Ridiculous Photos Guaranteed to Make You Say “What Is That?”

By Robin Mei - March 14, 2019

Maybe You Should Plug That In?

Is this a case of necessity being the mother of invention? Or is it someone deciding to have a little fun with the weather outside their bachelor apartment and they just want to get out of their cramped quarters for a spell?

The wetsuit is an added bonus for the full visual effect. Now, if it were possible to actually use a vacuum to clear away snow, the world would be a very different place. Just ask the parka-wearing person in the background.

The Style Strut

Is the concept of style strictly a human thing? We all know people didn’t seem to mind puttering about in their birthday suits back in the Stone Age, but somewhere along the way somebody’s privates got covered and the rest is history.

As a result, clothing has become what helps define people. Could it be birds are embracing that same concept? Is what we’re witnessing here a first step towards stylin’ pigeons? If so, somebody better start making a boatload of teensy, tiny scarves.

The Poor Man's Safety Net

Every kid loves a slide. Even some adults, depending on how many shots of Jagermeister they’ve imbibed and whether or not their buddies are filming it for Twitter. The rule when it comes to playground equipment has always been the more dangerous it looks, the more fun it usually is.

Let’s do the math. One relatively steep slide capable of propelling a person at a high velocity combined with one immovable equals a point of impact collision guaranteed to get oodles of retweets.

Mop the Floor and Let's Play

Can’t afford the world’s biggest chessboard but still want to get that epic feeling of grandness while you figure out how to take your buddy’s king using only your pawn? Forget about forking over the big bucks for a real board. Just take the game to the floor.

Considering the world’s largest chessboard is almost six square meters in size (65 square feet), this board still has some catching. We might suggest investing in some larger pieces down the road at least.

Source: Largest chess set

What Floor Is the Loo?

Let’s not be too judgemental here. If you decide that you need to have elevator access to your bathroom, all the more power to you. If you want to have the toilet completely out in the open, that’s your prerogative.

What we really want to know is this: Do the elevator doors double as a mirror to save space. or are they just not shiny enough? We’re also wondering what an elevator ‘bathroom’ button looks like.


What Happens When You're Not Allowed Inside the Bank

Money makes the world go round. Yes, electronic transactions are becoming more and more prevalent as people start to realize they might not have room for their oversized cell phone and a wallet in the same pair of too-tight jeans, but cash is still where it’s at for most people. And foxes.

Judging by the disinterest of the people around it, this particular fox doesn’t look like it’s impressing anyone. We’re just hoping someone is kind enough to pick it up so it can use the machine.

Knock Knock

If you really don’t like people and the thought of visitors knocking on your door makes you sick to your stomach, drastic measures need to be taken. Precariously balancing your house (or in this particular case, tower) at the very tip-top of a hill sounds like a perfect plan. Right?

The image you see here was taken in Shanxi province in China. Why it’s there and who has access to it now is uncertain, but whoever it is we hope they have decent insurance.

Source: Doll factory, crop circles, Commonwealth Games | July 29

Stop Embarrassing Rover

You might be one of those people who has seen dogs wearing little booties designed to keep their paws from getting frozen and/or salted during the winter months. They can be adorable, although the dog never looks thrilled to be walking around with them.

You can take that idea one step further and go straight for gloves. You know, for that dog who doesn’t want to walk around looking like it has little poop baggies attached to its feet.

Use at Your Own Risk

Your door is frozen solid on the inside and you can’t figure out why? You’ve had to replace the exit sign above it because it’s iced up like a freezer? We have the solution!


Your guess is as good as ours as to what the condition of this door is on the outside or what caused this in the first place, but judging by how things are looking here you might want to look for another way out of the building.

Santa's Llama

Every office needs a little pick-me-up now and again. It can get a little tedious being stuck behind a desk or parked in front of a photocopier while endless copies of company memos getting spat out at you because your boss refuses to go paperless.

