Amazing Displays of Street Art From Around the World

By Robin Mei - October 22, 2018
Credits: Look at those eyes and tell us you're not feeling just a little guilty for not recycling that Coke bottle you tossed in the trash years ago.


London's 'Mysterious Cave'

Credits: It's hard not to feel like you're about to ge spelunking looking at this. Image: Edgar Mueller

For a very long time, graffiti was considered nothing more than scribbles on walls and/or an act of vandalism, but slowly it’s become recognized as a legitimate expression of creative endeavors.

Just take a look at this striking 3D street painting by Edgar Mueller and you will understand why.

This artist is famous for his powerful optical illusions painted in public spaces where random passers-by can directly experience his art and become part of it.

This particular street painting belongs to a series of work Mueller did all over Europe. It is called Mysterious Cave, and it was completed in London, England. in March 2011.

Source: Amazing 3D Street Art Illusions by Edgar Mueller

The Rainbow Neighborhood

Credits: What happens when you bring artistic youth and the community together. Image: German Crew

The growing scene of street artists has a powerful influence on many communities all over the world, but this one here is probably the most impressive one we’ve seen so far.

This image shows the outstanding work of Mexican street art group/youth organization known as the ‘German Crew’.

The artists were asked by local government officials to paint an entire neighborhood in Pachuca’s Las Palmitas and this is what they came up with; an enormous rainbow of colorful stripes spread over 19,974 square meters (215,000 square feet) of walls on 209 houses.

This artistic intervention has not only changed the look of the area but influenced the lives of its residents and transformed the community.

Source: Street Art Group Transforms Mexico Community With Brilliant Rainbow Mural

Vinie Graffiti's All-Natural Images

Credits: Graffiti is making her mark in the street art world. Image: Vinie Graffiti

The French street artist known as Vinie Graffiti brings something entirely new and fresh into the world of street art.

She is well-known for her gigantic portraits of women that that are impossible to miss wherever they emerge.

Her work seems to be dominantly inspired by manga illustration, but with a new approach.

She sometimes incorporates already existing elements of public spaces into her artwork, just like this image shows.

This picture of a curled up girl with the luscious green hair is probably one of the best-known works of this fantastic French artist, who recently started to experiment with sculptures, too.

Source: Graffiti Artist Creates Graphic Murals of Women With Stylized Hair

Poland's Flower Girl

Credits: Every tree needs to be watered... Image: Natalia Rak

Natalia Rak is a Polish street artist whose work has surpassed the borders of her own country and became known all over Europe.

After specializing in graphic arts at the University of Lodz, Natalia devoted herself to creating original street art.

Since then she’s been working in various European cities, painting impressive and colorful murals with amazing strength and power to transform the energy of entire neighborhoods.

One of her most famous works shows is of a young girl watering a tree, pictured here.

This piece of art was created during the Folk On The Street Festival in Bialystok, Poland in 2013.

Source2: Natalia Rak New Mural For Folk On The Street – Białystok, Poland,  Street art – Natalia Rak

Buildings That Spring to Life

Credits: Walls - any walls - were made to be painted. Image: Seth Globepainter

Julien Malland, who operates under the alias of Seth Globepainter, is another Frech street artist with an amazing gift to transform rather dull public spaces into something new and exciting.

His specialty is enormous murals that usually take over the entire outer walls of multi-story houses and buildings.

The majority of his work shows children painted in his multicolor techniques with strong cultural, social and even political messages.

His aim seems to be not only to influence the spaces but the communities who live there. His work can be seen in many countries around the world, from India to Mexico.

Source: French Street Artist Transforms Boring Buildings Around The World Into Works Of Art

The Melted Brilliance of 'Hot With The Chance Of A Late Storm'

Credits: Ice cream, anyone? Image: James Dive

This artwork is another example of how genius and witty street art can be.

It shows a melting ice cream truck with funny captions and great graphic design and is called, ‘Hot With The Chance Of A Late Storm.’

This piece was created by James Dive for the 10th annual Sculpture By The Sea exhibition back in 2006 and quickly became one of the landmarks of Sydney’s Tamarama Beach.

But this melting ice-cream truck is much more than a just fun, amusing and great looking sculpture. It is also the artist’s comment on global warming issues with the strong message to all of us.

Source: Hot With The Chance of a Late Storm

Art That Changes With the Seasons

Credits: "It takes forever sometimes for my hair to bloom." Image: Tetiroelcuer

One of the most inspiring forms of street art combines organic elements of urban areas with creative illustrations.

These can transform streets into art galleries whose exhibitions are changed not by the replacement of the artifacts but by the changing of the seasons.

The Brazilian artist Robson Melancia is the creator of this particular work that can be seen in Dois Córregos, a municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil.

It shows a girl with wild and playful hair made of a branched crown of a beautiful tree that grows behind the wall she was painted on.

Her lovely face is distinguished by the big eyes curious and slightly open lips, but the strength of her character undoubtedly lies in the leaves and flowers of the ever-changing tree.

Source: 10+ Amazing Street Art Installations That Cleverly Interact With Nature

Superheroes to the Rescue

Credits: Who wouldn't want to be rescued by a superhero when there's no risk involved?

Most of the street artists do seem like real superheroes of contemporary art with their revolutionary ways of presenting their work, but some of them actually use superheroes as inspiration and themes for their paintings.

One of them is a renowned pioneer of street art and 3D chalk painter Julian Beever, as you’ve already learned of earlier.

Beever is famous for creating outstanding optical illusions with a great sense of humor, just like this one.

It depicts Batman and Robin in action, rescuing anyone who wants to become a part of this phenomenal work by standing on the window outside of a burning apartment.

Source: More chalk drawings from Julian Beever

The All-Seeing Eye Sees You

Credits: My Dog Sighs has attained a global audience for his work.

What exactly is this picture trying to say about the person looking at it?

England-based artist My Dog Sighs would be the one you’d have to ask that question to for an official answer, but that reflection in the eye is definitely attempting to make a statement.

My Dog Sighs is renowned for his ability to turn anything he stumbles across into art of some form or another, including empty cans.

Unlike some of his peers, My Dog Sighs’ work is often a little more subtle, requiring some extra time on the viewers part to fully absorb what it is they’re looking at.

