Disastrous Face Tattoos and the People Stuck With Them

By Robin Mei - January 11, 2017

Look Into My...Eyebrows?

Although tattooing is rightfully considered a legitimate art form, not all tattoos can really be described as art. Every now and then we run into people with pretty, let’s say, questionable tattoos, but if that makes them happy then who are we to judge?

The guy in this photo has chosen to make a statement tattoo on his eyebrows, and the orange suit he’s wearing might help put it into the right perspective.

Cat Nap Tatt

Throughout the ages, people have used different techniques and  means to improve their appearance and enhance their self-confidence, either as members of particular cultures and communities or as individuals striving to emphasize their own uniqueness.

Having all that in mind, we can’t help but wonder what concept this person had in mind when she decided to “beautify” her eyebrows. To exclaim to the world that she belongs to a tribe of cat people?

The Perma-Moustache

Along with tattooing (which is now probably more popular than ever), another fashion style (among the male population) has taken the world by storm in recent years, and that’s letting your facial hair go wild.

The internet is literarily flooded with myriads of photos of men rocking all sorts of beard and mustache combos; some looking absolutely great, other less suave and some totally disastrous. The young man in this photo went beyond horrible with his hilarious tattooed mustache.

Florida Proud

When observed from an anthropological perspective, the significance of tattooing is usually associated with various cultural practices, values and beliefs. In many cultures, people have used tattoos to show their social status and/or to communicate it to “outsiders.”

Different cultures have used different styles and symbols to indicate their identity but territorial boundaries were definitely not among them, especially not the ones drawn on faces. Anybody know any senior citizens walking around with a Florida tattoo on their face?

Lightning Head

The combo of thunder and lightning has fascinated people since the dawn of time. Almost every (early) culture tried to explain this natural phenomenon, but since they had no scientific knowledge (in the modern sense of the term), they usually associated them with supernatural entities such as spirits and gods.

In any case, both thunder and lightning bolts were always considered potent symbols of power and strength. Still, one really has to be struck by lightning to put something like this on their forehead.

Flag Face

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, patriotism is defined as “love for or devotion to one’s country.” Most people across the globe are very familiar with this intense feeling of national pride, but does one really have to put a tattoo like this on their face to show it?

When living in the “land of the free,” anyone can take the liberty of tattooing their country’s flag on their face. As long as they know they really don’t have to.

The Brand-Loyal Tattoo

There is probably nothing more ridiculous (at least not in the aesthetic sense) a person can do to themselves than having their face branded with the logo of a company or a product.

It’s one thing for reality personality Rob Drydek to tattoo the Monster logo on his back where a shirt can hide it when necessary, but on your face? This young man may be a big fan of Monster now, but we’re sure there ar other, more discreet, options that he could have chosen to prove it.

Do They Really?

When a man chooses to tattoo something like “ladies love it” on his face it’s a statement that’s pretty hard to miss. We’d say it’s equal parts crazy and ridiculous to do a thing like that.

Perhaps the fellow here considers himself to be at the top of the heap when it comes to being a ladies’ man. Maybe he’s a little insecure about his, uhm, talents. Chances are good the ladies do not love it and this a classic case of overcompensation

Don't You Furrow Your Vines at Us!

Floral motifs can be a lovely choice for a tattoo. There are always lots to chose from, they can be very beautiful and look very charming. They can also carry a particular symbolism and communicate the personality of the person sporting it.

As is often the case with many tattoos, sometimes it’s not what the tattoo is depicting, but rather the placement of it. In this particular case, what happens when the eyebrows grow back?

Face to Face

Not all tattoos are done merely for aesthetic purposes. On the contrary, many people choose to get a tattoo for a personal reason — to mark a crucial moment in their lives, or to honor someone.

Those types of tattoos are usually close to the heart for people, but when done on the face they can easily take on a completely different meaning for someone who doesn’t know their backstory or context. Sometimes a face protruding from an ear just comes across as weird.

A Horny Devil

We’ll give this guy credit for one thing, and that’s having fantastic hair. What we’re not sure about is the addition of what some tattoo artists call the ‘full Satan.’ You can’t have the horns without the beard, so all in it is.

In this particular case, this individual may indeed be a devil. Identified by witnesses who recognized his face art, he is in the midst of serving 13 years in a Washington State Department of Corrections facility for assault.

Source: The Northwest’s most notorious tattooed criminals: A rogues gallery

If You Can't Grow One, Draw One

Some tattoos are so out there they can look kind of cool in a certain sort of way. Just take a look at this guy and his homage to the old-school mustache stylings of a circus strongman.

Speaking to BME, this tattoo’s proud owner said, “The comical aspect is that nothing says classy like a gentleman with a well-groomed mustache… and believe me, I am not classy and far from being a gentleman!”

Source: Every month is Movember!

A Little Lacking in Spidey Sense

Even if you think that tattooing your face might bring you fame (and it does happen), maybe you should think twice before you act on any impulses you have. Especially when a design of your choice includes spider-like creatures and other alien-ish characters.