That’s why someone came up with the Christmas llama. It’s fun, festive and adds a little edge of excitement knowing it might poop on the carpet. Will it? Won’t it? Let’s feed it more chips and dip and find out!

A Bug Beside a Bug

People hate spiders for a variety of reasons. They’re usually kinda creepy, what with the freaky eyes and the fact that they have four times as many legs as humans do. Sometimes they can skitter around and their speed sends people into hysterics. Other times it’s their slow-motion pace that makes someone pass out.

And then there’s the other side of things, where they’re just so big you the only thing you can really do is run for your life.

Lockin' the Flip Flops

Never mock a person who takes the time to lock up their flip flops. Chances are you’d be starting a fight you’ll never be able to win. Someone who spends a few minutes to bolt their shoes to a fence certainly won’t mind adding two more minutes onto that to show you who’s boss.

This scene might have also been set up by someone who refuses to wear shoes while cycling. Swap the bike for the shoes, and off you go.

Sliding Into Action

It’s hard to imagine a fire station without fire trucks. After all, It’s the basic reason why it’s there in the first place. But what if you took another staple of fire stations that have existed from their inception and got rid of it, like the trusty pole?

Picture this in your mind: There’s a 5-alarm fire. The firefighters are upstairs when they get called into action. The heroes gear up, psych themselves for another dangerous call… and then take a slide to their trucks.

Don't Forget to Flush and Close the Door When You're Done

When space is an issue, sometimes you need to take a page out of the MacGyver playbook and start thinking outside of the box. Way outside of the box.

In this case, it requires taking the basic concept behind the success of secret doors and combining it with some creative plumbing. We already feel sorry for whoever has to clean this bathroom, though. Let’s face it — guys have horrible aim and that wall is too large a target to miss.

Uber for Alpacas

Public transportation is never a bad thing. If it keeps people from unnecessarily revving up their Smokey and the Bandit-era Pontiac Firebird and burning a few more holes in the ozone layer, we’re all for it.

Apparently, alpacas feel the same way. This photo, snapped in Peru, shows just how environmentally aware these animals can be. Sure, this particular alpaca could have walked and cut down on the environmental impact that way, but riding with your head hanging out a car window is too hard to resist.

One of These Things Is Not Like the Others...

It’s probably not cause for alarm, but it appears as though someone with an artistic flair and super strength squeezed this bottle of Fanta into a freak of the soda rack at what could be a convenience store near you.

Sure, companies change up the look and logo of their products all the time. New Coke, anyone? Usually it’s done with one sweeping motion — old stuff comes off the shelves, new stuff goes on. Looks like the Fanta folks like to do it their own way. One bottle at a time.

There's Something Fishy About This

Seagulls. Show us one person who doesn’t mind having them around and we’ll show you someone who may be spending too much time reading Richard Bach and naming every gull they come across Jonathan Livingston.

This could just be a lovely example of nature showing us what happens when two very different animals cross paths without the intent of harming one another. Or it could be that this photo was snapped right before another seagull flew in and the two birds took off with their lunch.


You Won't Be Entering the Dragon Here

If you could pick anyone, living or dead, who wouldn’t want to pick Bruce Lee? After all, this is the man who said, “Punch when you have to punch. Kick when you have to kick.” Most importantly, lock when you have to lock.

A big round of applause goes to whoever came up with this set-up, though. We only wish they had come up with something themed to go along with the doorknob.

Purring at Attention

The problem with cats is they think they’re better than everyone. They’ve mastered the fine art of looking disinterested no matter how much attention is being focused on them.

They have access to higher household elevations just so they can make fun of any other pets that are grounded. And it looks like some of them are now walking upright. We think this kitty is actually practicing its diving technique before pool season gets underway.

Getting the Scoots

What you do behind the closed door of a bathroom stall is your business. As long as it’s not doing any harm to someone else, knock yourself out. But please, if you’re going to be so lazy as to not dismount when you’re using the facilities, please give a courtesy wipedown when you are finished.