Source: My Dog Sighs

Anamorphic Street Art

Credits: The artist responsible for this street ball is nicknamed 'the Grease,' so you know it's good. Image: Greg 'the Grease' Lehman

The anamorphic 3D painting technique is one of the most stunning street art styles that has emerged in the second part of the first decade of the 21st century.

This innovative approach uses perspective to create totally incredible optical illusions.

The photo we have here is a perfect example of how unbelievably real a painting on the street can appear when seen from a certain angle.

This artwork looks so realistic that it can easily be mistaken for a real basketball lying in the middle of the street just waiting to be picked up for a game of hoops.

Source: Mighty Optical Illusions

'Behind Closed Doors'

Credits: D*Face is all about going big.

Dean Stockton is a London-based artist who works under the alias of D*Face.

His work is inspired by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein and his unique approach to visual arts, but D*Face’s style is also very much rooted in the things he loved as a child — from exciting skate graphics to cartoons and album cover art.

One of his most famous work is a mural called Behind Closed Doors.

This colossal artwork is done in Las Vegas, on the side of the Plaza Hotel.

The painting stretches across three differently positioned parts of the hotel, and creates a depth effect for the viewers and emphasizes the tension of this horror-themed painting.

Source: D*Face Unveils Latest Las Vegas Downtown Art

Dandelions as Art

Credits: You don't always have to big to get noticed.

Street art comes in many different forms and styles.

Some of the best-known works are gigantic, covering entire buildings and massive walls, but there are also small and often hidden ones that can easily go unnoticed.

But being small doesn’t mean they are not worth some attention and public acknowledgment.

Take a look at this photo and you’ll see how a little creativity can transform something quite ordinary into something absolutely extraordinary.

This picture shows a mature dandelion flower that grows next to a wall and looks like a million other dandelions all over the world.

With a rope stanchion in front of it and a small note, it becomes a piece of (street) art with a great sense of humor.

Bringing a Neighborhood Back to Life

Credits: Artist Kbça gets creative in Brazil. Image: StepArt

This image shows another masterpiece of a street art installation that interreacts with nature.

This graffiti was done by Brazilian street artist Moises Jesus da Silva, who works under the name of Kbça.

It’s located in the neighborhood of Santo Amaro, in the Central Area of RecifeSanto Amaro, Bahia, Brazil.

The work was commissioned by journalist Ed Ruas, who lives in the house behind the wall. The objective of this project was to revitalize a rather gloomy and colorless neighborhood into a vivid sight of colors and joy.

The image portrays a woman with a beautiful ethnic element and powerful energy that grows from the tree and is cast onto the street surrounding her.

Source: In Recife, graffiti calls attention to connect art to nature

History in Color

Credits: Photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt's V-J Day in Times Square inspired this wall art. Image: Elvert Barnes / Flickr

V-J Day in Times Square is one of the most memorable photos taken in New York City.

It was snapped by Alfred Eisenstaedt in New York City and portrays a U.S. Navy sailor kissing a woman in a white dress to celebrate the Allied victory over Japan on August 14, 1945.

This photo was also an inspiration of another fascination street artwork that adorns one of the walls of New York’s High Line.

This mural was done by the Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra, who is famous for his usages of vibrant colors and strong lines in the form of kaleidoscope-like illustrations.

Sources: Before And After Photos Show The Power Of Art To Transform Boring Buildings, Eduardo Kobra, The Story Behind the Iconic WWII Kissing Photo

3D and Interactive Street Art

Credits: You may be tempted to dive in, but please don't. Image: Tracy Lee Stum

The next fascinating artist in this article dedicated to street art is Tracy Lee Stum.

She is a globally-known American street painter whose work involves some of the most spectacular, interactive 3d chalk art street paintings ever seen.

Stum began street painting in 1998 and has not stopped working since.

She even holds a Guinness World Record for the largest street painting by an individual, which was set in 2006.

This photo shows one of her work, made in a single day at the School of Fine Art in Calcutta, India, but her breathtaking paintings can be seen in all parts of the world, from China to Mexico.

Sources: Tracy Lee Stum, Tracy Lee Stum’s spectacular 3D street art

Whitewater Rafting in the City

Credits: Beever's Crazy River comes complete with a crocodile observing the goings-on. Image: Julian Beever

The Crazy River is another example of mind-blowing street artwork done with chalk that transforms a 2-dimensional surface into a 3-dimensional white waters rafting adventure.

This piece was done by Julian Beever, a world famous British artist who’s specialized in anamorphosis technique and optical illusions.

Beever is not only an outstanding painter but also an artist who knows how to engage the public.

Each of his works interacts with the people who come and go but for at least a brief period of time get sucked into imaginative worlds of impossible situations and surreal places.

This one takes its viewers on an unforgettable adventure of whitewater rafting over challenging water slopes, complete with a crocodile lurking in the river.

Source: Man Takes Street Art To A Whole New Level With His Optical Illusions

Manfred Stader's Interactive 'Nails'

Credits: It's all the fun of lying on nails without the actual lying on nails part of the equation. Image: Manfred Stader

Manfred Stader is yet another artist who creates astonishing street paintings and pavement art all over the world.

He is especially known for his waterfalls, but his outstanding portfolio also includes other pieces of 3D optical illusions such as the one featured here.

This work, known as Nails, refers to an old exotic skill of lying on nails and shows an old man, master of this ancient technique, casually leaning on a bed of nails inviting the viewers to join him with a welcoming hand gesture.

The good news is, everyone who decides to accept his offer can take an amazing selfie there, but without feeling any nail bed discomfort.

Source: Manfred Stader 3D Street Artist

Horses on the Street

Credits: "Art is how the universe expresses its creativity through human beings." Image: Kurt Wenner

Kurt Wenner is an American artist who is considered an originator of 3-D pavement art.

His work combines the tradition of European classicism with new media, creating something truly phenomenal in the process.

Just like many of his followers and peers who dedicate their lives to 3D street art, he uses chalk to draw absolutely mesmerizing illustrations of both classical and contemporary scenes.

One of his favorite subjects is horses. They can be found in many of his works, but the one we have here is perhaps the most striking.

Wenner’s motto, “Art is how the universe expresses its creativity through human beings.” is really inspiring, but it seems that this artist is actually living it.