What seems super cool to you today may become your worst nightmare down the road. We can’t even imagine what it must feel like to take a look at yourself in the mirror every morning and see something like this.

Taking One for the Team

You might be thinking to yourself right now, “What’s with all the blurred out ink? What’s so bad that you can’t show it?” Meet Billy Gibby, the man who sold his face for advertising — to porn sites and casinos.

Gibby made $50,000 becoming a human billboard, something he says was necessary to make ends meet for his five kids and his wife. He also changed his name for cash — he’s now Mr. Hostgator Dotcom.

Source: Man needs money to get porn site tattoos removed from his face

The Face Frame

For everyone who isn’t pleased with their forehead and thinks it may be too broad, here is an innovative solution — tattoo a frame of sorts around it and your receding hairline. We’re just kidding. Please, for the love of all that is good in this world, do not do this.

What exactly the thought process was behind the decision to get this tattoo we don’t know, but we’d really hate to see what other ink examples this perso might have elsewhere on their body.

Smokin' Hot or Not?

Some questions may be better left unanswered, such as this one: what the heck does this woman have tattoed on her face and what for?

This ellipse-shaped objec on her cheek could be a few things. A surfboard with a cloud rising behind it? An artist’s rendering of a little submarine? We’re putting our money on it being a cigar, although even that might be a bit of a stretch.

Truer Words Have Never Been Inked

There is an oft-spoken truth that has made it into our cultural lexicon: you only live once. And yes, technically that is absolutely correct. You do only live once, but do you really want to spend that life with YOLO written across your forehead?

Considering the ‘Just Do It’ hat in the mix and we’re going to assume that this individual is a motivational speaker who wants to be absolutely certain his message is coming across crystal clear.

Family Comes First

It’s likely that most families, no matter how small or big they might be, have some sort of tradition. Whether it’s a mandatory famil meal every Sunday, or a big reunion every once in a while, they’re usually a custom (some) people like to stick to. Or at least they can’t get out of.

Who exactly started the family tradition of getting this message tattoed on their upper lip is unknown. If he’s the first, this one might die out after this generation passes on.

Crazy About Forehead Ink

It doesn’t take more than a glimpse to realize that this face tattoo is literally insane; the tattoo’s copy says it all. The facial expression of its owner only emphasizes this straight-to-the-point message.

To be quite frank, having a tattoo right in the middle of your forehead, even if it’s a true piece of art, is a bit too much. Having one that says “Felon Thoughts Insane” really goes beyond reason.

The Exotic Dancer Aficionado

A pole dancer or a witch riding a broomstick, heading for the stars — whatever this tattoo is supposed to be, it looks a little ludicrous.

Even if this young man had picked another part of his body (like an upper arm, for example) to tattoo something like this, it would still be worthy of having a good laugh about. But here we are, with a dude sporting a tacky piece of ‘art’ stamped to his face. Anyone out there think he’s named the girl?

At Least There's Not a Dozen of Them

Neither mind-blooming nor mind-blowing, this tattoo seems like nothing more than a sad, worn down rose painte in the middle of a forehead. The reason behind it? We guess you’d have to ask her.

We would love to believe that the girl in this photo had a clear idea about what this tattoo was supposed to mean (at least to her), but the fallout of this art adventure probably revolves around people either being afraid to give her flowers or knowing that’s all she’s really interested in.

"Give Me the Hulk Hogan."

If the guy in this photo were the victim of a prank and ended up with these hilariously over-sized eyebrows and matching ridiculous mustache drawn with a sharpie after falling asleep at a frat party, this would probably be one of the funniest pictures we’ve seen in a while.

But since it’s not, we’d prefer to leave it as it is — a real guy with a real tattoo on his face — without adding any further comments.

At Least Genius is Spelled Correctly

The argument can be made that only a nimrod would perma-label themselves a genius. Did Einstein ever feel the need to advertise his brain power?

There’s a long list of potential issues with this offering of face art. Perhaps topping that would be the omission of the word ‘irony,’ considering this fellow has a criminal record for assault and battery. Or maybe he’s one of those special people whose genius kicks in after the fact…

King of the Ding-a-Lings

This “king of the cage” could easily pass as a “king of the cave” too. He has everything that it takes to be the commander-in-chief of a tribe of cavemen; he looks the part of an alpha-male and we’re assuming he’s familiar with fire.

Now, the message he’s trying to make very clear is that if anyone wants to get half-naked and grapple with him in a fenced-in ring, he will crush them. A claim he’ll be making every single day for the rest of his life.

Starry Eyed

You know what they say – the sky’s the limit. Unfortunately, that goes both for absolutely brilliant and tremendously stupid things can people do (especially to themselves).

Here you can see a young woman on the phone to her parents after having just used the $100 they gave her for her birthday to help get half of her face covered with this tattoo featuring two dozen tiny stars scattered on her left cheek, forehead, part of her nose and chin.