of the ride.

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Punch It, Hubby!

My husband threw up on the back of some people’s heads on the Star Wars ride. Even they didn’t seem to mind. Just walked to the water fountain outside and started washing off.

I was apologizing for my husband (who was still barfing somewhere) and they just said: “It’s really not a big deal, happens all the time.”

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Everyone Loves to Make-Believe

Cousin’s old theater teacher used to be Peter Pan. They were doing a character breakfast and a couple had a baby wrapped up in a blanket. They ask if they can pose with the baby and Peter Pan. The teacher goes up to take the picture… THE BABY IS A DOLL.

They brought a doll to Disney and were those whack job kind of people who treated it like a human. The teacher just had to play along as if it were a real kid.

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That's Just Disgusting

I was sweeping the area for New Orleans Square and was behind the haunted mansion in an area where guests don’t go and see this woman with her daughter.

The daughter was squatting and pissing all over the damn place and when I stumbled across them. I just left and came back with a mop. Luckily I don’t think they understood English. Being a custodian wasn’t exactly glamorous but it was the best job I ever had.

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The Closeted Cruise Makeover Session

My sister used to work at the Bippity Boppity Boutique. Tom Cruise brought his daughter there like the day after he and Katie Holmes got divorced. The thing is though that since he’s a mega-celebrity, he obviously can’t be hanging around in public. So they ushered him, the daughter and my sister into a closet and she did the makeover in there.

My sister was trapped in the closet with Tom Cruise. I love saying that!

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Things Are About to Get Weird

A friend of mine used to work at Disneyland and she told me this lady with a serious obsession with Alice would pretty much go every day to Disneyland dressed up like her.

Apparently one day she decided she needed a piece of Alice for herself and actually cut off a piece of hair from the actress at the park!

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Disney Can't Control the Weather, Dumbo

Picked up a shift in the Magic Kingdom one rainy afternoon. A lady approached me and asked if I could “close the dome.” I said, “Excuse me?” to which she replied: “It’s raining! Close the dome so we don’t get wet!”

I had to explain to her that there isn’t a giant dome that covers the Magic Kingdom to prevent getting wet from the rain. I then told her that the Dumbo ride is actually a lot of fun in the pouring rain.

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We're Not Hearing Any Singing, Though

In the “Singin’ in the Rain” trailer, there’s this part where everyone on stage runs toward the back with jazz hands, and I knew right where it was going to happen.

I had all the kids stand there, shaking their hands in the air, and right on cue, they ran toward the front of the room, in time with the people on stage. It was hilarious! The parents were laughing, the kids felt like they were putting on a show, and everyone had a great time.

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"I Thought These Animals Were Robots!"

Not a worker, but I saw a fella fall off the balcony in the Animal Kingdom hotel with the giraffes and run from wildlife for a good hour while they slowly got all the animals out of his way and got him out. No one got hurt and it was pretty funny to watch.

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When Dad is a Magic Kingdom Jerk

Not an employee (sorry), but I once saw a man get arrested for being publicly intoxicated at the Aerosmith Roller Coaster in Disney World. He had his like 7-year-old daughter with him and it was really sad. They had to pin him to the ground and everything.

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Rein in Those Teenagers, please

The two best stories I have heard from former Disneyland employees:

1. A security guard that had to escort three teen girls from the park for flashing the camera (topless).

2. The reindeer at the barbecue place got loose and one got into the park. The employees were running through Disneyland chasing a live reindeer!

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Real-Life Craziness

Last May my significant other and I were on our honeymoon at Walt Disney World and enjoying the day at Epcot when my husband stops for a smoke break at one of the designated bench areas and a cast member sits down next to him and asks for a smoke!

The cast member was talking funny and eventually slid to the ground and was talking to himself. My significant other went to Norway and told another cast member but she didn’t believe him.

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The Morbid Side of Disney

I suppose the most bizarre things were what the guests didn’t see. A man is found dead from an apparent suicide in his hotel room. The room’s windows and entrance are immediately concealed by those, “pardon our dust” renovation ply boards as costume characters/cast members have an impromptu meet and greet diverting attention away from the room as police arrive to process the scene.

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Meet the Poopie Monster

One day I was wandering through the park, and I notice this kid. He wasn’t that old, maybe six or so. The kid proceeded to try to tug his pants down when all of a sudden he starts violently pooing. He started flopping around, doing this weird bucking style dance, trying to avoid the colossal amount of poo spraying every which way out of his pants. He looked like a sprinkler system. Did I mention this was right in front of Splash Mountain?


Tiger Trouble

A few years back I went to Disneyland Paris. I happened to turn 21 while we were there so the morning of my birthday we went to “Café Mickey” for breakfast. The others had asked for a surprise birthday cake and when it came out it was accompanied by Mickey, Minnie and Prince John.

Mickey & Minnie were cool. Prince John on the other hand…

All of a sudden he grabs hold of me and starts throwing me around. Then he pushes me onto the bench and basically starts dry humping me!

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Baby Not Onboard

It was middle of summer and really busy when a lady wearing a big Disney hoodie was going through the normal line. I thought it was a little weird to wear a jacket during the summer, but whatever.

She then gets to restraint which is the last checkpoint before the ride begins. While there the cast members hear a whine coming from the lady’s jacket and found that she was trying to smuggle her infant daughter on the ride.

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