Source: Kurt Wenner

'The Relaxing Giant'

Credits: Kurt Wenner, a modern day Renaissance man. Image: Kurt Wenner

Kurt Wenner’s Relaxing Giant is probably the best example why this street artist deserves to be named a Renaissance man of the 21st century.

His art brings classical themes to modern times but in an innovative way.

It is evident that Wenner finds his inspiration in the work of Italian artists from the Renaissance period, but the techniques and perspectives that he uses were absolutely groundbreaking when first introduced back in the mid-1980s.

The Relaxing Giant was painted for the Scottsdale Art Festival in Scottsdale, Arizona, and it represents one of the street art’s best works ever made.

Source: Chalk Art Is Here To Stay!

'Big Raccoon'

Credits: Look at those eyes and tell us you're not feeling just a little guilty for not recycling that Coke bottle you tossed in the trash years ago.

Another super creative artist that deserves your attention is known as Bordalo II.

He is a Portuguese street artist who is best known as the creator of a series of works called “Trash Animals.”

The idea behind this project is to raise awareness of ecological issues, particularly those relating to waste and garbage.

This image shows a huge mural, or better said installation, Bordalo II made in Belem, one of Lisbon’s municipality.

It is called “Big Racoon,” and it is not only impressive in its appearance but it also brings this critical message on how harmful and destructive human behavior can be to nature.

Source: Bordalo II creates “Big Racoon”, a stunning street installation in Belem, Portugal

Street Art as Advertising

Credits: Ice Cold Bottle of Grant’s. Image: Manfred Stader

Another famous work by the world-recognized street artist Manfred Stader is known as Ice Cold Bottle of Grant’s.

This work, just like many others in his opus of 3D optical illusion drawings, was commissioned by the brand, but it is still a masterpiece in this branch of art.

It shows a bottle of Grant’s whiskey immersed in an ice hole with the “Try A Different Angle” message, but at the same time suggests the best way on how to serve it (ice-cold, of course).

As one of the pioneers of pavement art, Stader has built a reputation of an undisputed artist of this “trade” and earned the title of Master Madonnaro, the world’s most significant recognition a street artist can receive.

Source: 3D Street Art Manfred Stader

Being Handed the Audio

Credits: Even if you weren't there when cassettes were a thing, this is still cool to look at. Image: Manfred Stader

Once so much appreciated if not even adored, audio cassettes are now pretty much a forgotten format which can be found either on the shelves of hardcore music lovers and collectors or in the modern artworks such as this one.

This image presents another striking work of Master Madonnaro Manfred Stader.

It’s a 3D street painting done at Cologne Trade Fair and it shows a hand that breaks through the concrete with an audio tape in it.

The interpretations of this work’s meaning can be various and diverse, but one thing is sure — this piece of art is the absolute perfection of the technique known as anamorphic painting.

Source: 3D Street Painting Cologne Trade Fair

Combing the Tree

Credits: Want to see this in person? Buy a plane ticket to the French Caribbean island of Martinique. Image: Nuxuno Xan

Nuxuno Xän is another witty street artist who loves to incorporate already existing elements of the places he works at into his designs.

This photo shows one of his best-known works — a man who is picking at his Afro hair with a big comb.

The man’s face is painted on a wall, but his hair is made of the treetop that rises behind it.

This great technique is not just fun but truly brilliant as it makes this artwork alive and continuously changing.

Nuxuno Xän’s works can be seen in the French Caribbean island of Martinique, and this particular one is located in Fort-de-France, the capital of the island.

Source: Combing My Afro By Nuxuno Xän @Nuxuno

Bird Breaks the Chain

Credits: With claws like this, be careful of where this bird plans on flying. Image: DELeast

Many street artists prefer to let their work speak for itself rather than impose a perspective on it.

Some of them go even further than that and work exclusively under aliases, protecting their true identities from the public.

One of those artists is known only as DALeast. However, his work is so original that it’s always clear who stands behind it.

DALeast, a China-born artist, works all over the world and prefers using big surfaces for his stunning 3D drawings.

This one we have here is found in Dunedin, New Zealand. It shows an enormous bird who breaks its chains and flies away.

Source: Artist’s flight of fancy

Going Up?

Credits: Finally — an escalator safe to sit on. Image: Manfred Stader

Another excellent example of street artwork created Manfred Stader is The Escalator.

It is located in Swire Island East, one of Hong Kong’s business districts, and it’s definitely the coolest place in the area to take a photo when in the city.

This work shows an escalator coming from the underground, and it looks so realistic that one can easily mistake it for an actual moving staircase.

The only trick is to look at it from the right angle. This escalator painting is done in Stader’s classical 3D technique that uses optical illusions to create depth and effect of the third dimension.

Source: 3-D asphalt painting by Manfred Stader

'Day of Wrath'

Credits: Fantastic images with a deeper meaning. Image: Kurt Wenner

The next incredible example of street art we have in this collection is widely known as Hole, also done by Kurt Wenner.

Its original, much more frightening-sounding name was Dies Irae, which means Day of Wrath.

The inspiration for this image was taken from the Latin hymn of the same name and is best known as a sequence in the Requiem or the Mass for the Dead.

This vast three-dimensional image was completed in Mantua, Italy, and it shows an apocalyptic scene of destruction and suffering known as the day of wrath and doom impending.

Frightening and fascinating at the same time, don’t you think?

Sources: 3D Pavement Illusions By Kurt Wenner, Dies Irae

The Montreal Mural

Credits: The sexes collide in this building mural. Image: Seth Globepainter

The distinctive character of Seth GlobePainter’s work is easily recognizable on this mural completed in 2015 Montreal.

This French-Canadian artist is best known for painting children on huge walls.

He often tends to incorporate the preexisting elements of the facades he uses as his canvas as well as other parts of the given surroundings, such as windows or bricks.

This particular work shows two children, a girl and a boy, running into each other. Their profiles are cut off by the line that separates two segments of the building, but also joined at the same time.

The background is mirrored and the movement is accentuated with the creative use of bricks.

Source: Seth GlobePainter creates a new mural in Montreal, Canada

3D Parking Lot Tribulations

Credits: Do you remember where we parked? Image: Manfred Stader

“Be careful where you park your car” is both a fun and useful message from Master Madonnaro Manfred Stader.

This incredibly creative artist never fails to make not only convincing visual illusions but also a statement or even a direct message to his public, always with a healthy dose of humor.

Here we have one of his well-known works done, where else, but on a parking lot!

