Cute and Embarrassing Childhood Photos Recreated With Love

By Robin Mei - March 19, 2019

The Unimpressed Superheroes

What can be cuter than siblings wearing matching superhero costumes for Halloween? That must have been what the parents of these two boys thought when they came up with the idea to dress their offspring as mini supermen for this holiday photo shoot.

A couple of decades later, the brothers who didn’t seem too excited about it when the original photo was taken decided to recreate the scene with the same hilarious la of enthusiasm.

Source: Recreated Childhood Photos That Prove Some Things Never Change

A Tighter Squeeze 20 Years Later

It’s more than evident that these three have changed a lot over the span of a couple of decades, but it seems that these all-grown-up boys still love to spend time and have fun with their dear old dad.

We’re quite sure that they don’t really ride bikes with their dad the same way they did when they were kids, but that didn’t stop them from trying to recreate this memory from their happy childhood.

A Wild and Crazy Guy

There’s probably no person in the world who doesn’t have at least one embarrassing childhood photo which he or she would rather burn than to show to anyone else.

Some people find a way to overcome the fear of such a photo becoming public and keeping their fingers crossed that their parents won’t be able to restrain themselves from showing it to all of their friends and family at a holiday gathering. Besides, classic white t-shirts never go out of style.

What — Different Outfits This Time?

A new baby in a family always brings so much joy, but we’re pretty sure that no one gets more excited about it than the older siblings.

Just take a look at these two and you’ll see what we mean. The smile on the big brother’s face, while he holds his little brother in his arms, says it all. And even a decade (or more) later, things appear to have not changed much.

Buried in Memories

What’s a day at a beach if no one gets buried neck deep in the sand? Building castles and all sorts of sculptures is fine, but nothing really beats the excitement of burying someone or getting buried on some sandy shore.

A young man in these photos seems to share the thrill, but not the same could be said for his little sister. Judging by the look on her face, she still hates it now as much as she did back then.

Sleepy Time for Everyone

Having a newborn at home is always a thrill for everyone in the family. However, after a few days of initial enthusiasm and excitement, when the energy level drops down, some new feelings often kick in — like perpetual fatigue and exhaustion.

Keeping your eyes open after a long stretch of sleepless nights is even more challenging for anyone. The dad in this photo knows that best. Although many years have passed since his son was born, he has no problem conveying that same feeling.

Same Eyes, New Beard

It’s such a shame that we cannot really remember the first few years of our life and recall all that excitement we felt while discovering the world around us.

Starting with the smallest of things, like what our first bed was like, or our first toy, all the way to how we felt when we met our family and tried to figure out who was who. Since we can’t remember it, we can always use old photos to recreate it.

Mud Brothers

Some things never seem to change, especially when it comes to kids and their “forever young at heart” nature. No matter how serious and “adult” some of them become when they grow up, many manage to keep a little bit of Peter Pan deep inside.

Take these four for instance. They may have changed in size, but not at heart. Their smiles, their joy of playing together and the love they share have remained the same.

Older and Cleaner

Anyone who grew up in a family with more than two kids probably has a photo like this one with all the siblings taking a shower at the same time. Back in those days, mom and dad only had so much time in the day and every task had to be as efficient as possible. Like showering.

It seems that the same thing still applies for these five when they all get together for a nice summer break and some silly sibling time.

Did Mom Still Have to Clean Him Up?

You know what they say: Once a messy eater, always a messy eater! That happens to be very true, but judging by these two photos the same could be said about the “poser with a goofy grin” as well.

These two guys may be all grown up and changed their looks, but their personalities remain the same. They still have that certain something — a charm, essence, quality or however you like to call it — they had when they were kids.

Hold Me, Pops

Isn’t it lovely to see that some things tend to stay the same despite the passage of time and everything else that comes with it? A proud dad will always be proud of his boys and the boys who love their father will never stop loving their dad no matter what.

These four are such a perfect example that time doesn’t mean much when the heart is full. It’s the only the eyes that might overflow a bit (sniff).

Dressing Up Never Gets Old

You have to wonder what makes a young man decide that he wants to be a very old man for Halloween, but at least his future self has an easier time recreating the costume for a photo like this. These costumes come together in a new family photo that is hard to beat.

Just take a look at these three brothers and you’ll see exactly what we mean. Their old costumes may be a bit small now, but for as long as they keep their spirit bright it all fits perfectly.

Climbing the Walls Through the Ages

Climbing up a doorframe, Spider-Man-style, is something every kid in this world has probably tried to do at least once (usually when no one is looking), and the lucky ones who succeeded most likely have a photo to prove it. These two brothers were (and apparently still are) no different.

Several years later, these now young men decided to raise the game up with this new take on the happy wall-climbing days from their past.

Mirror Imagesi

Recreating photos from the past sure seems like a fun thing to do, but if one truly puts enough passion into it, the fun can quickly turn into an exciting project.

