Unbelievably-Timed Sports Photos That You Need to See

Nothing beats getting that perfect action shot, no matter the sport. Often times it’s a complete accident when it happens, but the results are still insanely spectacular. More

Look Out Below

It’s easy to make fun of any athlete when you catch them mid-exertion. With today’s cameras being able to catch even the smallest of details at the fastest of speeds, the whole ‘sports meets tech’ thing is going to cross paths.

This diver’s face is a perfect example. Considering Olympic athletes are jumping, twisting and turning from a board upwards of 10 meters in height (that’s 33 feet), you try and look dignified (you can’t).

What Did You Say?

No one likes to be caught off guard. But is what we have here a case of the skater catching a glimpse of someone out of the corner of her eye (okay, it could also be a wall or say, a pylon), or is it her doing the sneaking around?

At the speeds any figure skater hits on the ice, you’re going to get the odd sideways glance. Thank goodness they never have to make their arms do what this next guy’s does.

Mr. Bendy

This is so wrong for so many reasons. Your upper appendages are not designed to bend like this. What’s the point of having an elbow if all you’re going to do is turn it into a freak show for dozens of pitches in a game?

With more and more pro players tossing 160 kilometer-an-hour (100 mile) fastballs, the human body has found a way to adapt… we guess. When you’re getting paid as much as these athletes are, we admit it is hard to feel sorry for them.

The No-Shame Athlete

Synchronized swimming is one of those unfortunate sports that has always had a bit of a bad rap. For most folks, it’s the forced, over-the-top facial exaggerations of beaming happiness the athletes involved who you know are stressing out have to make to get decent scores.

For others, it’s what some synchronized teams consider a routine. Flaunt it if you got it, we guess. The rest of us will stick to solid ground and fewer feet on our heads.

A Facer-Lifter-Upper

Forget being a highly trained athlete — it takes real skill to look incredibly bored while you’re in the midst of giving yourself a facelift. Do you know how long people have to go to school to learn how to do this? Sure, not everyone wants to have the double chin added and not taken away, but it’s still pretty impressive.

His look of calm is in stark contrast to that of the next person, who shows the world what his go-to panic expression is.


No! No! Nooooo!!!!

When you’re bestowed the number 0 by the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, the honor comes with certain privileges. An executive parking spot next to the owners’ fleet of limousines. A 15-percent-off discount card good for any arena vending stand (alcohol excluded). And the right to freak right out when things don’t go your way on the court.

This is why this player will never play a game for the Harlem Globe Trotters. He’s just too easy to stress out.

Spandex Buddies

Ah, this is so sweet. It’s not enough that cyclists have to deal with chafing where no chafing should ever occur or that a short ride for most of them is a hundred kilometers, but sometimes that pre-race fluid binge combined with no in-race bathroom breaks don’t mix well. And cue the piddle pals.

That’s what teammates are for. They’ve got you back, and they’ll bend over to do anything for a friend with an exploding bladder.

She Named Her Ball ‘Lucky’

For someone who gets to play their sport with a ball while no one else is around her, this woman sure does look like she’s not having any fun. It is understandable she’s not too impressed with having to bend forward like this, but is there any chance she could not have such a look of agony? We’re trying to enjoy our popcorn!

At least she still has a certain look of grace and dignity to her, something most of us can’t maintain pulling on a pair of pants.



That HAS to Hurt

Your hands look like they’re being ripped off at the joint, your elbows are probably watching a timer until one of them snaps and your hair — ah, your hair — has basically destroyed any hope of you had of getting your face on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Can you lift hundreds of kilograms and pounds with your locks choking the air out of you? Apparently, you can. We’re just glad we could see this next athlete’s frightening facial expression.


Dignity is the Only Thing She Couldn’t Save

If you could put this goalie’s pose in front of a green screen you’d be able to drop her into just about any horror movie where someone needs to be scared by something that will cause them nightmares for the rest of their onscreen time, you’d be set.

Since this was a real game and this was a real pose, this goalie is going to have to live with the fallout. For now, we’re going to imagine her yelling, “Boo!”