It shows two cars crashed one on top of the other on a cracked-like surface.

His incredible mastery in amorphous 3D drawing results in yet another mind-blowing artwork that is impossible to miss.

Source: 50 Absolutely Stunning 3D Street Art (Paintings)

Little Man on Car

Credits: This little painted guy makes real people want to buy cars. Image: Manfred Stader

Street art is not only a progressive form of visual that illuminates the avenues of many different cities and sometimes even whole communities within them, but is often used as applied art in the advertising industry.

Some of the best-known artists in this field get commissioned by the brands to contribute in their campaigns with their fresh ideas and a new approach that attracts people’s attention.

This image shows Manfred Stader’s work done for Smart, well-known German car brand, and their Smart Forfour city car model.

This outdoor advert is not only a very smart choice for Smart but also another superb piece of 3D art on the pavement.

Source: Smart Outdoor Smart ForFour: The Creation

Painted Paint for Sale

Credits: Does this make you want to go out and buy a can of paint? Image: Manfred Stader

One more outstanding example of how brands use street art as their tool for promoting a certain product or raising brand awareness can be seen in another of the works of Manfred Stader.

This one was created for Asian Paints Ltd, a paint company from Mumbai, India.

The brand itself and the artist’s creative expression make the perfect combination in this case.

Stader’s affection for vibrant colors and the company’s portfolio seem like a perfect match for this attention-grabbing campaign.

The oversized tin of pouring bright orange color that flows into this large crack is a striking view that cannot be quickly forgotten.

Source: Amazing Examples of 3D Street Painting

The Message Remains When the Image Goes Away

Credits: This piece commemorated the events on the beaches of Normandy.

One of the most impactful works of what is considered a piece of temporary art forms rather than usual street art is an exceptional work of two men, Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss, created for International Peace Day in 2013.

These two British artists designed and built this breathtaking composition of 9,000 fallen soldier silhouettes on the beaches of Normandy and let the tide wash it all away.

This would’ve been impossible to create without enormous help from 60 volunteers and hundreds of locals who joined in this unique venture of engaged art, social activism and recollection of history.

Source: 9,000 Sand Sketches Take Over Normandy Beach

'1000 Shadows'

Credits: This one is slightly spooky and very deep with its message. Image: Herbert Baglione

Abandoned places and hidden locations are the perfect sites for hosting avant-garde art.

Herbert Baglione is one of the artists who like to explore and exploit (in the most positive way) the potentials of such places.

This photo shows a detail from one of his projects known as 1000 Shadows.

This Brazilian street artist has chosen a deserted psychiatric venue in Parma, Italy, to be his studio and a place of artistic research of the human mind and its troubles.

The result is sublimated into many shadows painted on the hospital’s walls and floors, often combined with scattered objects and old medical equipment.

Source: Painted Shadows in an Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital

Metal Origami and the Environment

Credits: Does the message here resonate with you?

Mademoiselle Maurice is a multidisciplinary French artist whose work is characterized by the use of mixed media, plenty of materials and rainbow-hued colors.

Each and every piece she makes delivers a powerful statement on human behavior and its impact on the environment, and, at the same time, raises many questions.

This image shows a piece she created for the opening of Berlin’s Urban Nation contemporary art museum.

This installation represents a flock of black and dark-grey birds made in a 3D metal origami technique contrasted with bright colored rainbow and a painting of a bluebird that flies above it.

Sources: Street art: 43 incredible examples to inspire you, Mademoiselle Maurice

Street Stenciled

Credits: Cardboard stencils and spray paint combine to create this 'graffiti.'

C215 is the famous alias that Christian Guémy uses to sign his art.

Like many other of his peers, Guémy creates all over the world and his remarkable works can be seen in cities from New Delhi to New York.

This talented street artist uses stencils as his primary technique to depict local people and traditions of the countries he works in, just like this photo shows.

Often he prefers to highlight marginalized groups such as refugees and other underprivileged communities.

His “canvas” is not only public walls but also trash bins, mailboxes and other less used objects in the world of street art.

Source: Street Art of Christian Guémy AKA C215 

The Wall of David

Credits: Behold, the work of Eduardo Kobra.

Paying homage to classical art is not such a rare thing when it comes to street artists and their work as one might think.

Some of this artwork is just as great and epic as the originals, but the one we have here goes beyond that.

It’s one of the largest ever made and it’s simply ground-breaking.

This image shows the portrait of David done by Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra. This colossal graffiti work is located at Cava di Gioia in Carrara, Italy, and represents Kobra’s tribute to Michelangelo’s masterpiece – the statue of David.

Kobra uses colors and geometric patterns over David’s face and transforms it into a contemporary piece of art.

Source: Eduardo Kobra: David in colours

'Kungfu Girl at Muntri Street'

Credits: Ernest Zacharevic makes windows function as more than a view of the street outside.

One more representative of the numerous blooming scenes of global street art is Ernest Zacharevic.

This Lithuanian artist is now based in Penang, Malaysia, but just like many of his colleagues, Zacharevic works all over the world.

Still, the vast majority of his art is located in Penang and it is known as the Mirrors George Town project.

This particular piece is called Kungfu Girl at Muntri Street and it shows a young girl in blue kungfu suit in motion.

The artist uses actual windows with the canopies as the points of support for her hands while she’s getting ready for a jump over a fence that stands in front of her.

Source: Mirrors George Town – Street Art of Penang

Love Thy Neighbour

Credits: The artist known as Cryptic is good. Very good.

Another street artist with a unique and unmistakably recognizable style is known as Cryptik.

He is based in Los Angeles but often works in other cities around the world.

His inspiration is profoundly rooted in Eastern philosophy and Muslim art, often using calligraphy as his dominant technique in most of his works.

This image shows artwork created in New York called “Love thy neighbour.”

It covers the whole front wall of a building with a calligraphic pattern and represents a true masterpiece not only in the domain of street art but contemporary public art in general.

Source: Street art: 43 incredible examples to inspire you

Creativity Where You Least Expect It

Credits: The city of Valparaiso is lucky to have someone like Mario Celedon running around its streets.

This next image represents the work of another one-of-a-kind street artist who comes from South America.

His name is Mario Celedon and he lives and usually works in Valparaiso.

Valparaiso is considered to be the cultural capital of Chile, and we dare to say that Celedon’s work has had a significant contribution to that statement.

