Fantastic Resignation Letters No Boss Will Ever Forget

By Robin Mei - March 13, 2019

A Colorful Way of Saying "I Quit"

Many people feel quite anxious about quitting their jobs, even when they are a hundred percent sure it’s the right thing to do.

Writing a colorful letter of resignation (literally handwritten in crayon) might help reduce the feeling of discomfort and distress, but we are not so sure that many employers would appreciate this level of creativity. Thumbs up to Cat for the courage, but we would really love to know what Mr. West had to say about it.

Source: 25 Ridiculously Funny Resignation Letters

Avast, Ye Mateys!

No matter what you do or how old you are, it’s never too late to pursue your dreams for as long as there’s air to breathe and desire in your heart. If you are genuinely unhappy with your job, nothing should stop you finding one that will make you feel satisfied and fulfilled.

The only challenge there might be is when one decides to quit their job to become a professional pirate and even have the nerve to ask their boss to join in. Good luck with that, Mr. Sparrow!

The Polite Printer

If it were possible to convert the lifespan of a printer into human years, most of those hard-working machines that sit in our offices would be supercentenarians by now, still expected to run flawlessly every single day.

After 14 (human) years of hard and dedicated work, day after day, everyone deserves a break, but a printer deserves a full-time retirement. When there is no reprieve in sight, the poor printer simply must call it a day all on its own.

The Sweetest Letter Ever

This is probably the sweetest resignation letter that has ever been written (or better said made) in the history of resignation letters.

Chris Holmes (also known as Mr. Cake from what we see here) was not only fortunate enough to become a father, but he was also wise enough to find the courage to quit his job at Stansted Airport so that he might add to the latest chapter of his life as a dad and a baker.


Go Big or Stay Home

We can understand that working at a fast food restaurant may not exactly be a dream job for many, but sometimes a person’s got to do what a person’s got to do to feed their family.

Everyone has their limits, however. When someone from Wendy’s got really fed up with everything there, he didn’t just resign. He made an effort to change the sign and let his boss and everyone else know that he’s done with them.

No One Likes a Tardy Boss

A note like this one you might expect from a boss rather than an employee, but it seems that some staff are way more responsible than their managers. A guy named Joe is obviously one of them.

When his boss failed to show up on time to open the store so that the employees could do what they’re paid to, Joe’s patience finally ran out and he headed for home. At least he left a note, right?

Smell Ya Later

Not all resignation letters need to be too serious. On the contrary, some can be quite cheerful and fun (looking at it from an employee’s perspective, at least).

When Tom Amellino, a “T-Bone,” felt it was time for him to move on, he didn’t just leave the company with a typical and boring resignation letter. Instead, he made this entirely original card to tell his boss he’s off to search for the brighter things in life.

The Circle of Life

There’s probably not a single person in the world who hasn’t felt trapped in a “vicious circle” of unfortunate circumstances at least once in their lives. Getting off that unhappy carousel of events is never an easy thing, but the good news is this: There is always a way out.

When a passionate blogger was left with very little or no time to blog because of work, this is what they (respectfully?) wrote to the boss.

How Many Characters Is a Haiku?

Since Twitter really caught on over a decade ago more than a few people have lost their jobs because of inappropriate tweets, but it seems that things have been reversed over time. Some of the more creative Twitter users have publicly started announcing their resignations using the popular social network.

This example came from Jonathan Schwartz, the former CEO of Sun Microsystems, written in the 5-7-5 pattern of haiku poetry. Absolutely fantastic and highly creative, isn’t it?

Sorry For Life Happening

There’s a fine line between being witty and being passive aggressive when writing a resignation letter to your manager. This employee was going through some pretty rough times without getting enough understanding and support from their boss, so apparently, they felt like they had no choice but to quit the job.

Was the tone of their note passive aggressive, slightly sarcastic or merely funny and smart? We leave it to you to judge for yourself.

Mario the Mailman

There’s nothing wrong with having fun at work as long as the work gets done, right? We wonder whether the same is true when someone decides to quit their job. Is it ok to make that part fun too?

A software engineer who created this humorous “quitting computer game” would surely agree. They’ve put a fair amount of effort into developing a new version of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. just to tell their boss they’re quitting in a fun way.

This Resignation Is Delicious

It looks like a sweet girl named Mel has chosen the sweetest possible way to quit a job she didn’t truly enjoy. She ordered a cake with “I quit, love Mel” icing and delivered it to her boss.

We’re not sure if the cake came with two weeks notice or if Mel walked out the door for good immediately following her parting gift, nor how her boss reacted. Chances are her colleagues were delighted with this unexpected sweet treat.

Source: My coworker quit today…boss was not as amused as we were…

I'm Done With This Place. Now Have Some Cake

When someone takes time to think about a fun, witty, original, unexpected or any other alternative way to quit their job and invests energy to put the idea into action, we can’t help but wonder what that person could have done for a company if only their full potential were recognized before the “letter” of resignation landed on a manager’s table.

This yummy dessert is just one of many examples of super creative and funny ways of how people quit their jobs.