That’s precisely what happened in the case of Irina Werning, a photographer from Buenos Aires, who started her own “Back to The Future” project. This photo is part of her series, and it shows the past and the present version a girl and her cat with absolutely amazing attention to detail.

The Unifying Power of Gumballs

Having a gumball machine at home (preferably not in a kitchen or dining where mom can see it, but in the kids’ room so they can help themselves whenever they feel like) would probably be a dream come true for every child out there.

But since something like that doesn’t really happen in reality, taking a photo with your brothers all holding dearly to that precious little machine is an absolute must every time the opportunity comes up.

A Family Favorite

The chances are the photo on the left was these guys’ parents absolute favorite and if you really look at it, you can easily tell why. These boys are simply adorable in it. They are wearing exactly what their mom wanted them to wear, and they’re probably smiling just like their dad.

A couple of decades later, these grown-up sons decided to make another parents’ favorite, and we’re sure that mom and dad loved it.

The Timeless Beach Photo

When you’re a kid, a day at the beach probably sounds better than anything else. That few hours spent on the sand playing with your friends or your siblings, swimming together through the waves and enjoying the warm sun makes for memories worth keeping forever.

So, it’s no wonder why these four wanted to recreate that special day captured in an old photo. Judging by the looks on their faces, they still remember it like it was yesterday.

An Adorable Threesome

Every family photo has its own story that is always worth telling. We can’t say for sure what anecdote lies behind this one, but judging by the smiles these three boys have in the photo on the left, it certainly was a great one.

Over a decade later, the same boys have found themselves wearing the same-looking clothes, reviving their best childhood memories while sitting on the floor and posing again for their parents’ newest favorite family photo.

A Tight Fit, Regardless of the Era

Some rules should be very simple and straightforward. Take this situation as an example — wouldn’t it be fair if the person who got to the rocking chair first also got the right to enjoy it the most?

It seems that with three boys and only one rocking chair in the house things can quickly get a bit more complicated than that. When one goes for the chair, the chances are the other two will instantly follow, both then and now.

Cute Then, Kinda Creepy Now

Maybe finding the matching clothes for recreating this childhood photo wasn’t too difficult, but setting up the whole scene and getting the same overall look certainly required quite some effort and serious commitment. These guys truly rocked it.

Their parents probably now have both of these photos framed and placed one next to another on a chest of drawers in their living room, and we can only imagine the reaction of their relatives and friends when they come to visit.

No Fair-weather Friends Here

True friendships last forever. No matter how many years go by or how much things change, every time when best friends get together, the feeling is always the same. and These four seem to know that best.

Their readiness to take on new adventures is still there. It takes a single glance to see they haven’t lost the curiosity and eagerness to follow each other into the unknown childhood playground that hides behind those trees they all grew up with.

Reverse Graduation Day

Graduation day is a huge deal for everyone: No matter whose turn it might be to graduate, the whole family is always involved. No one is immune to such excitement, especially not those whose big moment is yet to come.

When this young girl’s brother got his high school degree, she could hardly wait to run straight into his arms to hug him and to tell him how proud she was of him. Ten years later, he did exactly the same.

The Beach Trip Flashback

Another chapter of family fun starts when adult children start taking vacations and going places with their parents again. When the kids are small, it’s perfectly normal that they go on holidays with their mom and dad.

As soon as the teen years kick in, the kids would rather be anywhere else but spending a whole day on a beach with their folks. Five or ten years later, the family fun can start all over again, so all the dads out there better prepare themselves!.

Holiday Cheer Never Fades

Nothing brings back memories like the holiday season. During those few days of family gatherings and endless feasts, everyone enjoys recalling the good old days when all the kids were small and still believed in Santa and the magic of Christmas.

That’s probably how these three got the idea to recreate their perfect childhood holiday, and the best thing is all they needed to do is to put Santa’s caps back on to unlock that same magic again.

You're Never Too Old to Swaddle

Taking care of your baby brother can be really tough, especially when you’re just a few years older than him and all you want to do is to play.

Even holding that baby for the sake of picture taking may seem like too much effort. Just take a look at the older brother’s face in the photo on the left — his expression says it all. Recreating that same image a couple of decades later is hilarious.

Dino Buddies

Little human T-rexes with t-shirts over their heads and tiny arms protruding from the sleeves took over lots of playgrounds ever since Jurassic Park premiered in the early ’90s. Playing dinosaurs has always been one of the most popular games for kids across the globe, and these two were no different.

Chances are good many parents have a similar picture of their kids like the one on the left, but we’d really love to see more of the recreated ones too.

Best Friends, Best Pose

Keeping in touch with your best friends from early childhood is way more complicated than it sounds. No matter how much we’d love to see all those besties regularly, adulthood (along with everything else that it brings) usually sets its own priorities.