His style is detail oriented and colorful. He uses his favorite city of Valparaiso as his canvas. His work can be found everywhere, even on this old and partially ruined staircase which with his intervention became an open gallery for art to be marveled at.

Source: Street art: 43 incredible examples to inspire you

The Crocheted Statement

Credits: This isn't about pulling the wool over anyone's eyes.

There are many different forms of street art, but the one we’d like to present here sounds pretty unusual.

It is called guerrilla crochet, or yarn bombing.

The artists who belong to this movement use crochet as their medium to express their ideas, emotions and views.

In the past few years, many cities were “dressed” in new colorful woolly clothing made by the artists who have embraced this traditional craft and gave it a modern, urban meaning.

This image shows one of the best examples of what guerrilla crochet looks like. This bicycle is the work of Polish artist Agata Oleksiak, also known as Olek.

Source: Street art: 43 incredible examples to inspire you

Social Commentary on Earth's Health

Credits: Vhils prefers massive murals to get his environmental concerns across.

The next image in this article dedicated to street art takes us all the way to Sumatra, Indonesia.

It shows the work of Alexandre Farto, a.k.a Vhils, a Portugal-based artist known for his socially engaged approach to street art and original techniques that he uses to express his views.

This talented artist mostly uses a specific method of bas-relief carving to create huge murals and convey essential messages on environmental issues.

This particular one is done for Splash and Burn, an awareness campaign that warns of damaging agricultural practices in palm oil farming, which threaten the survival of orangutans in their natural habitat.

Source: Street art: 43 incredible examples to inspire you 

'Silent Sound'

Credits: 'Silent Sound' is only one chapter in a mural storytelling saga.

David de la Mano is a Spanish street artist whose work is recognizable by the monochromatic style and complex compositions of human silhouettes.

His work can sometimes be a bit disturbing for the eyes of the public, but it’s something that you won’t simply walk past without looking at it.

This one we have here is titled “Silent Sound,” and it was done in the Southern district of Montevideo in Uruguay.

It represents David’s take on “The Parade of Calls,” a traditional parade that evokes the drums of Africans who played them to call out to each other.

“Silent Sound” is also a part of a series of murals incorporated in a broader project on children’s story and storytelling.

Source: “Silent Sound” by David De La Mano in Uruguay

LEGO My Street Art

Credits: Jan Vormann has fond memories of these little plastic bricks, and it definitely shows in his work.

Another inventive street artist who is doing amazing work all over the world is Jan Vormann.

This German native uses small plastic cubes to “repair” old buildings and other ruined structures,  transforming them into one-of-a-kind art pieces.

Vormann finds his inspiration in childhood memories of playing with LEGO and now uses them to fill the holes of missing or damaged bricks in dilapidated houses, buildings and fences.

He is also a creator and curator of the project known as Dispatchwork which now gathers hundreds of other artists and enthusiasts from all over the world with a single aim to ignite childhood passion in all of us.

Source: Using LEGO to Save Crumbling Cities and Buildings

'Birdz in Colour'

Credits: When you call yourself a vandal extraordinaire you better be good. Image: Ronzo

Self-proclaimed ‘vandal extraordinaire’ and one of the most authentic street artists is known as Ronzo.

This London-based multidisciplinary “maestro” of visual arts is most famous for his “Birdz in Colour” project.

This image shows one of the sculptures that belong to this series of artwork.

“Birdz in Colour” is conceptualized as a limited edition of handmade pigeons sculptures placed in various London’s locations, along the Brick Lane and other public places in the city to entertain passers-by and “keep an eye on things.”

Some of these unusual looking birds are brightly colored and some are left in grey concrete, but all share the same wittiness of their creator.

Source: Street art: 43 incredible examples to inspire you

Breaking Public Perception Through Creativity

Credits: Street art isn't all being done by men and this woman wants you to know it. Image: NeSpoon

NeSpoon is an artist who finds inspiration in beautiful and delicate traditional lace patterns to create her own distinctive street art.

She uses walls, pavement and even entire houses to present her artistic reinterpretations on the old craft of lace making on new media.

Besides murals, she is also known for her spiderwebs of doilies stretched over trees and fences and concrete-embedded designs on the sidewalks, just like the one in this photo.

This creative combination of robust material and the beautifully designed subtle pattern is not only decorative but also exposes this artist’s views on street artists being thought of as predominantly male and her efforts to change this perception.

Source: NeSpoon

Images Coming to a Three-Dimensional Life

Credits: It might look it, but this gator isn't going to bite your hand off.

Sergio Odeith is a Portuguese street artist whose impressive use of spray paint pushes the boundaries of possibilities when it comes to optical illusions and the play of perspective.

His anamorphic graffiti art looks so incredibly real and three-dimensional that it’s hard to imagine that these works are not sculptures, but paintings done on walls.

This photo shows one of many examples Odeith’s striking graffiti.

This particular one was made for the Museum of Public Art in Louisiana.

Thanks to the outstanding mastery of “sombre 3D” technique Odeith uses in his work, an alligator on this picture looks so alive that it’s almost frightening.

Sources: Short Biography of Odeith, 17 Amazing 3D Graffiti Artworks That Look Like They’re Floating In Mid-Air

The In-Your-Face Artist Signature

Credits: Odeith boldly places his signature in some of his pieces, but often times it blends right in.

Sergio Odeith’s work is so out of this world that our gallery of street art simply has to present another of his masterpieces.

Here you can see Odeith’s signature piece set in an ocean-like scene with floating jellyfish and water drops.

Shadows on the walls and floor accentuate the 3D effect of this work, while very real traces of greenish mold contribute to the marine tone and feel of the whole composition.

Odeith often uses his own signature as a central element of his graffiti work, all the while never failing to achieve the same jaw-dropping 3D effect which unmistakably distinguishes his work from everything else we’ve seen in the street art scene.

Source: Short Biography of Odeith

Every Wall's a Stage

Credits: Monochromatic and beautiful sums up JR's work on the street. Image: JR

JR is the alias of a French photographer and visual artist who prefers to keep his identity private.

His real name may be unknown to the public, but his work certainly is not.

On the contrary, JR is one of the most recognized street artists in the world today and a winner of a prestigious TED prize.

The work of this artist is famous for its gigantic scale, monochromatic style and socially engaged if not even political contexts.