We are going to assume that this thing goes in reverse since there’s not much turn around space here. We only hope it has a high-pitched warning beep when it does.

Lean on Me

When the Tower of Pisa started to do its world-famous lean back in the 12th century no one would have ever guessed that hundreds of years in the future people would go to any length to make it look like they were pushing it back into place.

Jump ahead to the invention of the camera, people visiting the site as a tourist attraction and some creative thinking, and here we are. Lean all you want, tower — these cell phones have room for thousands of photographs.

Noodling Around

Where would we all be if instant noodles were never invented? Back in the Stone Age, probably. College kids wouldn’t eat for weeks, especially since Kraft Dinner has too many steps in the cooking process to make it worth their while putting any effort forth.

One of their many advantages is that these noodles can also double as handy items outside of the kitchen, like a cell phone case. Buy them for the protection, eat them for the flavor.

It's a Busker-Eat-Busker World Out There

If you happen to be a musician who finds themselves in a city with a guitar player on every corner you do what you have to do to stand out. Being a decent strummer will only get you so far — you need a great image to go along with it.

Which is exactly the reason we see an arm with a guitar being thrown up by whatever this creature is. We’re still curious as to how this thing can form chords with such a clunky-looking left hand.


Wrap it Up

Clear plastic wrap was put on this Earth for a reason. Sure, it’s doing its part to destroy the environment and it has a knack for finding its way into oceans and rivers, but without humankind would crumble. Like this brick post.

Fortunately, plastic is here to save the day. These people have so much faith in it they’re still willing to park their cars next to something that has the potential to fall to pieces and destroy their vehicles if it does.

The Beam of Truth

Meet Gary. Gary had a hard time putting his shoes on this morning because some practical joker switched the insoles he uses that have ‘R’ and ‘L’ written on them. His day got even worse when he put salt on his Corn Flakes instead of sugar. Again.

Here we see Gary trying to force-feed his car a beam we all know will never fit. But Gary, whose friends already told him his idea was dumb and refused to help out, believes in magic. Get that wand out, Gary. You’re gonna need it.

Bojack Horseman Gone Wild

All this picture needs is a little more acidic slime and Sigourney Weaver doing her best to avoid some too-close-for-comfort bad breath and you’d think you’re looking at another chapter in the “Aliens” franchise. This time done with a horse. Who might only be interested in carrots. While it stands in a tranquil pasture.

Whether or not Ripley and her machine guns are in this photo doesn’t matter when it comes to a closer inspection of this horse’s teeth. None of us ever want to get any closer than this, herbivore or not.

Burn Rubber, Baby

Either someone had some leftover doll parts laying around and wanted to get a little creative here or there’s a really twisted tire company out there somewhere that thinks this might be a good idea for their latest promotional campaign: “Our tires will make sure your 4-wheeled baby gets to where it needs to go.”

Regardless of their intended use, it is strange that so many of them are needed. We’re kinda glad we don’t have an answer for that.

The Really Creepy Soccer Fan

If you’re going to get yourself set up in the press box during a soccer game with a prime view of the pitch, you might want to focus on the action in front of you rather than gaze at two anime characters that could lead to others around you thinking you might have a bit of a fetish thing going on.

If you’re not a fan of the sport, that’s fine. Next time, maybe consider leaving the laptop at home. Besides, can’t you look at that stuff on your phone?


You Better Have a Permit For That

When you stop to think about it, this makes perfect sense. It is a handicap spot, after all. There may not be a blue permit attached to the chair to prove its owner has a disability, but it’s debatable if that’s the real issue here.

But wait a second… If the chair is in a parking spot, how did its owner get from point A to point B? You can’t haul a walker on that thing. Something is up here.

The Corn on the Cob Workout

Can you pick out the person who drew the short straw in this photo? That’s right! It’s the poor woman in the business casual attired trying to wrestle a giant cob of corn onto an escalator to get it… where, exactly? Is there an oversized tomato or zucchini in the mix here as well?