Putting Their Yeti Dreams First

Leaving things behind (including a job) is never an easy task, but that’s what we all need to do every from time to time if we want to move forward and follow our dreams.

The person who wrote this resignation letter knows that best. When a person feels trapped by working “indefinite amount of time,” but all he (or she) really wants to be is a “Yeti” what else that person can do but to say “farewell” to a “beloved” boss and run to Mount Hotham.

At Least They Put the Ladder Away

Some people like to quit their jobs quietly, without making too much fuss about it. Then there are the others who get stuck in a job they hate for far too long so that when they finally decide to quit, they simply have to make a spectacle out of it.

Instead of writing a neat and straightforward resignation letter, this person chose a billboard to say to the boss they were done with the place.

He's a CEO, Not a Grammar Expert

A few years ago entrepreneur Rahul Yadav decided to leave the company he helped co-found and led as CEO because he was unhappy (to put it mildly) with the board members and investors.

But he didn’t just resign and leave. No, he actually wrote this grammatically-challenged resignation note so that everyone would know exactly what he thought of his colleagues. We can only imagine how loud that resonated within the confines of the company boardroom.

Source: CEO Rahul Yadav Quits, Writes Scathing Resignation Letter

The Exploding Head Excuse

If you have ever felt like your head is going to explode from having too many tasks you have to worry about at once, chances are you’ll probably sympathize with a person who wrote this resignation letter.

Multitasking is one thing but having new responsibilities constantly being thrown at you is a whole different story. When something like that starts to happen one is left with no option but to find a way out, even if it means resigning from one’s position.

Starring... Not Me

Working in a creative industry sounds like a whole lot of fun, but after a few years of constant struggle of coming up with fresh ideas and new solutions day after day, it’s easy to fall prey to exhaustion and stress.

Chances are good that something like that has happened to this individual in the video game industry, what with their movie theater resignation telling their Ubisoft manager that they’re leaving at 6 pm and never coming back.

The Smart Note

Spinning around in a vicious circle and just waiting for things to happen by themselves is not exactly the best plan one can come up, in private nor professional life. Breaking up the “bad spell” and gaining your control back is the right thing to do even if it means quitting your job.

That’s exactly what the person who wrote this resignation letter did when they decided to say goodbye to a poorly organized company and unappreciative manager.

Termination Velocity

If you’re going to use a hand-scrawled note to let everybody know you don’t plan on sticking around anymore, why not try and assert your manliness in the process?

What exactly this fellow was employed to do is unknown, but whatever it was it obviously offended his delicate sensibilities. After all, if you’re going out of your way to point out you’re too manly for the work it might just be a case  you trying to over-compensate for other, how should we put this, shortcomings?

Find Someone Else to Stuff Your Tacos, Chipotle

Putting up a message like this on a store’s entrance so that anyone can read it indeed sounds like some of the employees have decided to pull out the “big guns” against the upper Chipotle management.

This incident happened in 2014 at a Chipotle location near Penn State University. Employees were upset with working conditions and since the company failed to address their issues they closed the store on their own.

Source: Chipotle closes unexpectedly as workers leave with scathing note

Flushed Away

An employee’s two weeks notice written on toilet paper is not just a resignation letter but a statement of deep dissatisfaction, frustration and disappointment. It also gives a very, very clear overview of this individual’s opinion of their workplace.

If the top management don’t care about the people who work for them, it’s hard to expect that the workers would care for the company. Maybe they’ll think about the honest feedback they got in this notice every time they flush a toilet.

The Group Resignation

When three employees — a store manager, co-manager and key holder — all decided to quit their job at the same time in the middle of the back-to-school season, that usually means only one thing: They really hated working there.

According to the note they left on the door on their way out, their boss was a jerk, to put it mildly. If only half of what they’ve written is accurate, it still sounds terrible.

A Definite Employment Off Ramp

We’re not quite sure if this one could technically pass as a “resignation letter” but it sure is a rather cheeky post-factum reaction on being dismissed from work.

An individual who got fired earlier that day has decided to share their news about this unfortunate event with the rest of the world (or at least with the people who use exit 329) and let them know they cannot rely on his help anymore.

Quick and to the Point

Setting up the auto-reply message on your business email before leaving for vacation just to let your colleagues and clients know that you won’t be responding straight away is more or less standard procedure in today’s world.

This particular message? Not so much. Whoever wrote this has evidently had enough and just decided to leave the office, but not before sending the boss a friendly little heads up their days are officially done there.

At Least They Didn't Use a First Name

After putting up a message like this one because they felt their boss wasn’t capable of changing “his own damn sign” or perhaps didn’t even think that was his job to start with, a dissatisfied employee took the liberty to create his own.

You never really know what the straw will be that finally breaks the camel’s back. When that time comes, things can get… interesting. Negotiations on new work arrangements were apparently out of the question.

But Does This New iMac Have My Smile?

There are probably few things more irritating than incompetent people in managerial positions they really do not deserve.