He often uses previously photographed faces for his street artwork and places them on walls, rooftops, buildings and other urban places he likes to call his own open gallery.

Source: JR


Credits: Women of the world versus the bringers of war.

AEC and Waone are two incredibly talented street artist who often work as a duo under the name of Interesni Kazki.

Their art is best described as colorful and vibrant, surreal, imaginative and absolutely outstanding.

However, these two creatives sometimes work on their own individual projects, and the one we have in this photo is done by AEC.

This amazing mural is located in Cologne, Germany, and is called “Matriarchy.”

The author himself claims that this piece has multidimensional meaning and it is conceptualized as a tribute to Woman as a creator, someone who gives life and acts opposite to a destroyer who starts wars.

Source: ‘Matriarchy’. Mural by Aec in Cologne, Germany.

If You're Happy and You Know It Paint a Wall

Credits: Spanish artist Pez is in love with color.

Pez is a Spanish street artist who lives in Bogota, Colombia, but often works in many major cities across the world.

True lovers and connoisseurs of this art form know Pez as a graffiti legend and originator of the “Happy Style” movement in street art.

Pez’s work is distinguishable by the bright colors he uses to paint his doodle-like characters that always have big smiles on their faces (thus the name of the “happy” movement).

His vibrant works can be seen in cities from L.A. and N.Y.C. to Amsterdam and Berlin, and all the way to Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Source: Pez

Text Redefined

Credits: Reshaping typography AND basing everything around your signature?

Peeta is an Italian street artist whose real name is Manuel Di Rita.

He is one of those graffiti masters who knows how to make the best out of space and the surfaces he works in and on.

The unique style Peeta has developed over time is marked by his endeavor to play with typography.

He often reshapes letters and breaks them as he follows the flow of the area he paints on, but also uses perspective tricks to achieve the 3D effect.

Similar to some of his peers we’ve already mentioned in this article, Peeta uses his signature as the central piece of his artworks.

Source: Peeta / Manuel Di Rita

'Knowledge Speaks - Wisdom Listens'

Credits: Everyone knows how smart owls are, so who wouldn't want one hanging out on your street corner?

Artist Wild Drawing, or WD to his friends, is the creator of this stunning corner facade of a wise-in-any-culture owl, the fixed-gaze focal point of this particular installation.

Before Knowledge Speaks – Wisdom Listens was unveiled in 2016 for the Petit Paris d’ Athènes art festival in Athens, Greece, this city street corner was drab, decrepit and just plain dreary.

WD had a good reason for his selection of an owl for this corner.

In describing his work, he has said:

“The owl as bird is famous for its exceptionally good far vision, particularly in low light. Nowadays Greece is experiencing a really dark phase and I think it’s time for us here and around the globe, to recall this creature’s wisdom.”

Source: Artist Completely Transforms Intersection with Incredible Owl Mural

Video Game Culture Gets Represented

Credits: He's known as Invader, so it's not a big surprise to learn Space Invaders features heavily in his work.

Another “nameless” urban artist, this one works under the alias of Invader.

His work is well-known across the globe for pixelated collages of relatively small tiles that mimic the graphic stylings of the iconic video game called Space Invaders.

This image shows one of his typical creations — a character made of colorful squared pieces “glued” on part of a wall.

He often uses recognizable elements of popular culture and alters them with his pixelized approach so they can have a new life as artifacts of urban culture in the only gallery that is always open and accessible to everyone — the streets of the cities he creates on.

Source: Invader


Credits: Banksy has turned not being known into something that is making him more famous every day.

Probably the best-known artist of nowadays is, of course, Banksy.

Even though he’s managed to keep his identity a secret, his work is so famous that almost everyone at least knows his nickname.

With his online videos and headline-grabbing viral stunts (does anyone have a shredder we can borrow?) Banksy has earned the status of pop star or even though no one really knows who he truly is or what he looks like.

Banksy prefers his art to speak both for him and for itself. His work is mostly stencil-based, but whatever technique he uses it is always provoking, challenging and impactful. His pieces are never l’art pour l’art, but socially engaging comments on our reality.

Source: The Story Behind Banksy

The Animal Kingdom on the Street

Credits: Dulk went from tracing animals in encyclopedias to bringing those creatures to the streets.

The central theme of the street artist we’d like to present next in this collection is animals and birds, but with a twist.

He uses various techniques in creating his art pieces but always leans heavily on natural and organic colors.

His name is Antonio Segura Donat, yet the scene knows him as Dulk.

Dulk’s art is strongly connected with his own imagination expressed through unique surreal creatures that live in magical landscapes.

He combines his knowledge of exotic animals he gained as a child copying the illustrations from encyclopedias with his outstanding artistic skills and creates something truly extraordinary and never seen before.

Source: Street art: 43 incredible examples to inspire you

Treating a Mural as Medicine for the Planet

Credits: Can art be a cure for whatever ails Earth?

Another urban artist with vivid imagination and unique aesthetic expression is known as Gaia.

His specialty is painting murals and his work can be found in many cities all over the world. This image we have here shows one of his gigantic murals.

However, what makes this young artist even more, interesting is the philosophy behind his art.

His artistic views are heavily rooted in the Gaia hypotheses (by James Lovelock) that treats our planet as a living creature who is “infected” by people needs healing as a result. It looks like Gaia, the artist, offers a cure in the form of art.

Source: Gaia

The Advent of Vectorfunk

Credits: Matt Moore has a style all his own.

Matt W. Moore is not only a street but extremely talented multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer, equally recognized for his mural work as he is for his illustrations.

Moore is also the founder of MVM Graphics studio that operates in Portland, Maine.

His work is known as Vectorfunk, his signature style, that can be described as a multicolored collage of geometric shapes and surfaces that form striking patterns applicable on almost any media form he chooses to work with.

This image shows one of the large-scale murals that best represents his abstract style and his overall ideas on artistic interpretations in public spaces.

Source: Matthew W. Moore

The Russian Banksy

Credits: This individual is so careful about being found out they are using three different names.

Sometimes referred to as the Russian equivalent of Banksy, Pavel Puhov is one of the most influential street artists of today.

His style is characterized by large-scale paintings with strong social and political messages.

He paints civil protests and riots, police interventions at public gatherings and other socially engaging themes, and always uses visible and busy public spaces, like subways, so his art will always be seen.