What may be even stranger than this scene is the thought that somewhere out there, someone is making a living selling great big vegetables.

Who Needs Sunscreen When You Have This Outfit

Where to begin with this. Well, um, let’s see. It’s a statement against how society is falling prey to a non-stop influx of work and employment demands, where it’s expected to keep production flowing even after office hours are over. All of this is represented by this individual covered in Post-It Notes while everyone around them relaxes.

Or it could just be someone wanted to get a little goofy and decided to drop a boatload of cash on office supplies

Birds of a Feather

Welcome to a world where people who love to do the cosplay thing start to take their infatuation with Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” a little too far. We have to give these two credit for the work that must have gone into getting that bird outfit together, but it’s hard not to wonder what event is worth all the hassle.

The other concern is this: How far do these two have to walk yet? Too bad they can’t cosplay a way to make that thing fly.

"My Kingdom for a Horse!"

What’s the oddest thing about this picture — the rather bored-looking equine casually standing on an apartment balcony of the insanely huge 1970s-era satellite dish pointed skyward next to it?

If you’re going to keep a horse in an apartment, we suppose it makes sense to let it outside for some fresh air. It would make much more sense to have it on a farm where it belongs, but this fella’s owner probably thinks the satellite dish is a good idea, too.

Thank Goodness This Location Has a Swim-Thru

We take our hats off to any establishment that chooses to stay open during flood season, no matter how high the waters might be rising.

But there’s a reason why places like this decide to stay open in the first place when the weather gets out of control: People like the woman we see here will come out for fast food, rain or shine. Here’s hoping her meal was worth the effort.


The Two-Headed Parent

It’s great when you have both of your parents’ heads attached to one body. There’s only one set of legs to chase you when you’re trying to make a clean getaway and sometimes mom and dad can’t coordinate their arms well enough to grab you even if they do manage to get you cornered.

Judging by the unimpressed look on the dad side of things here you’d be okay to assume it’s a physical challenge that takes some getting used to.


The Reverse Mermaid

It’s not often you get to see a reverse mermaid caught on film. You know, the head of a fish on the body of a person? Never heard of it? That’s probably because Disney thinks it’s too bizarre to make an animated film about.

Seeing as how none of the other fish in this photo appear alarmed we’re going to assume this creature uses it arms only to swim and not to try and grab any of its nearby fishy neighbors to eat as a snack.

We're Guessing This Kid Is Right-Handed

Witness the image that is guaranteed to give you nightmares for the next twenty years (or at least until they remake ‘It’ again). Is it the freaky wink that puts this photo over the top? The thumbs up? Or the terrifyingly long alien arm this child from the ’70s appears to have growing out of his torso?

Let’s all agree to say it’s a combination of all three. Good luck getting any shuteye tonight.

I'm Actually Naked Under This Arm, Too

When you’re drunkenly getting your dance groove on at a party and you need to stop for a quick pic with your BFF, you can be forgiven for not considering that your buddy’s arm might make it look like you showed up at the bash in your birthday suit.

But here we are, with this unfortunate young lady appearing as though she managed to sneak past security with nary an article of clothing on her. It would explain why the guy in the background has such a goofy grin on his face though.

Does King Kong Have a Cousin?

It looks like there might be another movie franchise waiting to be born here. Gorillas can have all the King Kong glory they want, but now it appears as though baboons want in on the action as well. We all wonder who their modern-day Fay Wray will be?

This optical illusion falls into the category of ‘photos you couldn’t plan if you tried.’ It’s the type of thing Hollywood spends millions on trying to digitally recreate.


James and the Giant Seagull

Warning: If you ever come across a giant seagull, do not walk. Run. We all know from experience they love using anything and everything as a bathroom facility, and a bird this size could drown a human if it makes a direct hit…

Isn’t accidental forced perspective great? At least, that’s what we hope is going on here. If that’s not the case then we really are in a lot of trouble and James (as we’ve named the fellow in this picture) better get a move on.