Cute and Embarrassing Childhood Photos Recreated With Love

We all know a picture says a thousand words, but when those thousand words get used up it’s time to recreate that photo, no matter how ridiculous it might be, as best you can. More

The Unimpressed Superheroes

What can be cuter than siblings wearing matching superhero costumes for Halloween? That must have been what the parents of these two boys thought when they came up with the idea to dress their offspring as mini supermen for this holiday photo shoot.

A couple of decades later, the brothers who didn’t seem too excited about it when the original photo was taken decided to recreate the scene with the same hilarious la of enthusiasm.

Source: Recreated Childhood Photos That Prove Some Things Never Change

A Tighter Squeeze 20 Years Later

It’s more than evident that these three have changed a lot over the span of a couple of decades, but it seems that these all-grown-up boys still love to spend time and have fun with their dear old dad.

We’re quite sure that they don’t really ride bikes with their dad the same way they did when they were kids, but that didn’t stop them from trying to recreate this memory from their happy childhood.

A Wild and Crazy Guy

There’s probably no person in the world who doesn’t have at least one embarrassing childhood photo which he or she would rather burn than to show to anyone else.

Some people find a way to overcome the fear of such a photo becoming public and keeping their fingers crossed that their parents won’t be able to restrain themselves from showing it to all of their friends and family at a holiday gathering. Besides, classic white t-shirts never go out of style.

What — Different Outfits This Time?

A new baby in a family always brings so much joy, but we’re pretty sure that no one gets more excited about it than the older siblings.

Just take a look at these two and you’ll see what we mean. The smile on the big brother’s face, while he holds his little brother in his arms, says it all. And even a decade (or more) later, things appear to have not changed much.

Buried in Memories

What’s a day at a beach if no one gets buried neck deep in the sand? Building castles and all sorts of sculptures is fine, but nothing really beats the excitement of burying someone or getting buried on some sandy shore.

A young man in these photos seems to share the thrill, but not the same could be said for his little sister. Judging by the look on her face, she still hates it now as much as she did back then.

Sleepy Time for Everyone

Having a newborn at home is always a thrill for everyone in the family. However, after a few days of initial enthusiasm and excitement, when the energy level drops down, some new feelings often kick in — like perpetual fatigue and exhaustion.

Keeping your eyes open after a long stretch of sleepless nights is even more challenging for anyone. The dad in this photo knows that best. Although many years have passed since his son was born, he has no problem conveying that same feeling.

Same Eyes, New Beard

It’s such a shame that we cannot really remember the first few years of our life and recall all that excitement we felt while discovering the world around us.

Starting with the smallest of things, like what our first bed was like, or our first toy, all the way to how we felt when we met our family and tried to figure out who was who. Since we can’t remember it, we can always use old photos to recreate it.

Mud Brothers

Some things never seem to change, especially when it comes to kids and their “forever young at heart” nature. No matter how serious and “adult” some of them become when they grow up, many manage to keep a little bit of Peter Pan deep inside.

Take these four for instance. They may have changed in size, but not at heart. Their smiles, their joy of playing together and the love they share have remained the same.

Older and Cleaner

Anyone who grew up in a family with more than two kids probably has a photo like this one with all the siblings taking a shower at the same time. Back in those days, mom and dad only had so much time in the day and every task had to be as efficient as possible. Like showering.

It seems that the same thing still applies for these five when they all get together for a nice summer break and some silly sibling time.

Did Mom Still Have to Clean Him Up?

You know what they say: Once a messy eater, always a messy eater! That happens to be very true, but judging by these two photos the same could be said about the “poser with a goofy grin” as well.

These two guys may be all grown up and changed their looks, but their personalities remain the same. They still have that certain something — a charm, essence, quality or however you like to call it — they had when they were kids.