Just like Banksy, Pavel’s real identity is still a secret. The artist uses two alias – Pavel 183 or P-183, to sign his work, and this image shows one of them placed in a public square.

Source: Street art: 43 incredible examples to inspire you

The Little People Project

Credits: A shoelace and a bottle cap combine to bring this tiny art to life.

While a majority of street artwork usually covers large surfaces in public spaces, some artists who belong to the street art community are known for their tiny scale works that can be described as miniatures.

This image shows one of those pieces done by an artist known as Slinkachu.

Slinkachu is famous for his creative use of extremely small human figures placed in unusual settings.

They are part of his Little People Project that mixes his street artworks and photography. This particular example features the artist’s take of the Loch Ness Monster legend.

It shows a man and a boy in a boat made of a bottle cap and placed in a puddle, a home of a “huge” green monster formed out of a sneaker’s lace.

Source: Street art: 43 incredible examples to inspire you 

'Pixel Pour 2.0'

Credits: Wood, latex and a lot of talent.

Kello Goeller is another highly creative artist who sometimes likes to play with pixelated objects.

This photo shows one of the typical works from her pixel art opus and it can be seen on Mercer Street in New York.

It is called Pixel Pour 2.0 and it looks absolutely astonishing. Goeller uses wood and latex to create these geometrically shaped water-like objects that resemble pouring streams.

As a multidisciplinary artist, Goeller also likes to explore other niches of visual and performance art.

Her latest field of artistic research is sound. She is creating musical landscapes for taking her audience on a one-of-a-kind visionary and sonic journey.

Sources: Street art: 43 incredible examples to inspire you, Kello

Human Rights and the Fight Against Oppression

Credits: A single image can represent more than one social issue. Image: Yoav Litvin

Artist Lmnopi fights for human rights, socially engaging movements, ecological awareness and other essential issues that she feels modern thinkers and creative minds should not ignore.

On the contrary, they (and society in general) should feel obliged to address.

Best-known for her portraits of underprivileged people and marginal communities, Lmnopi always strives to point out troubles of overlooked groups, draw attention to injustice and oppression while also raising awareness of the dangers of disregarding and neglecting social issues.

Most of her artwork can be found in her hometown, New York, and this particular one is located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Source: A photographer embarked on a mission to document New York City’s best street art before it disappeared — here are some of his favorites


Credits: Mr. Dheo's photorealistic art has been a hit around the globe.

Creations featured in 40 countries, over two dozen organized exhibits across the globe and a body of work that mixes pop culture, classic themes and a tongue-in-cheek attitude.

Welcome to the universe as Portuguese artist Mr. Dheo sees it.

As soon as he picked up a spray can for the first time when he was 15 years old Dheo was instantly hooked on the idea of graffiti as a legitimate form of self-expression.

Today, his photorealistic designs have been embraced by both major corporations for advertising and social agencies looking to bring attention to their causes.

Sources: Mr. Dheo20 Creative Street Art Examples

Imagery on Wheels

Credits: Cern will paint just about anything he can get his hands on. Image: Yoav Litvin

A man of a few words but lots of ideas and endless creativity works under the name of Cern.

He is the Queens-born artist who paints not just all over New York City, but the whole world.

Cern began crafting his creations in the early ’90s and hasn’t stopped since.

He likes to experiment with various techniques and materials, and his murals and graffiti can be described as highly imaginative, playful, with a specific sense of humor.

This artist draws inspiration from his memories of childhood, places he has visited and worked in, urban culture and of course nature.

Source: Speaking with NYC-Based Artist Cern aka Cernesto

Twisting Inspiration into Wall Art

Credits: For French artist Zeso he crosses mythology with different cultures to create his paintings. Image: Yoav Litvin

Zeso is a self-taught French artist who loves to work outdoors whenever and wherever he finds a spare wall to paint on, but it looks like New York City is his favorite location.

Most of his striking work can be seen all over the Big Apple, and this particular one is located in Manhattan’s East Village.

Zeso is known for his dynamic work bursting with colors, energy and bold strikes.

The themes he deals with may vary through time, but the significant part of his work is inspired by mythologies and cultures he admires the most, like Japanese and Latino, but then get wrapped up and twisted upside down in Zeso’s unique style.

Source: Speaking with Zeso


Credits: Art Carver uses spray and oil paints to create images of everyday folks and celebrities. Image: Art Carver

A remarkably impressive representative of British street art milieu is Ant Carver, a London-based artist known for the breathtaking portraits he paints on large public surfaces, mostly walls.

Carver likes to experiment with both traditional and modern approaches to street art and uses mixed techniques of oil paints and sprays to create stunning paintings of both anonymous people and celebrities.

Distinguishable features of Carver’s style are monochrome images boosted with bold, vibrant strokes of colors.

This photo shows one of his recognizable works that can be seen all over London and especially Shoreditch, an area of the city famous for its urban art scene.

Source: artrepublic

A Building Becomes an Entire Street

Credits: This artist transform boring into wonderful. Image: Patrick Commecy

Another outstanding street artist whose work leaves passersby speechless is Patrick Commecy.

This French muralist has an extraordinary talent to transform ordinary buildings into the happiest sites one can imagine.

His specialty seems to be finding huge but dull facades which he and his team use as their canvas to create incredible images of vibrant, colorful neighborhoods with cheerful people often mixed with celebrities.

His works are so realistic that people tend to mistake them for the “real deal.”

Sometimes he also uses perspective tricks to create not just a new facade but the whole street on it, just like the one we have here.

Source: French Artist Transforms Boring City Walls Into Vibrant Scenes Full Of Life

Five Stories of Creative Expression

Credits: It takes an insane amount of planning and effort to bring a painting like this to life.

Polish duo Etam Cru have ideas so big they need entire sides of buildings to make them a visual reality.

For the two artists who make up Etam Cru, Sainer and Bezt, creating work that can be upwards of five stories tall can be both a challenging and daunting undertaking.

For almost all of their ‘graffiti,’ scaffolding must be secured in place.

Cherry pickers (basically a crane with an arm that extends out with a person affixed at the end of it) are a common sight when they are at work.

Vibrant color, surreal images, a healthy dose of European folklore and a splash of humor and sarcasm — it’s what Etam Cru delivers every time they put paint to concrete.