When an intelligent, qualified, responsible and hardworking person (perhaps like the individual who wrote this resignation letter) is faced with a boss who doesn’t have a clue what their job is or what others around them do, sooner or later something like this can be expected. No further comment needed as the letter says it all.

Flushing a Job Away

For some funny reason, many people find toilets to be the most inspiring places for contemplating life and the choices they make, the mistakes they’ve made and what they can do to make things right. Apparently, Luke is one of them.

Maybe his resignation note seems a bit boorish but it sure sounds like an honest one. He even wrote that he thought “real hard” about it before he decided “to flush” his employer “out of his life.”

Dear John? What About Dear Frank?

Everyone knows that bitter notes are not exactly the best options for solving any problem (especially not at work), but sometimes a person simply can’t restrain themselves from writing one when the situation reaches critical condition.

It seems that the employee who wrote this resignation letter was at the end of their rope and really let loose on their now-former boss when they decided to scribble this note full of anger, frustration and misspellings.

Quitting the World of Workcraft

Word to the wise: Don’t ever tick off a fan of World of Warcraft. Some of them may not make for the best employees and their bosses might wish they put as much effort into their jobs as they did slaying orcs or giant strutting pandas, but they can be clever.

Whether or not the individual who this letter was meant for picked up on the online references or the final send-off is unknown. If they did, chances are good they  be posting a ‘help wanted’ sign in Stonehaven.

System-wide Error Alert

Hacking your boss’ computer is not really a cool thing to do unless you’re a dissatisfied tech genius who wants to make a point, like the programmer who created this “resignation error-window.”

This smart, creative person has even offered the boss several choices: Negotiate new contract terms, talk to human resources to learn more about the reasons for their dissatisfaction, or to ignore the message and look for a replacement. Pretty clever, huh?

Laying on the Sarcasm

A little bit of sarcasm never hurt anyone, but this hilarious (and above all witty) resignation letter is soaked with cynicism (for good reason).

When a long-term employee got an e-mail from their manager suggesting that they’re “inconsistent” and “not much of a team player” they decided to give ‘Nicky’ some feedback too. They “nicely” reminded Nicky what they did and didn’t do for the past four years, with a “p.s.” that will certainly not be forgotten.

The Secret Message Letter

Writing a resignation letter to send a hidden message to your mean boss is a real stroke of genius. You really have to put your creative muscles to work to do such thing, even when a message, like this one, is pretty rude.

This covert but highly passive aggressive two weeks notice sounds almost too good to be true when reading without the red highlights of the first letters. The highlighted acro-verse tells a somewhat different story.

Quitting Online Before the Boss Finds Out

Social media networks are great places to look for a new job (especially for anyone who works in the tech industry), but evidently the same platforms can be used for quitting one as well.

This shared post from a personal Instagram account of an ex Pavilions employee named Matt may not be the most creative example of online resignation notes, but it made its point. The only thing we’re not so sure about is what will happen when a future potential employer Googles him…

How Do You Really Feel, Andrew?

Of all the angry resignation letters and bitter notes we’ve seen so far, this one is probably the oddest and funniest we came across. It was written on a receipt, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

A guy named Andrew was apparently so mad at his “drunken” boss that he didn’t waste any time searching for a piece of paper to write a proper resignation letter on but instead used a receipt to fill out all the details about his dissatisfaction at work.

Guess Which One You Are

Instead of taking the exit interview on the last day at work, this person chose to write an e-mail to all of his colleagues he used to work closely with and let them know exactly what he thought of them.

For reasons that should be obvious, as he put it in his e-mail, he also decided not to assign a name to each message as he was quite sure they would manage to figure out who deserved the f-bomb and who was cool.

Interesting Choice of Crops You've Grown There

The employee who came up with this hilarious FarmVille-inspired resignation send-off must have been the last person who was still playing the game or they quit their job some 10 ten years ago. Either way, the move was still pretty funny.

It’s hard to guess if this person’s manager had a good laugh when they got the message, but we’re sure that the rest of their colleagues did. Who could resist it?

Cut Your Own Lawn, Mister

The “F” word is really never the best choice when one wants to write any kind of notice, especially when it comes to quitting. That being said, we’d actually like to address not the message itself but the platform that was used for passing it — a cement walkway in someone’s yard.

That might seem strange at first glance, but if you think about it, it makes sense. Office employees usually e-mail their resignation letters, but what about gardeners?

A Food Farewell

The list of people who don’t enjoy cupcakes is a short one. Those with gluten issues and diabetics would probably make it on there, although there is a difference between “can’t” and “don’t.”

If someone has taken the time to go to all this trouble, chances are their boss, regardless of what side of the cupcake fence they sit on, is going to miss them. If this is what they bring to resign, imagine what they showed up with on birthdays!

Let Me Point This Out to You

When the guy in the cubicle next to you has his fourth sneezing fit of the morning, you hold in your displeasure with a quick smile at him and get on with your day. There’s no point in making a fuss, right?

The same logic can be applied to quitting. Rather than make a scene if you’re not happy, why not leave a simple note behind with a strategically placed item whose inclusion could be interpreted a couple of different ways?