That’s why this particular image of these two guys and the recreated photo from their childhood is so amazing and touching. Looks like many things have changed there, but not their friendship.

Same Boy, No More Wall

Although the person in this recreated photo truly deserves some applause for replicating this scene from his childhood. From copying almost every detail of his outfit to striking precisely the same pose, it’s hard to say that nothing has changed there when in fact the whole world has become a different place in the time the two photos were taken.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, where this picture was taken, and the reunification of Western and Eastern Germany, nothing remained the same.

Kicking the Ball Around, Six Decades Apart

It is quite true that time changes many things, but not everything. Love, appreciation and respect between this father and son duo have obviously remained the same: Strong, unconditional and timeless.

The first image on the left shows a young father and his little boy standing in front of their home. Sixty years later the two of them recreated that ordinary day, turning it into an unforgettable and extraordinary moment in their lives.

A Headlock From History

It doesn’t take more than a glance at the photo on the left to see how special that day was for a boy who got the chance to meet his hero, the mighty Hulk Hogan! We can only imagine his excitement when Hogan got him in a potentially sweaty headlock.

Ten years later, the same thing happened again, and we certain that Hulk Hogan himself and all of the wrestling fans across the globe love this childhood recreation photo!

The Outfit That Speaks for Itself

There’s hardly a person who doesn’t have at least one photo from their childhood wearing something utterly ridiculous and funny, but this one here truly raises the bar. There is not one but three lovely boys in hilarious plaid pants posing for this family photo.

Some twenty plus years later, the brothers have decided to do it again. We’d bet good money that both photos are now on the fireplace in their parent’s house.

Big Boots to Fill

This is definitely a girl with an attitude. If she doesn’t know what she wants, then she certainly knows what she doesn’t want, in case her facial expression isn’t conveying that message clearly enough for you.

Apparently what she wanted when the original pic was snapped was to be in her dad’s work boots. years later, there she is, with the same boots but a much better fit. The amazing thing is, she has the same energy as when she was a child, and we absolutely love it!

Basket Babies

Nothing melts hearts quicker than a baby’s giggle, and this little one on the left looks like someone who was easy to entertain; all that was needed for a good laugh at the time was a laundry basket and a mom to rock it.

Some twenty years later, this lovely baby has grown into a beautiful young woman, who has not only kept her beautiful smile and cheerful nature but still doesn’t mind sitting in a basket.

Bowled Over by This Photo?

Same place, same time on a clock, an almost identical kitchen setting and a boy who hasn’t forgotten how much fun he had sitting in a mixing bowl while his mommy was making dinner or baking cookies for her beloved son.

About two decades later, it seems that not much has changed except his size. Judging by the look on his face, the feeling of happiness and joy is definitely the same, even though he has outgrown the bowl.

When Little Brother Becomes the Biggest Brother

Every family has at least one particular vacation or a special trip that never fails to get mentioned when they all get together for holidays. Everyone is happy to recall the funny episodes and recall the best moments, especially those captured on film.

These three boys have definitely enjoyed their trip to the capital and decided to do it again. They even got themselves similar outfits to recreate one of the best day of their childhood.

Is Everyone's Insurance Up-to-Date?

This yoga mom and her kids, then and now (with a time difference of at least twenty years or so), is without a doubt one of the best-recreated childhood photos we’ve seen for quite some time. The incredible energy and joy that shines out from both of these photos is absolutely fantastic.

It seems that this family has always known how to enjoy their time together and never had a dull moment when everyone is around.

Speedos Never Go Out of Style

Popeye the Sailor Man must have been this little boy’s favorite childhood hero and spinach his favorite food for bulking up those muscles he obviously loved showing off to the world.

Some twenty years later everything seems pretty much the same, with the exception of the size of the boy. We bet he still enjoys spending time by the river whenever he can, playing Popeye in his thoughts and hoping that someone out there will make some spinach pie.

Family History

Nothing reflects the passing of time better than family photos. These four siblings (and their parents who took the first photo) must have had that in mind when they decided to recreate the original image not once, but twice!

With almost a half-century between the first and the last picture, they still look very close and full of love for one another. A few wrinkles and some gray hair doesn’t mean a thing.

Puppy/Doggy Love

There’s a good reason why people say that a dog is man’s best friend, but if you doubt that just take a good look at this photo and your skepticism will be gone. Nothing can really beat the loyalty and unconditional affection of our four-legged friends. They are simply the best.

When these two met some ten years ago, it must have been love at first sight for both of them, and we’re more than pleased to see that their bond is still strong.

The Beardo Brothers

It doesn’t take much to see that these three are not only brothers but the best of friends ever since they were just little kids.

Surely some things had changed in their lives from the time when the first photo was taken. Maybe they went to college or even started their own families, but still, deep inside, they have all remained the same: Three lovely boys who will always care and be there for each other… and their facial hair.