Source: Stunning Murals By “Etam Cru” Turn Boring Buildings Into Works Of Art

Urban Nation's One Wall Mural Project

Credits: Berlin has opened its doors to urban artists from around the world. Image: Urban Nation / Nika Kramer

This next image takes us to Berlin, one of the most inspiring cities for many street artists who simply love to work there.

This amazing cultural capital offers myriads of locations for urban artists to express their creativity. Berlin is also a home of Urban Nation, the museum for urban and contemporary art.

This institution is well-known for its creative and innovative projects such as One Wall Mural Project, of which many artists from all over the world were invited to participate.

This photo shows the outstanding contribution to this project made by the Dutch duo, Collin van Der Sluujs and Super A, which can be found at Gewobag Housing Project at Neheimer Strasse 6.

Source: Collin Van Der Sluijs & Super A in Berlin, Germany

'The Liverpool Rat'

Credits: No one knows who he is, but Banksy's name usually means big bucks.

We’ve already mentioned Banksy in this article, but an artist of such repute deserves to be presented with at least one more work in our tribute to street art.

This piece is known as the Liverpool Rat mural and it draws attention to one interesting aspect of how street art influences neighborhoods and communities that host it, especially when it is signed by Banksy.

It turns out that the work of this artist significantly raises the value of homes and other properties that bear his signature.

Apparently, this particular work doubled the sale value of this former Whitehouse pub.

Things were stirred up even more when the wall was stolen from its Liverpool location and offered on an auction site in the U.S. for the staggering price of $500,000.

Source: Exit Through The Gift Shop

Seattle's 'Gum Wall'

Credits: This wall will give you something to chew on.

Just when you may have thought that we’ve already covered everything there is to be seen in the world of street art, we’re taking you to one more site with probably the weirdest example of it.

This is the Gum Wall, located in Post Alley under Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle.

The story behind it is as odd at this art piece itself.

Legend says it all started with a couple of locals who were standing in a line for a show at Post Alley’s Market Theater back in the ’90s and decided to get rid of their chewing gum by sticking it to the theater’s wall.

It turns out they were not the only ones with the same idea, so the used gum collection grew over time and became this equally unique and unusual collective artwork.

Source: Gum Wall

When Artists Combine Their Efforts

Credits: This is all about structure and color. Image: Yoav Litvin

The next mind-blowing piece of street art we’d like to show you here is the work of combined efforts of two amazing artists, Dasic Fernandez and Rubin415.

Dasic Fernandez is a Chilean-born artist whose work is very well-known not only in New York City, his present hometown but also in various countries across the Americas, from Canada to Argentina.

His style can be best described as photorealistic but, at the same time, a dream-like collage of landscapes and portraits done with striking colors and with a unique energy.

His “partner in crime” for this piece is Swedish artist also based in New York and operates under the name of Rubin415.

His contribution to this work is obvious in an unusually structured image combined with Fernandez’s color signature.

Source: Interlude: Concrete Canvas

'Underwater Dog'

Credits: A great big example of not painting the town red, but dog. Image: Gijs Vanhee

When Gijs Vanhee, a street artist from Belgium who likes to call himself Mechelen’s city-artist, summoned his colleagues and peers to come to his hometown and create something extraordinary in the city’s historical center, one of those who accepted this invitation is another Belgian, Bart Smeets, better known as Smates.

This is the photo of his colossal work done in Mechelen.

This mural is called Underwater Dog and it truly represents Smates’ style.

Realistic and perfectly detailed images predominantly characterize his work. He prefers using spray paint, a typical street art me, but with a rarely seen level of skill as shown here.

Source: I Invite Street Artists To Decorate My Hometown Of Mechelen, Belgium

Visually Spreading the Ecological Word

Credits: Roa finds inspiration in making sure know one forgets about Mother Nature's animals.

Another fantastic artist whose work is ecologically oriented and socially engaging is known as Roa.

This Belgian street artist paints birds and animals, creating in the process large-scale murals with strong messages on environmental issues.

He uses both spray and acrylic paints for shaping these incredible images of the wildlife he cherishes so much.

The primary goal of his work is to provoke emotions and raise awareness in people’s minds who come across his always striking and sometimes unsettling artwork.

This photo shows one of his most recognizable paintings, located in Rochester, New York. It is a commentary on the evolution of birds and the delicate matters of their safety today.

Source: ROA / Unknown

A Female Face on Every Wall

Credits: David Walker focuses his creativity on the faces of women he has seen in magazines and social media.

London-based artist and clothing designer (sure, why not?) David Walker looks at every cityscape as a potential canvas.

In the earlier years of his street art dalliances, Walker stuck with spray paint that was cheap, and usually meant only using pink, white and black.

Stumbling upon a box colored spray paints and the door was opened to him for different visual avenues he could use to create his portraits.

His paintings, almost all of which focus on the female form, have been showcased in New York, Hong Kong and Paris, amongst others.

Source: David Walker Biography

'Medici Garden'

Credits: Chalk turns cement into a colorful display every time Stum gets to work. Image: Tracy Lee Stum

As you may have already read in this feature, if you combine chalk and 3D imagery and then elevate it to unbelievable levels, you have the artwork of Tracy Lee Stum.

Medici Garden, seen here, has been explained by Tracy as her way of allowing the present day to cross a bridge with the past.

Speaking with the Wall Street Journal, Tracy commented during the 2006 I Madonnari street painting festival on how she loves  “being able to share the creative process with people who would normally not be able to see this.”

So not only does she have the skills, she’s also willing to let people in on a few trade secrets as well.

Source: Tracy Lee Stum’s spectacular 3D street art

Three-Stories of Smug

Credits: Smug, the Master of Graffiti. Image: Smugone / Instagram

Last but not least in this selection of the world’s best street masterpieces is a work done by Smug, Australian by birth and now a Glasgow-based street artist known for his incredible photorealistic murals.

This work is located on Castle Street as part of the Glasgow City Centre Mural Trail, initiated with the aim to revitalize this area of the Scottish city.

It depicts a man with a bird on his finger, done with such perfection that leaves everyone speechless.

Moreover, this amazing mural is the perfect example of why the world’s street art community call Smug the Master of Graffiti. He is really one of a kind.

Sources: A Photorealistic Mural by ‘Smug’ on the Streets of Glasgow, Smug / Unknown