Beautiful Wood Masterpieces Guaranteed to Impress

By acakic - November 27, 2016
Credits: Don't let the fact that the chain still has to be made of metal take away from aesthetic qualities of this two-wheeled masterpiece.

Fully Functioning Vespa Scooter

Credits: Carlos Alberto named his Vespa make-over project Daniela after his daughter.

There’s a blurred line between craftsmanship and art, and these two domains of human creativity often overlap. That doesn’t mean that all of the craftsmen are necessarily artists in the traditional sense, but what they construct can still be stunning on a variety of levels.

Take this wooden Vespa created by Portuguese craftsman Carlos Alberto for example. Its design is so refined and harmonic that it could easily find a place in an art gallery as the meticulously designed sculpture that it is, even though it’s also a fully functioning scooter.

Source: Wooden Vespa Is Dining Room Furniture You Can Die On

The 'Lord of the Rings' Table

Credits: Whether or not it was intended, this looks like you could be eating dinner of the head of an ent.

To make such an unusual object full of subtle details and textures like the one we can see in this photo takes more than just an extraordinary skill set. One must put lots of love and passionate commitment into the work to construct something like this.

This carved creation, often seen referred to online as the ‘Lord of the Rings’ table, is obviously a product of outstanding imagination deeply rooted in mythology and folklore combined with spectacular craftsmanship — pretty rare in these modern times marked by mass production of anything and everything.

Source: Great Designs In Wood (66) – Fabulous Furniture

Handcrafted Bathtub

Credits: Building this would be one thing, installing it is another chapter altogether.

You might be surprised to see what different objects can be made out of wood and still be fully operational and practical.

This fantastic wooden bathtub is definitely not something you would see every day (unless you’re one of those lucky people who actually own one), but it is something that used to be a common household item in the past.

The wooden bathtubs our great-grandparents had were much more modest, but this modern take on carries with it an artistic sense of nostalgia.

Spiralling Tree Stairs

Credits: They don't lead to a crudely made treehouse, but these stairs are still worth the climb.

The warmth and coziness that wood can bring to a living space cannot be compared with anything else. The nobility of natural wood and its natural beauty helps to enrich every space, providing it unique comfort combined with a sense of joy and happiness.

Just take a look at this staircase. It is simply magnificent. Even if we put aside our aesthetic preferences, these wooden stairs are remarkable in every way from a production standpoint.

Horse-Themed Carved Bed

Credits: This is something you won't see coming off a production line any time soon.

True craftsmen have become a rare breed and a challenge to find, one of the many reasons why those who are still productive are so culturally precious. No matter what they do, their passion, dedication, endurance and love of their medium helps inspire us all.

We cannot help but wonder how long it takes to handcraft something like this horse-themed wooden bed. How much energy and devotion is needed to a piece of art such as this?

Lazer-Cut Bicycle

Credits: Don't let the fact that the chain still has to be made of metal take away from aesthetic qualities of this two-wheeled masterpiece.

Wood as a sculpting material is much more diverse than some people give it credit for. Although it may not seem so, wood actually provides a wide range of possibilities, from the obvious construction of houses and buildings to crafting much smaller but equally impressive objects — like a bicycle, for example.

Combining old-school skills and modern tools, such as wood laser cutters, nowadays artisans are taking forward steps and offering the world a new perspective on older styles combined with newer trends.

A Work of Art You Can Sleep In

Credits: This small cabin would provide anyone a stay to remember.

As much love as we give to the trees, they will always find a way to give us back more.

From the oxygen that keeps us alive to the shelters we call our homes, and all the way to the art that feeds our souls, trees always provide us with an all-natural pick-me-up we all benefit from.

Imagine how fantastic it would be to spend some time in a cabin like this?

A Giant Statue Honoring the Past

Credits: The size alone makes this quite the accomplishment, and the chainsaw is an added bonus.

Wood carving has a long and deep tradition across generations, and each and every attempt to preserve it is worth our attention and support. Even chainsaws have found their place in the carving community, as showcased here by artist Brian Ruth.

Regardless of whether the people who engage themselves in wood carving are educated artists or self-taught masters of the craft, their work is equally important for keeping tradition and the spirits of the past alive for the future generations yet to come.

The Sheer Size of Nature

Credits: The remarkable thing here is just how little had to be done to this.

Just as sometimes it seems more appropriate to let an image speak for itself, leaving a piece of wood to be what it is with only minimal additions and upgrades can be an excellent choice.

This large table we see in this photo is probably the best example of how a truly brilliant artist uses what’s already there in nature and with just a few subtle changes transforms it into an entirely new object that is not only useful but above all, beautiful.

A View of the Stars

Credits: It's a building that would leave anyone breathless.

This wooden yurt is absolutely breathtaking. It represents a perfect combination of imagination and creativity, artistry and superb craftsmanship, with a dash of dreaminess that transports everyone into a whole new dimension of surreal reality and time.

You don’t have to be a devotee of epic fantasy tales to appreciate the other-world quality of this structure, even if it does look like it’s something right out of a book.

An Urban Arch

Credits: Wouldn't it be an honor just to be able to walk through this?

This carved wooden arch is more reminiscent of a passage to a new dimension of spiritual enlightenment than a gateway to something from this world. It is evident that the artist was strongly inspired to showcase the beauty of nature within the confines of an urban setting.

Just take a look at how many incredible details there are on this arch. From the fur and feathers of the animals to every floral element, they all stand together in this amazing harmonious statement made of wood.