Amazing Displays of Street Art From Around the World

These works of unbelievable and always original street art help prove there’s more to graffiti than simply tagging a building. More

Look at those eyes and tell us you're not feeling just a little guilty for not recycling that Coke bottle you tossed in the trash years ago.


London’s ‘Mysterious Cave’

It’s hard not to feel like you’re about to ge spelunking looking at this. Image: Edgar Mueller

For a very long time, graffiti was considered nothing more than scribbles on walls and/or an act of vandalism, but slowly it’s become recognized as a legitimate expression of creative endeavors.

Just take a look at this striking 3D street painting by Edgar Mueller and you will understand why.

This artist is famous for his powerful optical illusions painted in public spaces where random passers-by can directly experience his art and become part of it.

This particular street painting belongs to a series of work Mueller did all over Europe. It is called Mysterious Cave, and it was completed in London, England. in March 2011.

Source: Amazing 3D Street Art Illusions by Edgar Mueller

The Rainbow Neighborhood

What happens when you bring artistic youth and the community together. Image: German Crew

The growing scene of street artists has a powerful influence on many communities all over the world, but this one here is probably the most impressive one we’ve seen so far.

This image shows the outstanding work of Mexican street art group/youth organization known as the ‘German Crew’.

The artists were asked by local government officials to paint an entire neighborhood in Pachuca’s Las Palmitas and this is what they came up with; an enormous rainbow of colorful stripes spread over 19,974 square meters (215,000 square feet) of walls on 209 houses.

This artistic intervention has not only changed the look of the area but influenced the lives of its residents and transformed the community.

Source: Street Art Group Transforms Mexico Community With Brilliant Rainbow Mural

Vinie Graffiti’s All-Natural Images

Graffiti is making her mark in the street art world. Image: Vinie Graffiti

The French street artist known as Vinie Graffiti brings something entirely new and fresh into the world of street art.

She is well-known for her gigantic portraits of women that that are impossible to miss wherever they emerge.

Her work seems to be dominantly inspired by manga illustration, but with a new approach.

She sometimes incorporates already existing elements of public spaces into her artwork, just like this image shows.

This picture of a curled up girl with the luscious green hair is probably one of the best-known works of this fantastic French artist, who recently started to experiment with sculptures, too.

Source: Graffiti Artist Creates Graphic Murals of Women With Stylized Hair

Poland’s Flower Girl

Every tree needs to be watered… Image: Natalia Rak

Natalia Rak is a Polish street artist whose work has surpassed the borders of her own country and became known all over Europe.

After specializing in graphic arts at the University of Lodz, Natalia devoted herself to creating original street art.

Since then she’s been working in various European cities, painting impressive and colorful murals with amazing strength and power to transform the energy of entire neighborhoods.

One of her most famous works shows is of a young girl watering a tree, pictured here.

This piece of art was created during the Folk On The Street Festival in Bialystok, Poland in 2013.

Source2: Natalia Rak New Mural For Folk On The Street – Białystok, Poland,  Street art – Natalia Rak

Buildings That Spring to Life

Walls – any walls – were made to be painted. Image: Seth Globepainter

Julien Malland, who operates under the alias of Seth Globepainter, is another Frech street artist with an amazing gift to transform rather dull public spaces into something new and exciting.

His specialty is enormous murals that usually take over the entire outer walls of multi-story houses and buildings.

The majority of his work shows children painted in his multicolor techniques with strong cultural, social and even political messages.

His aim seems to be not only to influence the spaces but the communities who live there. His work can be seen in many countries around the world, from India to Mexico.

Source: French Street Artist Transforms Boring Buildings Around The World Into Works Of Art

The Melted Brilliance of ‘Hot With The Chance Of A Late Storm’

Ice cream, anyone? Image: James Dive

This artwork is another example of how genius and witty street art can be.

It shows a melting ice cream truck with funny captions and great graphic design and is called, ‘Hot With The Chance Of A Late Storm.’

This piece was created by James Dive for the 10th annual Sculpture By The Sea exhibition back in 2006 and quickly became one of the landmarks of Sydney’s Tamarama Beach.

But this melting ice-cream truck is much more than a just fun, amusing and great looking sculpture. It is also the artist’s comment on global warming issues with the strong message to all of us.

Source: Hot With The Chance of a Late Storm

Art That Changes With the Seasons

“It takes forever sometimes for my hair to bloom.” Image: Tetiroelcuer

One of the most inspiring forms of street art combines organic elements of urban areas with creative illustrations.

These can transform streets into art galleries whose exhibitions are changed not by the replacement of the artifacts but by the changing of the seasons.

The Brazilian artist Robson Melancia is the creator of this particular work that can be seen in Dois Córregos, a municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil.

It shows a girl with wild and playful hair made of a branched crown of a beautiful tree that grows behind the wall she was painted on.

Her lovely face is distinguished by the big eyes curious and slightly open lips, but the strength of her character undoubtedly lies in the leaves and flowers of the ever-changing tree.

Source: 10+ Amazing Street Art Installations That Cleverly Interact With Nature

Superheroes to the Rescue

Who wouldn’t want to be rescued by a superhero when there’s no risk involved?

Most of the street artists do seem like real superheroes of contemporary art with their revolutionary ways of presenting their work, but some of them actually use superheroes as inspiration and themes for their paintings.

One of them is a renowned pioneer of street art and 3D chalk painter Julian Beever, as you’ve already learned of earlier.

Beever is famous for creating outstanding optical illusions with a great sense of humor, just like this one.

It depicts Batman and Robin in action, rescuing anyone who wants to become a part of this phenomenal work by standing on the window outside of a burning apartment.

Source: More chalk drawings from Julian Beever

The All-Seeing Eye Sees You

My Dog Sighs has attained a global audience for his work.

What exactly is this picture trying to say about the person looking at it?

England-based artist My Dog Sighs would be the one you’d have to ask that question to for an official answer, but that reflection in the eye is definitely attempting to make a statement.

My Dog Sighs is renowned for his ability to turn anything he stumbles across into art of some form or another, including empty cans.

Unlike some of his peers, My Dog Sighs’ work is often a little more subtle, requiring some extra time on the viewers part to fully absorb what it is they’re looking at.

Source: My Dog Sighs

Anamorphic Street Art

The artist responsible for this street ball is nicknamed ‘the Grease,’ so you know it’s good. Image: Greg ‘the Grease’ Lehman

The anamorphic 3D painting technique is one of the most stunning street art styles that has emerged in the second part of the first decade of the 21st century.

This innovative approach uses perspective to create totally incredible optical illusions.

The photo we have here is a perfect example of how unbelievably real a painting on the street can appear when seen from a certain angle.

This artwork looks so realistic that it can easily be mistaken for a real basketball lying in the middle of the street just waiting to be picked up for a game of hoops.

Source: Mighty Optical Illusions